Genevieve Gallen

Genevieve Gallen is an American Model, Fashion Designer, and Yoga mentor. She is the ex-wife of Verne Troyer. She has done some modelling also in her life.
Genevieve Gallen-A girl

Some quick bio of Genevieve Gallen

1- Full name Genevieve Gallen
2-Height 5’4” (1.84 metres)
3- Birthday December 20, 1972
4-Nationality American
5-famous for Ex-Wife of Verne Troyer
6-Age 27 years
7-Marital status Divorced
8-Zodian sign Sagittarius
9- Other jobs waitress , graphic designer
10- Height 168 cm
11-Sister name Not known
12-Weight 60 kgs
12-Ethinicity American
13 -Qualifications bachelors
14- Color of eyes black
15-hair color Black
16-occupation yoga instructor, model, and actress
17-Net worth 500,000 USD
18-Religion Christianity

Genevieve Gallen was brought into the world on December 20, 1972, in Detroit, Michigan, USA. Genevieve has also acted in Playboy as a model. She is known to public due to her ex-Verne Troyer. Her Ex-Husband Verne Troyer is a popular entertainer and witer and producer. She tied the knot with Verne on January 22, 2004, however they got separated from each other the very newt month of the same year if their marriage. She was raised by her parents. She was a person with a very high

Education of Genevieve Gallen:

Genevieve did complete her education i.e., matriculation from Mensa School of Geniuses. She also attended a school whose name was the Center for Creative Studies College of Art and Design. She is unexpectedly a certified and experienced Yoga mentor, she did Yoga course from Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco. She has a total asset of around $600k. she did some online education after divorcing his husband. She took her design degree from Michigan college. She also took some Online Education Programs

Some fascinating facts about Genevieve Gallen:

  1. Her mother gives birth to her in America, and she was raised in Detroit, USA.

  2. Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

  3. Genevieve is a previous playboy model but ow she has quit modelling.

  4. She tied the knot with American comic star and entertainer Verne Troyer.

  5. But unfortunately, few days after the marriage, they got separated because according to Genevie Gallen her husband did abusee following a month as a result of abusive behavior at home.

  6. Her husband is very short and have height of only 2’8.”

  7. Other than being yoga instructor and actress she additionally also is a Secretary at Active Real Estate.

  8. Genevieve uncovered on her divorce that her ex-husband is a se* fiend, and alcoholic.

Social media of Genevieve Gallen:

Social media is a like another friend of Genevieve Gallen. She posts most of her everyday life in her social media account. Social media of Genevieve Gallen is full of her photos. But being the fan of social media, she isn’t on all the social media platform. Genevieve Gallen is present on only Facebook. On social media site called Instagram she is with her name ‘Genevieve Gallen”. She has got 208 followers on her Instagram. Twitter is not a good friend of Genevieve Gallen . but this social media site of Genevieve Gallen is not a good friend of Genevie Gallen. Facebook.

Early Life and education of Genevie Gallen:

Genevieve was brought into the world . her zodiac sign is Sagittarius . she was born on the twentieth of December 1972, in Detroit, Michigan USA. She has got American nationality and she was born with an ethnicity that is white . She went to College for Creative Studies in her old neighborhood, from which she graduated her Bachelor of Arts degree, studying visual and graphic designing course and design outline. Gallen later additionally also did some of her yoga courses at the Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco, where she likewise also completed her education in physiology and biology and life systems.

Career and profession of Genevieve Gallen:

After finishing her schooling, Gallen started her profession as an actress and model. Because of her ‘dazzling’ appearance and a model like body figure, with an ideal figures and measurements of approximately 34-29-36, she immediately came into the spotlight due to her dazzling appearance and grabbed the attention of the world’s most famous mainstream drama that tells the men’s way of living a life that was also shown in a magazine called Playboy. The pinnacle of her whole profession was full of the people giving her compliments about her acting and appearance in the magazine called “playboy”. In her career she also took jobs of waitress and bartender.

She in her career made some lifelong changes in her career , and she also plunged into organization and business in her career .she in her whole career also get the work of a secretary at the Active Real Estate, Inc. Subsequent to sharpening her abilities and skills of business in her career , Gallen also at some point in her life moved into the retail business and started making her future career as the Store Manager for firms like The Jar, The Bean and The Straw. Her career also includes some of stages of her that was done by her at the Detroit Institute of Arts Museum, for which she was seen to play a role of “craftsman”. before Genevieve devoted herself to Iyengar Yoga in her future career . she was long lost n her education. She also have a youtube channel in which she shows Yoga Swings to her followers. So if you want to know that Can yoga help you loose weight then you should deifintely follow her channel. She also tells some Couple Yoga Poses on her channel.

Marriage of Genevieve Gallen with Verne Troyer

Troyer and Gallen initially met in 2002 and soon after some meeting they started their relationship. Regardless of the difference between them in the tallness between the two – Verne was 2ft 8ins (0.81m) while Genevieve is 5ft 6ins (1.68m). they did their marriage after two years on the 22nd of January 2004. Nonetheless, their marriage didn’t stay long. Their marriage was broken off within 24 hours. Their marriage was not known too many people but when their marriage broke off then many people was astonished to hear this. Their marriage ceremony took place behind a small park in America. The marriage ceremony of Genevieve Gallen with Verne Troyer has a theme just like any other marriage. The them of their marriage was black and red. In the marriage the bride that was Genevieve Gallen wear a red dress, but the groom wore a black suite in his marriage. It was the second marriage ceremony of Verne toyer. But as indicated above their marriage ceremony did not last long. There were many reasons that led to the breaking off of their marriage. The primary reason that led to broke off their marriage is the alcoholic nature of Verne toyer . According to rumors, the main reason behind the breakage of their wedding is that Troyer is a drunkard and someone who is addicted to sex. Genevieve Gallen wore in her marriage Red Wedding Dress.

Total assets of Genevieve Gallen:

Genevieve Gallen’s total assets is approximately around the amount of $500,000 as of 2021 .she has obtained these all assets through her divorce from Verne toyer too. Also bring the yoga instructor , her asset amount is also seen to go up. Genevie Gallen being the graphic designer also have a total asset of 500 USD coming from her this career. As a normal fashion designer have approximately an asset of 40000 USD , so is the case with Genevieve Gallen. Her total assets amount from her yoga, fashion designing, and graphic designing career is about 6000 USD. Discussing her total assets, the 47-year-old Gallen used to work in the design business as a model. Moreover, her beautiful looks and good physique permitted her to work in the Playboy magazine also. Starting at 2020, Jagnavi’s total assets is assessed to be $500,000.

A rumor tells that her total assets must be higher than this because in a month she got pay of about $58,000 now. But buckle up because this beautiful model total assets will go done because she has left the modelling career.
Genevieve Gallen money

Age, Height, and Measurements: How Old Is Genevieve Gallen?

Gallen, who additionally is also known by the name Jagnavi was a previous Playboy model and worked in the design business as a model. Brought into the world on December 20, 1972, the glamorous Gallen is 47 years as of now. Similarly, this beautiful model has a height of about 5 feet 6 inches(168 cm) and weigh around 60 kg(132 lbs). Also, this diva has an appealing and attractive body. A model like figure of Jahnavi has to have a surprising figure having 35-30-37 inches, so is the case with her . also due to her ideal height, weight, and body measurement she is also praised by her fans on different occasions. As a yoga instructor also , she said that it is her duty to keep her weight and body measurements in control. But despite that her height is still less than Joe Biden’s Height. She says that she started keeping herself fit after reaching her Legal age

Genevie Gallen and Verne toyer divorce

As indicated by Gallen, it was Troyer’s drinking issue that led them to divorce . The beautiful model indicated that the main reason of their divorce was also because of the drinking habit . she at the time of divorce told the media that Verne toyer is the sweetest person when he is sober but once Verne is drunk, he becomes the most annoying and abusive person. The ex-wife of Verne also accused that his husband has abusive nature also add fire to the reasons that led them to get discorce. Also, according to some rumors, the other reason of divorce may be that Verne toyer have been dating other girls behind Genevie Gallen back. What’s more, Troyer was additionally blamed for being a sex fanatic by her divorced wife, Genevieve Gallen. During the preliminary, Troyer’s attorney also told the court that Genevie Gallen did marry Verne toyer because of the money but according to the model , Genevie Gallen she got divorce because of some other reasons. After their divorce , Genevieve Gallen and Verne toyer both headed out in different directions with . the divorce led the model to leave the acting career . well according to the facts the main reason of divorce may be drinking reason of Verne toyer because Verne passed on from excess drinking issues in 2018. She also mentioned on her divorce hearing case that Verne toyer once tossed a vodka bottle and broken it on Genevie Gallen head. Also, according to her the primary reason behind the divorce was also because Verne toyer have many girlfriends also. They both went to the courts with some Best divorce attorney. There were many shocking facts that was kept by Genevie Gallen on Verne toyer with the help of her Divorce attorney.

Girlfriends of husband of Genevieve Gallen -Verne toyer

He was dating Ranae Shrider in 2008 and that very year a sex tape of the two released on the internet . It was recorded by his then-girlfriend Ranae with the collaboration of TMZ. Verne did case on her then girlfriend and also requested a pay of $ 20 million from her. In the court, he accused of her girlfriend that she also tried to kill him when he was doing a work at his home. She says that his girlfriend Ranae Shrider is abusive to him. This was the most awful act done by any girlfriend of Verne toyer . his second girlfriend was Brittney Powell he along with this girlfriend of him attended the ‘ celebrity wife swap’. In this shows the girlfriend of Verne toyer swipe her place with Hines ward’s wife. The only girlfriend of Verne toyer which he married is Genevie Gallen. He didn’t marry his second girlfriend Brittney Powell. Being the pro in making girlfreinds you can also ask him How To Get A Girlfriend

Death of husband of Genevieve Gallen:

On April 21, 2018, he was found dead in his house. Soon after the death of Genevieve Gallen husband nothing was released about the possible reason for his death but as indicated in the divorce hearing of Genevieve Gallen it was alcohol. Fans of Genevieve Gallen husband guessed that the death of his husband is due to lots of alcohol consuming. Later it was found by coroner that the main death reason of Genevieve Gallen husband is suicide along with alcohol consumption. He after his death was laid Leonidas Cemetery in Michigan. His detah was accidental . According to the rumors, the Accidental Death Benefits were not given to any of his wife and girlfriends

Career of Genevieve Gallen ex-husband :

His husband was an actor and also a comedian. He have acted in the following movies.

Career of Genevieve Gallen husband in films
1-Baby’s Day Out
2-Dunston Checks In
3- Jingle All the Way
4- Pinocchio’s Revenge
5- Keith Lemon: The Film
6- Men in Black
7- Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
9- My Giant
10-Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
11- The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
12- Mighty Joe Young
13- How the Grinch Stole Christmas
14-Trailer Park Boys: Drunk, High, and Unemployed: Live in Austin
15- Run for the Money
16- Austin Powers in Gold member
17 Postal
18- College
19 - The Delivery
20- The 420 Movie
Music videos in which Genevie husbands worked in his career
1- Madonna
5- Steve Aoki featuring
video games in Genevie Gallen’s husband career
1- Let It Die
Web of Gallen’s husband
1- My 90-Year-Old Roommate

Height , weight and body measurement , appearance of Genevieve Gallen

  • She is 49 years old as of 2021.
  • She has a height of 7 feet 7 inches.
  • She has a weight of 132 lb . in kg she has a weight of 60kgs
  • She has a body measurement of 32.25-12
  • She has dark brown eyes with thick blonde hair.
  • She likes to do yoga and cardio with some jogging.
  • She has hazel eyes.
  • In cm her height is 170 cm
  • Her waist is 28 inches.
  • She wears shoes of size 6.
  • She is a very beautiful and young lady appearance wise.
  • Her dress size is 3.
  • She has no tattoos on her body.

Favorite things of Genevieve Gallen.

  • Her favorite actor is will smith.
  • She likes the acting of many actress in Hollywood, but her favorite actress is Emma Watson and Jennifer Aniston
  • She likes and wear white dress and her favorite color is also white.
  • Her favorite dish to eat is Italian cuisine.
  • Her favorite go to place is Switzerland.
  • Her favorite hobby to do in her free time is to do cardio, hiking, and yoga.
  • Her favorite hobby is play piano and listening of jazz music.
  • Looking from the rumors , it seems that Genevie Gallen likes to be single. Her favorite costumes to wear are black and white casual suites.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- What is the height of Genevie Gallen and her husband Verne Troyer ?

Verne Troyer have height of 81 cm. He in his childhood was diagnosed with cartilage hair problem that is why he remain short . while Genevieve Gallen height is 1.81 cm

2- Where did Genevieve Gallen spend her childhood? And what is the name of Genevieve Gallen parents?

She spent her early age in Detroit with her American parents. The name of the parents is kept hidden by Genevieve Gallen from the media.

3 What is the nick name of Genevieve Gallen husband?

Genevieve Gallen husband nick name is Mini-Me.

4 What are the names of Genevieve Gallen in laws?

The names of Genevieve Gallen in laws is Reuben and Marie.

5 Who is the inheritor of the property of Genevieve Gallen husband?

The property of Genevieve Gallen husband was inherited by his parents who live in California. Verne Troyer left $ 160,000 million dollars after he died. Now the sister of Verne, Deborah, is seeing after his estate.

6 What was the occuaption of Verne father and mother?

Verne father was a technician. Her mother works in a factory.

7 Who is the frist wife of Verne ?

The name of the first wife of Verne is Genevieve Gallen. He was married to Genevieve Gallen from september 2004 to december 2004.

8 Did Verne worked in a web series?

Yes, Verne worked in a web series that was released in 2018 with the name of My 90 year old room mate.

9 When did Verne does the suicide?

He commited suicide on 21 April , 2018 . He is now buried in Leonidas Cemetery in Leonidas

10 What was the cause of the death of husband of Genevieve Gallen suicide?

The husband of Genevieve Gallen suicide commited suicide due to high alcohol level. It was rumored that after his death a high quantity of alcohol was found in his blood.


Despite being the criticism from the people , Genevieve Gallen married Verne Troyer . but their marriage was soon called of after 24 hours. In the end , no one know s where Genevie Gallen is right now single or not. But seeing from social media post of Genevieve Gallen it seems that Genevieve Gallen is single and is living a happy life wile being the yoga trainer!


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