Definition of Silence:

  1. Complete absence of sound.

  2. Failure to answer or reveal something which, by law, must be answered or revealed. Under the doctrine of right of silence, a person is generally not under any obligation to answer or give evidence, but a court may draw inferences (that appear proper under the circumstances) from his or her silence.

  3. Prohibit or prevent from speaking.

Synonyms of Silence

Hush, Shush, Still, Quietness, Quiet, Quietude, Still, Stillness, Hush, Tranquillity, Noiselessness, Soundlessness, Peace, Peacefulness, Peace and quiet, Answer, Answer conclusively, Argue down, Asphyxiate, Ataraxia, Ataraxy, Blow to pieces, Blow up, Blunt, Bottle up, Brain, Brevity, Briefness, Bring down, Brusqueness, Burn to death, Calm, Calmness, Censor, Choke, Choke off, Clamp down on, Composure, Conciseness, Confound, Confute, Contemplation, Contradict, Controvert, Cork, Cork up, Crack down on, Crush, Curtains, Curtness, Cut down, Cut to pieces, Damp, Damp down, Dampen, Deaden, Deal a deathblow, Decease, Deck, Defeat, Deflate, Demise, Demolish, Deny, Disarm, Disintegrate, Dismiss, Dispose of, Dissolution, Drop, Drown, Dumb, Dumbfound, Dumbness, Economy of words, Emasculate, Enchain, Extinguish, Fell, Finish, Floor, Frag, Gag, Give the quietus, Gun down, Hamstring, Handcuff, Hobble, Hog-tie, Hold down, Hugger-mugger, Hugger-muggery, Hush, Hush-hush, Imperturbability, Incinerate, Inhibit, Jugulate, Jump on, Keep down, Keep under, Kill, Knock out, Laconicalness, Laconism, Lapidate, Lay low, Lucid stillness, Lull, Manacle, Marmoreal repose, Mitigate, Mollify, Muffle, Mute, Muteness, Muzzle, Nirvana, Noiselessness, Nonplus, Obmutescence, Overcome, Overmaster, Overmatch, Overpower, Overset, Overthrow, Overturn, Overwhelm, Pacify, Paralyze, Parry, Passing, Pauciloquy, Peace, Peacefulness, Pistol, Placidity, Placidness, Poleax, Pour water on, Propitiate, Prostrate, Put down, Put out, Put to silence, Quash, Quell, Quench, Quiescence, Quiescency, Quiet, Quieten, Quietism, Quietness, Quietude, Quietus, Rebut, Reduce to silence, Refute, Repose, Repress, Rest, Restfulness, Restrain, Reticence, Riddle, Satori, Secretiveness, Secretness, Send flying, Serenity, Settle, Shoot, Shoot down, Shoot to death, Shortness, Shotgun, Shush, Shut down on, Shut off, Shut up, Silken repose, Sit down on, Sit on, Sleep, Slumber, Smash, Smash all opposition, Smother, Snuff out, Soft-pedal, Soothe, Soundlessness, Sparingness of words, Speechlessness, Squash, Squelch, Stab to death, Stamp out, Stanch, Stifle, Still, Stillness, Stone, Stone to death, Strangle, Strike dead, Strike dumb, Stultify, Subdue, Subvert, Suffocate, Suppress, Surmount, Taciturnity, Temper, Terseness, Throttle, Trample out, Trample underfoot, Tranquillity, Trip, Trip up, Truss up, Uncommunicativeness, Undermine, Unloquaciousness, Untalkativeness, Upset, Vaporize, Wise passiveness, Wordlessness

How to use Silence in a sentence?

  1. Sirens pierce the silence of the night.
  2. She was silenced by the officers stern look.

Meaning of Silence & Silence Definition