Samara Saraiva

Samara Saraiva is known as the wife of Damon Wayans Jr. samara is a businesswoman. Her husband is renowned comedian, actor and entertainer.
samara saraiva

Information about Samara

1- Full name Samara Saraiva
2-Height 5’6” (1.85 metres)
3- Birthday 20- Jan-1987
4-Nationality American
5-famous for Wife of Damon Wayans Jr
6-Age 34
7-Marital status Married
8-Zodian sign Capricorn
9-Mother Name Not known
10- Father Name Not known
11-Sister name Not known
12-Weight 77 kgs
12-Ethinicity American
13 -Qualifications bachelors
14- Color of eyes Blue
15-hair color Black
16-occupation None
17-Net worth Not known
18-Religoion Christianity
19- mother – in -law name Lisa Thorner

She , samara , is known to the world because she is the spouse of Damon Wayans Jr. Damon Wayans Jr has his name in the industry because he is a famous entertainer and has showed up in tremendous TV shows and dramas as of 2021.


He has been incredible in jobs and depictions as well as in dramas that have in their last with Happy Endings scene. Also , due to the incredible acting in those scenes his popularity has gone to another level.


Samara Saraiva is extremely the humblest personality, and she isn’t much into the media world and have kept herself away from paparazzi. According to some people , she is very kind and also have an orphanage where she would visit .She is also seen in some interviews preaching about kindness and humbleness. She is slim and has beautiful body features. She exercises regularly to keep herself slim. She also is the fan of Yoga

Meetup of samara and Damon and dating:

Both samara and Damon met at a party in America. They met each other through their mutual friend. Samara was just a young girl at that time. They started off their relationship with friendship but after dating three to four months , they decided to turn their relation into a new level. They came to the media and announced officially of their relationship. Their fans were stunned and very happy simultaneously. According to the fans of Damon, they both are a couple made in heaven. They also show their dating to the world buy appearing on different movie premiers. Last time, Damon and samara were seen at a Premiere Of “Let’s Be Cops “.
On August 7, 2014, both samara and Damon were seen in the movie premier of Twentieth Century Fox’s Let’s Be Cops at Arclight . They both are the Hollywood movie. Damon and samara were seen to be together in California.
In November of 2014, they were also seen at El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood. Looking at the couple reactions . it looks like the couple have been dating since few years and fans can just be in awe by seeing them .
Also, the relationship of both of them can be seen from the Facebook and Instagram pictures that have been posted by Damon and samara. The couple usually post their pictures on social media showing the relationship they have between them to the world.

Net worth of samara :

although there is not much information about the net worth of samara but is rumored that her worth id 5 million . while his husband is still having the net worth more than her .samara husband net worth is about 9 million USD. Samara is rumored to have about 25 % part of her husband net worth according to the media reports. Well, it seemed like samara have earned quite a lot from her work life . although she hasn’t revealed anything to the media yet. Some rumors says that her net worth is around 550 million UD .and of course we can’t deny it because she has done a lot of handwork in her professional life to earn this much money. Also , according to some other media news ,the elegant wife of comedian Damon that is samara must be doing something like business or some other side .

Net worth of samara’s husband Damon:

He gathered this whole total asset from his profession that is comedy and acting in Hollywood . also, a s he is a renowned professional comic and entertainer also, this amount of total assets is a normal total asset to the young comedians of Hollywood. Also, taking deep look at the total assets of samara’s husband , there are no stone unturned that she might be spending a cheerful and lavish life alongside her Damon, the husband. His net worth is much greater than FlightReacts Net Worth

Relationship between samara and Damon.

In an interview Damon confessed that samara was a bit short tempered in her early dating life . but that changes due to hard work done by his now husband, Damon. He says that by going and visiting places around the world by together the couple get to know one another. They go on dates every weekend, go on a lengthy drive, and picnics. He also says that they often go to long drives on samara favorite BMW. Also , samara loves to go to movie premiers with Damon. They often show off their beautiful relationship among them on social media. His wife shares a lot of photos showing the relationship between the on Facebook.

samara facebook

Samara Saraiva Age

Saraiva was brought into the world in 1980s in the United States. But unfortunately , her definite date of birth isn’t yet known to the media. Accordingly, it is hard to estimate what would be her real age and date of birth . but this secret of her age may be in the future will get unfolded as well.

Samara Saraiva Height

Saraiva have a model like height and weight . she seems very tall in all her photos . . Nonetheless her real age and date of birth , insights about her real weight , body proportions and weight are not known .

Samara Saraiva Parents and family:

There is no information regarding who was the parents of samara Saraiva . parents of samara lived in America. Her mother was a housewife, and her father was a clinician. Her parents wanted her child., samara Saraiva to become a businesswoman. She become a businesswoman and fulfill her parents wish. Samara lived in United States with her three’s siblings in her family . their name were Michael, Cara Mia, and Kyla.


Prior to Samara, her now loving husband was tied to Aja Metoyer. From this relationship, he even has two little girls but never unveil their name. After the separation with his previous wife, away Metoyer. Damon also wanted to take care of her daughter, but Aja was not giving him this right. Aja took the responsibility to care of his two girls. Later on, Aja tied the knot to NBA star Dwayne Wade. But soon Damon’s petitioned for the guardianship responsibility in a court claiming that the girls are not cared properly from Aja. He petitioned for taking care of his little girls, Amara Wayans, and Aniya . Since all this is happening in her family. Damon was disturbed by thinking that his ex was not taking proper responsibility of his two girls and chose not to stay calm for long. He has also blamed their mom, Aja, to be not able to focus on their schooling of Amara Wayans and Aniya. He needs authority so they don’t get deprived off of their school in rights g and he likewise Make sure that he will actually want to assist them with their schoolwork. The main issue here is Aja putting her own requirements before the necessities of her daughters, Amara Wayans, and Aniya, as per Damon. In an interview he also says that.
“The connection among him and Aja was acrid as of now, and it turned out to be more regrettable when Damon in times needed full authority of schooling of her little two girls. “
He further stated that the principal reason behind the depression of Damon , as expressed prior, was that Aja was not paying attention to Damon’s children. He also did blame her for going through to the other people for help. He also says that didn’t give much attention to her daughters .

He also talked about one incident in which her wife took out his one daughter Aniya, while she was taking her classes. He said that his wife took out his daughter in a time when she should be in the school. Therefore, due to this event ,her daughter was kicked out from the class.


But still , Samara is still supporting her husband with all her heart. She has accepted everything of Damon . She always gives him the required support whenever Damon needs from samara, in his bad times.


She tied the knot with Damon Wayans Jr, and the couple is having a very wonderful life. They have always kept away the marriage life from the media and paparazzi. Th marriage She has consistently been waiting for took place on 12 April 2016. Since then, the couple is living a happy life. On the wedding day of samara, she wore a beautiful red dress. While Damon wore a white tuxedo. Samara and Damon in an interview says that the marriage is something they think is very big ceremony. therefore, after much understanding and friendship between them they decided to marry each other. Says samara in an interview:
‘it was a bright day when they got married.’ The couple is living a very happy life in America. Also , despite doing their marriage secretly in 2016. According to some of the rumors . Damon was seen dressed neatly in a dark suit also Damon was also seen to be wearing ■■■■■■■ white overcoat on the reception ceremony .

Profession Of Samara:

Despite the fact that she is a spouse of a famous comedian of America. Samara is living on a very happy and contended life. She has not said anything and have not revealed anything about what profession she has in her personal life. She also doesn’t let her husband reveal this fact about t the profession of samara to the media people. Also , there is a possibility that she may be businesswoman by seeing the net worth of samara.

Facts about Samara Saraiva:

  1. Her father – in- law (Damon Wayans Sr) is a funny person , with a history of being a comedian . he generally used to bring him (Damon Jr) and his relatives on picnic and parties and also make him do stand up comedies.

  2. Samara Saraiva’s father consistently humiliated Damon when Damon chooses comedy as his profession. he was regretting by this behaviour of him to Damon afterwards.

  3. He uncovers in a meeting that samara Saraiva’s father gave him tuition after the school and a tuition also before the school .

  4. His father used to make jokes on him that he has mast****** with spaghetti . so, when Damon was going to date party having few women . one of the lady rest on a date party remembered him and say that are you that man who mas******* with spaghetti. According to Damon, this was the most humiliating moment for Damon.

  5. Damon also uncovers in an interview that his father would tell lame jokes to him and also make lame jokes on him as well.

  6. He additionally added in an interview that may be that none of his close relative and known ones have had fathers like his. his lavish way of life was also due to his father and his big house was also brought by his father.

  7. There are much more that was told by Damon on the interview set of an American show. We hope you see that and enjoy that interview and also at some time have the courage to laugh uncontrollably.


Samara Saraiva husband is a comedian by profession but he has played his acting skills in many action movies as well. He also appears in some of the dramas. He came into the limelight after his role in the ABC sitcom Happy Endings. He showed up in a TV when he first played his role in Happy Endings. Happy Endings has 7.7 ratings as per the media reports , and it has 78% appraisals from Rotten Tomatoes. It also has a great 7.1 appraisals from TV. com. The main part of the drama of samara Saraiva’s husband, Damon was aired on thirteenth April 2011 and the last one on the third of May 2013. His work in Happy Together was awesome as well according to the fans. The TV arrangement has 5.7 evaluations from IMDb and 53 percent from Rotten Tomatoes. This drama came to the small screen on the first of October 2018. Samara Saraiva’s husband incredible acting part in New Girl won a ton of hearts. The TV show has 7.7 appraisals from IMDb, 7.8 from TV. com, and 94 percent from Rotten Tomatoes. Again, this was released in was circulated on twentieth September 2011 and a last one on fifteenth May 2018. Samara Saraiva’s husband is a humorist . he has acted in many shows and shows off his comedy skills. His work in the Underground was fabulous as well, and this has 5.5 evaluations from IMDb and 6.6 from TV. com. It was broadcasted on fourteenth September 2006 and the Final one on sixteenth November 2006. His every movie have been on Billboard. So , instead of making yourself tired by thinking How Many Levels Are There In Candy Crush? you should defintely watch his movies.

Movies of Damon :movie_camera: :movie_camera:
Movie names ratings
1- Glad Endings 7.1
2-Glad Together N/A
3-New Girl 7.8
4-The Underground 6.6

Samara’s husband acting skills:

He has been splendid in films due to his acting skills. He played diligently his role in a film called Let’s Be Cops. His acting skills again was praised by the fans in this. This whole “lets be cops” has 6.4 appraisals from IMDb, and it acquired 138.2 million dollars in the billboard. His acting in movie” ■■■■■■■■” was fantastic as well, and the film earned 7 million dollars in the whole Hollywood. His film called ” The Other Guys “nets 170.4 million dollars, and it was made with a with a very few amounts of 100 million dollars. He is also quite famous in Hollywood Stock Exchange (HSX)

Movies of Damon
Name Budget
1- We should Be Cops 17
2-Blankman N/A
3-Super Troopers 2 13.5
4- The Other Guys 100

Meeting With Her Husband In Ellen Show :video_camera: :video_camera:

Ellen calls the famous comedian in her shows and ask some questions from him. When Ellen asks him how many people live in their house as a family? He answers,
“60.” He playfully says that you should get in the thanksgiving parties early because at the parties at the end there are no food left. So, he gives a playful advice to his friends and fans to go these parties early . If you want to get rid of DEPRESSION a silent KILLER, you must watch his shows and listens to his comedy .
He adds with a funny way and playful way that he loves to do an ■■■■■■■■■■■ and that is the reason there are such large numbers of people in his family. No , doubt the right the meeting of Damon with Ellen was funny. So, when live gives you lemon , watch this episode.

Frequently Asked Questions question: :question::

Because Samara is the wife of the famous comedian. Therefore there is a lot poeple want to know about them. Following are some unanswered questions from Samara. That I have tried to answer.

1- Where is samara Saraiva now ?

Samara is living with her husband in America in area Huntington, Vermont, U.S., USA. She lives in this house with her husband and one beautiful child. She accompanies her husband while going to the red carpet for movies.

2- How many social media accounts do samara have?

Samara have social media account on Facebook, Instagram and also have her own website. She didn’t have nay account on YouTube, Pinterest, tiktok and twitter. She is on faceboom with name ‘Samara Saraiva”.

3- What cars did samara love to drive?

Samara loves to drive BMW and limousine. She often comes to the red carpet with her husband in Lamborghini.

4- Is samara on social media?

Yes , samara is on instagram with 950 followers and 850 following. She is quite famous in posting her daily life work on her account.

5- Who is the biological daughter of Samara?

Samara is not the biological mother of any child. But she is the step mother of Dayn’s two children which he have from his previous marriage.

6- For whose children Samara is the step mother?

Samara is the step mother of the children of Ajay Metoyer.

7. Who is Amara Wayans father?

The father of Amara Wayans is Damon Wayans, Jr.

8- Where did Samara lives in America?

She lives in Los Angeles with her two daughters.

9- In how many films did samara husband work?

Samara husband work in films including lets be cops, dance flick, big hero 6,how to be single,blank man,cherry, someone marry barry,major payne,trouble and long weekend.

10 - How much is the net worth of samara?

Samara have net worth of 9 Million dolllars. It is rumored that she got this much net worth from his part time work in which she is doing business.

CONCLUSION : :end: :end:

Samara being the wife of Damon is quite popular in media industry. She dont like to mingle among the media people. She is the most humblest girl known in media. Samara is only on Facebook and twitter. If you want to interact with her , then be her follower on social media!


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