Jennifer Ashley Harper

Full Name Jennifer Ashley Harper
Nationality American nationality
Age 53
Star Libra
Birthday 30th November 1967
Country Born United States
Profession Philanthropist
Marital status Married


Jennifer Ashley Harper is not a famous name in entertainment industry. However, she gained her fame as a celebrity’s spouse.

Jennifer Ashley Harper:

Not many people know about Jennifer Ashley Harper until her husband’s name is mentioned who is a Grammy award winner.

Jennifer Ashley Harper is famous for being the other half of the famous personality
Dave Mathews. Dave Mathews is a famous vocalist, actor, guitarist and a songwriter.

Furthermore she is also known to be a philanthropist who has donated in many charities, and a naturopath.
She is very pretty and beautiful just like Elizabeth Taylor Eyelashes.

She is the wife of a famous personality who is not only an actor, singer but also a songwriter, Dave Mathews.
They have got married to each other since 20 years and share 3 children.
You will find some more of Jennnifer’s detailed information about her below.

Date of birth:

Jennifer Ashley Harper was created on 30th November 1967 in United States


Presently, Jennifer is 53 years old.


As she hasn’t disclosed anything about her early life, therefore nothing is known about her early education.


Nothing is known about Jennifer’s family as she hasn’t brought it under the radar of media. So, there isn’t any information about her parents as they haven’t been identified yet. Even no one knows about her siblings as well. It isn’t known whether she is an only child or she has siblings.


Jennifer hasn’t revealed anything about her profession by herself. However, she is known to be a philanthropist and has donated in many charities. Moreover, not many people are known about it but Jennifer Ashley Harper is a qualified naturopath.


Jennifer is of American white Ethnicity.


She has an American nationality.
Marital status:

Jennifer Ashley Harper is a married woman and her husband’s name is Dave Mathews.

Children: :child:

Jennifer has three children from her marriage with Dave Mathews.


Currently, Jennifer along with her husband and children is living in Seattle, Washington, United States.

Jennifer Ashley Harper’s Professional life:

Though, Jennifer Ashley Harper hasn’t revealed anything about her early life but the wife of the famous musician is known to be a person who helps people suffering from various diseases.

Yes, Jennifer works as a Naturopath Doctor. She earned her degree hardly from Bastyr University. Even, her husband has moved to Seattle because of her educational and career plans.

It is said that when she was studying medicine, her husband Dave Mathews was working for his album “Some Devil".

Dave has been a very supportive husband regarding his wife’s career and education same as Jennifer always support him in his plans.

Apart from that, Jennifer is also quiet supportive and cooperative with Dave in his wine business. She, very efficiently, looks after their Blenheim vineyards.

Recently, in 2019, Dave has launched a new addition to his vine business named as “Dreamy tree wine".

The new addition is “Dreamy Tree Rose". This beautiful idea was given by Jennifer that her husband’s wine company should produce Rose wine.

Therefore, this shows Jennifer’s interest and her supportive and cooperative nature towards her husband’s career and business.

It is a very unique quality of them to have mutual collaboration on something they both adore.

They both work together and spend a great time in tasting their newly made tastes of rose wines.

Summary: :writing_hand:
Jennifer Ashley Harper is the famous celebrity’s wife Dave Mathew. Jennifer’s nature is found to be quite supportive and cooperative. She works as a Naturopath Doctor and she does a lot of charity.

Jennifer Ashley Harper’s Net worth:

Jennifer Ashley Harper hasn’t unwrapped her salary and net worth yet by herself. However, it is expected that her net worth is around $1 million . her net worth is also good as compare to Karen Backfisch OlufsenTalking about her husband’s net worth, Dave Mathews has a net worth around $300 million.

Moreover, Dave is counted among the largest private landowners in Virginia.

He owns hundreds and thousands acres of land in Virginia.BY Apart from that, his Blenheim farm produces more than 5500 cases of wine annually.

In addition to that, Jennifer and Dave owns a house in the Wallingford area of Seattle, Washington the current rate of the 2,180 square foot house is around $1,046,200 that was purchased by them in just $360,000.

Likewise, he is the owner of a haunted hallow recording studio. The studio has occupied an area of 140 acres.

Jennifer Ashley Harper’s Instagram:

Jennifer Ashley Harper has a wide recognition throughout the world as being the wife of a celebrity therefore her social media accounts are also full of followers and friend requests.

Jennifer Ashley Harper account

However, she is seldom active on her social media accounts. On the other hand, her husband being a famous celebrity has thousands of followers on his social media accounts.

He has around 571.4K followers on his Instagram account and has shared around 2767 posts. You can follow him directly on Instagram and can see his photos and videos.

Jennifer Ashley Harper’s married life:

Jennifer Ashley Harper, as I mentioned above, is not a mainstream celebrity and she isn’t an important part of the entertainment industry.

Ashley Harper is famous throughout the world as being the spouse of the famous musician Dave Mathews. Jennifer and Dave, after dating each other for a longtime, more than 5 years, tied knot on 10 August, 2000.

They both were called as legal husband and wife in Albemarle County Circuit court. Dave and Jennifer are spending a very happy and prosperous life together just like Meltem conant and Scott Conant.

Being a celebrity’s spouse, her married life is in front of their fans. It’s going to be around two decades of their marriage and they have maintained their relationship in the same way as they were at the time of their marriage.

From inception of their relationship till the present, the couple is a good example of love and loyalty for their children.

Despite of having busy schedules, Dave and Jennifer are never failed in giving time to their family. They both represent a real picture of a prosperous couple and a made for each other couple.

They are always seen going on vacations and spending a good and quality time with their children.

After 20 years of their marriage, the love between the two is still the same and is getting stronger as the time pass on.

They are succeeded in becoming a good example of what a celebrity marriage and couple should be like.

Jennifer Ashley Harper’s husband: :boy:

Jennifer Ashley Harper is famous worldwide for being the wife of a famous singer, guitarist, actor and songwriter, Dave Mathews. He has got lots of success in his life.

Dave Matthews was created on 9 January, 1967 in Johannesburg South Africa. He is currently 53 years old. Dave has lived his life frequently moving between South Africa, United Kingdom and United States.

Dave Mathews started his career by performing publically in Charlottesville. He, then, got an opportunity to record some songs of his own. Between 1990 to 1993, when his band was formed, he entirely concentrated on songwriting and performances.

His band is famous all over the world which is named as “Dave Mathews Band" is an aesthetic mixture of audible guitar, drums, sax and fiddle music.

His band is included in top highest-selling music acts of all the time that has sold over 31 million albums in United States up till now. Dave Mathews is a Grammy award winner in the “Best Rock Performance By A Duo Or Group” for his song “So much to say".

Also, he has been nominated for 13 additional Grammy awards. His band has got 3 nominations in “American Music Awards” and 6 nominations in “MTV Video Music Award".

Dave Mathew’s band has earned around 6 awards from 28 nominations up till now. Apart from being a great singer, Dave Mathews is a great actor as well.

Jennifer Ashley Harper’s children:

Jennifer Ashley Harper is blessed with three children from her marriage with Dave Mathews. She has 2 daughters and 1 son.

Her elder daughters are twins named as Stella Busina and Grace Anne. They were born on 15th August, 2001.

Likewise, her younger son, August Oliver, was born on 19th June 2007. Despite of looking after their own children, Dave and Jennifer are also looking after Dave’s younger sister and his older sister’s two kids.

He took over their custody after their mother Anne was died. Actually, she was murdered by her own husband who later on, took his own life as well.

Jennifer’s and Dave’s twin daughters are growing up to their adulthood now, they are in their late teens whereas their son is slowly moving towards his teens.

Dave and Jennifer have always done their best to be good parents for their children.

Summary: :writing_hand:
Jennifer Ashley Harper is famous because of being the wife of Dave Mathews who is a famous singer, actor and songwriter. Jennifer is a naturopath doctor and also she helps her husband in his wine business. They have got married in 2000 and are living a happy life. Dave Mathews has a very successful career. They have 3 children from their marriage. Jennifer is not much active on her social media.

Frequently Asked Questions: :question:

Here are some frequently asked questions that fans want to know about Jennifer and they are as follows.

1.How much is Jennifer’s net worth?

Jennifer Ashley Harper is Dave Mathew’s wife who is a famous celebrity.

Jennifer has a net worth of $1 million.

Jennifer’s husband who is a musician has an estimated net worth of $300 million.

2. What does the Dave Matthews symbol mean?

Jennifer’s husband Dave Matthew himself drew his Band’s logo which is basically an original piece of artwork.

The “fire dancer” is his band’s logo which he drew.

When he was asked that what does this symbol mean? He simply said he drew it while performing at a concert he looked into crowd which actually symbolizes 3 things.

A person is letting go.

A person is dancing.

A person is enjoying.

3. Does Jennifer’s husband Dave Matthews own a winery?

Yes Jennifer’s husband owns a winery name “Blenheim Vineyards” which is located in the Virginia,USA and founded in 2000.

Jennifer is a supportive wife and she does support a lot her husband Dave Mathews in this wine business.


Jennifer Ashley Harper is not a famous celebrity. She is just famous as being a celebrity’s spouse. Her husband, Dave Mathews, has earned a lot of fame and money in the Music world. Jennifer, by herself, is a successful business woman as well who does a lot of charity. She is a naturopath doctor as well.

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