Definition of Tracking:

  1. The process of following a stock market closely.

  2. The practice of putting schoolchildren in groups of the same age and ability to be taught together.

  3. The maintenance of a constant difference in frequency between two or more connected circuits or components.

  4. The alignment of the wheels of a vehicle.

Synonyms of Tracking

Automatic tracking, Chase, Data transmission, Dogging, Flector tuning, Follow, Follow-up, Following, Hue and cry, Hunting, Locking on, Locking signals, Mapping, Phase adjustment, Pinpointing, Precision focusing, Prosecution, Pursuance, Pursuing, Pursuit, Quest, Radar navigation, Radar-telephone relay, Range finding, Scan conversion, Scanning, Searching, Seeking, Shadowing, Signal modulation, Stalking, Three-pointing, Tracking down, Trailing, Triangulation, Triggering signals

How to use Tracking in a sentence?

  1. The text describes the apparatus and method for differential tracking in a magneto-optic data storage system using mark edge detection.
  2. Japan allows virtually no tracking or ability grouping before high school.

Meaning of Tracking & Tracking Definition