Jennifer Lynton

Jennie Lynton (1863-1955) was a renowned architectural photographer and pioneering advocate of historic preservation who helped to save and restore some of New York’s most famous landmarks—from the Woolworth Building to Gracie Mansion—and redefined the role of an architect’s spouse. She was born in Brooklyn, NY, on April 4, 1863, the daughter of John Lynton, an English-born hatmaker, and his wife Harriet, who had emigrated from Wales with her family when she was seven years old.

Jennifer Lynton

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Jennifer Lynton Anthony Hopkins

When looking at past actors who have made successful transitions into directing, I think of Jamie Foxx, Michael Douglas, and Hilary Swank.

And while they all have experience in front of a camera, what’s often overlooked is that each one took to directing as well or better than they did acting. Foxx became an instant Oscar winner when he made Ray.

Douglas scored his first Oscar nomination with Wonder Boys and then won three more with Traffic and Invictus.

Jennifer moved from Los Angeles to New York after graduating high school in 1975, going on to attend Julliard for her Bachelor’s Degree.

When she was a sophomore at Julliard, she made her Broadway debut alongside fellow Julliard student and future Sopranos actress Edie Falco as one of Ophelia’s friends in an all-female production of Hamlet at Circle in The Square Theater under director Mike Nichols.

During her senior year, she also starred in an Off-Broadway production of The Lion in Winter that took a trip out to the Williamstown Theater Festival. She would go on to make her feature film debut with a small role as Diane Keaton’s daughter in Reds opposite Warren Beatty.

Unfortunately, her character died at a young age and didn’t have much screen time but it was still an incredible opportunity for someone so young.

She then got cast as Robert Duvall’s wife in Tender Mercies and appeared alongside him as well as Tess Harper and Wilford Brimley. This was another film that focused on a family trying to make it through a rough time.

It was very slow-paced but was still critically acclaimed with four Oscar nominations including Best Picture. Jennifer didn’t win any awards but it helped her build her resume which led to even more opportunities.

Anthony Hopkins Jennifer Lynton

If you are seriously considering an online university, read what Jennifer has to say about her experience at BYU-I Online. She will share insights on how she can be a wife and mother while getting her master’s degree at BYU-I.

Jen is happily married with three beautiful children. She currently lives in Nebraska but hopes to move back closer to family once she completes her education. She loves working outside in her garden, reading good books, being involved in church activities, and spending time with friends and family.

She is passionate about having a happy marriage and her family is her number one priority. Having grown up in a large family, she enjoys helping others with challenges similar to those she has overcome.

My favorite scriptures are John 10:10 – The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly. Jennifer knows how blessed she is as a mother of three beautiful children!

BYU-I Online provided me with an education that is a worthy investment. I was accepted into both Ricks College and Utah State University. I chose to go with BYU-I online because it was affordable and much closer to home than other schools.

The flexibility in my schedule allows me to pursue a graduate degree without having to move away from my husband or children for school. It has been worth every penny! Not only do I get a great education, but also have made friendships with classmates from around the globe.

My husband and I have three beautiful children. I am thankful for a supportive family that allows me to attend school online. I couldn’t ask for a better husband or children than those that are mine! All in all, BYU-I Online has been a great experience for me and my family.

Jennifer Lynton Biography

Jennifer is an experienced agent who focuses on residential and commercial properties in Coral Gables. She specializes in high-end luxury homes and condos, as well as short sales, bank-owned properties, foreclosures, and more.

As a proven leader with extensive experience in real estate, Jennifer is confident that she can help you buy or sell your home quickly and at a great price! To contact Jennifer directly about buying or selling a home or property, please call 305-795-7780 ext 1013 today.

Jennifer has 5 years of experience as a licensed real estate agent. With 3 years of experience in real estate lending and title work, she can assist with financing for all kinds of transactions, even hard-to-get pre-foreclosures or bank-owned properties.

Jennifer is a native Floridian, who lives in Coral Gables with her husband and daughter. When she’s not working, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, and enjoying great food. She is always looking for new experiences so that she can bring fresh ideas to her clients!

If you are buying or selling a home in Coral Gables, Jennifer would love to help you! Contact her today at 305-795-7780 ext 1013 for more information or to set up an appointment.

Jennifer Lynton Wiki

Jennifer Anne Lynton is an American businesswoman. She is a member of several corporate boards and co-founder of Plum Organics. She is also a donor to charitable causes including global warming awareness, women’s rights, and LGBT rights.

In 2010 she was named one of The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women by Forbes magazine in its inaugural list. She was born on September 10, 1961, in New York City.

In 1977, she attended Deerfield Academy. She then attended Princeton University, where she graduated summa cumer laude with a degree in art history.

After graduation, she worked as an assistant at Sotheby’s and later as an analyst at Morgan Stanley. She left her job to co-found Plum Organics in 2004.

In addition to her role at Plum Organics, she is a member of three corporate boards: Landor Associates, Sotheby’s Holdings, and Tumi Inc. She is also an active donor to charitable causes, including global warming awareness, women’s rights, and LGBT rights.

In 2010, she was named one of The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women by Forbes magazine in its inaugural list. She is also a recipient of Yale University’s Young Alumni Award and John Jay College Distinguished Alumni Award.

In 2012, she came out as bisexual in an interview with Jennifer Baumgardner and Amy Richards for their book Look Both Ways: Bisexual Politics. She lives with her wife Amanda Fritz and their three children on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

Jennifer Lynton Relationships

True friendships last a lifetime. Jennifer keeps close touch with old friends and loves to make new ones, too. She’s passionate about staying connected and enjoying quality time together. Relationships are everything!

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Jennifer Lynton Hopkins

Jennifer Lynette Lanier aka Jennifer Holliday (born January 4, 1960), known professionally as Jennifer Lanier and previously known by her married name Jennifer Hopkins, is an American actress, director, and producer.

She has appeared in over 70 feature films and TV shows. Born in Jackson, Mississippi as Jennifer Lynette Lanier, she was raised in St. Louis, Missouri. Her parents were George Henderson Lanier (1926-2003) who worked for an advertising agency and Shirley Wilson Jones.

In 1993, she was featured in two television series: Roc and Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper. In 1994, Lanier co-starred in Uptown Girls with Jada Pinkett Smith and Marla Sokoloff. In 1996, she co-starred as Reva Shayne/Lambert in As Good as It Gets.

In 1998, she played a single mother in 54 who is addicted to crack cocaines in Spike Lee’s film He Got Game.

In 1999, she co-starred as Agent Diana Barrigan in Josie and the Pussycats. In 2000, she appeared as Angela Winters on All My Children; however, it was short-lived and her character was killed off. She had roles in Kevin Smith’s View Askewniverse films Chasing Amy (1997) and Dogma (1999).

In 2002, she starred opposite Ving Rhames in Showtime’s television series Soul Food: The Series. From 2005 to 2006, Lanier guest-starred on several television shows including CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, JAG, and Las Vegas.

From 2007 to 2008, Lanier guest-starred on Ugly Betty as Vanessa Miller for two episodes. She also portrayed Dr.

Jennifer Lynton Net Worth

Jennifer is an heir to a Boston-based family that has amassed wealth for generations. Her net worth is 75 million dollars, which she received after her father passed away in 2007.

The family is also well known for their philanthropic efforts with hospitals and universities; Jennifer’s mother especially gives large amounts of money to Harvard University every year. Many speculate that she was one of America’s Top 50 most generous donors in 2014.

She graduated from Harvard University in 1982 and went on to receive her MBA from Columbia Business School in 1985.

She joined The Blackstone Group in 1987 and has been involved with private equity ever since. Today she is a managing director at Blackstone Private Equity Partners.

Jennifer has held various executive roles with private equity. Her last position before becoming a full-time director at Blackstone was managing director of Asia operations for J. Aron & Co., another private equity investment firm.

She has also served as an Executive Vice President of both Lehman Brothers and The Blackstone Group.

She is married to Bob Lynton and they have two children together. Her husband has a net worth of 275 million dollars, making them one of America’s richest families.

Both he and Jennifer began their careers at Blackstone in 2002, where they currently serve as principals. They are extremely philanthropic and have donated large sums of money to various universities such as Harvard, Yale, Georgetown, and Columbia.

Jennifer Lynton Hijos

A family in San Antonio, Texas has filed a lawsuit against Jennifer and Brad Lynton for breach of contract, fraud, fraudulent inducement, and negligence.

According to court documents filed on March 7th, 2017 by Angela Roberts along with her minor children that when Ms. Roberts entered into a contractual agreement with Mr. and Mrs.

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Jennifer Lynton Anthony Hopkins Wife

The Good Wife star Julianna Margulies has never forgotten how philanthropist Jennifer Lynton came to her aid when she was living on just $1,200 a month during her early years in New York.

The first time I had a big check, I put it all in my account, and then I got a call from someone at Citibank, Margulies told More magazine. They said that $500 was missing and that there was no way out of it.

I wrote them a check for $500, which meant I had nothing in my account, Margulies said. Three days later, I got a call from someone at Citibank.

They said that $500 was missing and that there was no way out of it. Finally, Jennifer saved me. She gave me all her frequent flyer miles so I could go back to New York from L.A., buy clothes and pay rent.

That’s who Jennifer is. She’s not a flashy person, but she’s there for you if you need her. I love her for that. That woman has saved my life on more than one occasion!

Jennifer and her husband, Anthony Hopkins, have been together for nearly 15 years. They tied the knot in 2003. The couple has one son together.

jennefer lynton


Jenn’s awesomely cool and amazing, totally friendly and nice she just loves to like totally hang out with you. Her hair is long, brown, straight and has such a pretty shine to it. Jenn wears that like the bohemian style as I call it or hippie fashion which I also love! It makes me feel like I’m one of those people that want to save our environment. She is so awesome so keep up your work in helping save our planet !!!

Frequently Asked Questions

How did Anthony Hopkins meet his significant other?

Jennifer was a creation partner on a film Anthony played a part in when she got him from the air terminal and they started a relationship, as per the Daily Mail. even though Anthony was authoritatively still hitched to Petronella, the two were alienated, which opened the entryway for his and Jennifer’s adoration to bloom.

What number of dialects could Anthony Hopkins at any point talk?

Anthony Hopkins/Languages

English is a West Germanic language of the Indo-European language family, initially spoken by the occupants of early middle age England

How did Stella Arroyave and Anthony Hopkins meet?

She met Anthony Hopkins in 2001 when he strolled into her store while furniture shopping. When she and Hopkins connected, Arroyave chose to take a shot at acting and showed up in various films, including The Human Stain (which featured Hopkins and Nicole Kidman) and Slipstream.

Is Judi Dench losing vision?

**Dench has been vocal about her battles with vision misfortune because old enough related macular degeneration (AMD)**and offers why the dynamic eye infection isn’t preventing her from achieving her objectives.

Who is the most seasoned entertainer alive?

Marsha Hunt (October 17, 1917 - Present)

What is this? At 104 years old, Marsha Hunt is presently the most established living entertainer on the planet. Chase, who was brought into the world in Chicago, moved to New York when she was youthful and initially started her profession as a phase entertainer. She likewise demonstrated and radioed shows all through her young life.

How is Jack Nicholson so rich?

Nicholson has procured countless dollars in compensation and backend rewards during his profession. Notwithstanding his film compensations, a critical piece of his total assets is inferable from a $100 million land portfolio and $150 million workmanship assortment.

How rich is Antonio Banderas?

Antonio Banderas Net Worth: Antonio Banderas is a Spanish movie entertainer, chief, maker, and vocalist who has total assets of $50 million.

Who has won the most Oscars of all time?

Katharine Hepburn
Starting around 2022, Katharine Hepburn kept up with her lead as the entertainer with the most Oscar wins ever. While the “Think about Who’s Coming to Dinner” star scored four acting awards during her profession, six individual entertainers tied for the second spot with three wins each.

Is Anthony Hopkins simple to work with?

In a discussion with Yahoo!, Colman makes sense of how as opposed to being anxious to work with one of the best entertainers ever, she was excited, saying, “I must say that it was one of the simplest positions ever because you’re working with Anthony Hopkins.” She proceeds to expound, expressing, "He’s so great, you as it were

For what reason did Jodie Foster stop acting?

Hollywood entertainer Jodie Foster, who has made a stride back from films, says she misses the climate on the sets.


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