Who is Marshmello?

Who is Marshmello? Marshmello (born May 19, 1992), also known as Christopher Comstock, is an American music producer and DJ known for producing countless multi-Platinum EDM songs. By releasing remixes, he gained international recognition. Since 2016, he has released three studio albums: Joytime, Joytime II (2018), and Joytime III (2019).


:small_blue_diamond: He has released his uber-successful first record Joytime in January 2016. The record spawned songs such as Alone and Maintained It Mello. In 2017, Marshmello collaborated with Khalid to produce Marshmello Silence songs, and then, a year later, teamed up with Selena Gomez to make one of his most important strikes.

:small_blue_diamond: Marshmello’s success can be attributed to his ability and his mysterious personality. He is seen with a Marshmallow helmet, and so far, he has refused to show his face.

Marshmello’s Music

:small_blue_diamond: Marshmello’s music is just one part of the puzzle to make it a common occurrence. Part of this attraction is that the white Marshmello helmet uses a different smiley face.

:small_blue_diamond: Without leaving a lasting impression on anyone who comes around the mask, the artist has come a long way to make sure it comes from the people.

:small_blue_diamond: Although Marshmello did not immediately disclose his identity, the bread crumbs were directed at the guy behind the mask.

The rise to Fame

:small_blue_diamond: When Marshmello first rocked the world with dance songs in 2015, he was not well understood, but his sound was fun and unique. Meanwhile, snare music was characterized by extreme bass with dubstep and hip-hop origins.

:small_blue_diamond: Marshmello’s arrival introduced a new brightly-colored design to the schemes that matched his green look. His latest production project has taken the industry by storm which has led to major policy.

:small_blue_diamond: The first taste of his songs came in the form of a synth-laced and groovy trap production, “WaVez” the first song featured on SoundCloud. He went on to release other themes, such as Jack Ü’s official mix of “Where Are You Today” and Zedd’s “Beautiful Today.” In a few months, Marshmello has been receiving a lot of attention and is getting details on the uniqueness compared to Skrillex.

:small_blue_diamond: The legendary singer, best known for his hit single “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites,” reported among Marshmello’s songs on SoundCloud. Producers and lovers have been abandoned around the world, wondering, “Who is Marshmello?” Or better yet, “How can a young person get a good chance and get the help of heavyweights like Zedd, Jack Ü, and Skrillex?”

Marshmello’s albums

:small_blue_diamond: Top appearances in games such as California’s HARD Day of the ■■■■ festival, and the Ultra Music Festival, among others, were followed. In 2016, Marshmello published his first Joytime record which was compiled by his former bodyguards.

:small_blue_diamond: The record was shot on a high electronic album chart and number 5 on the Billboard electric / dance graph. However, this was just the beginning of his exciting career.

:small_blue_diamond: Marshmello went on to play and release singles in 2016, such as “Alone” with over 1.6 billion views on YouTube. He started his own record label, Joytime Collective, in the same calendar year.

:small_blue_diamond: His meteoric rise did not decline in 2017 as he left various collaborations with Native American artists. Her tune “Wolves” featuring Selena Gomez and “Silence” with Khalid were platinum certified.

:small_blue_diamond: In 2018, he published “Friends” featuring Anne-Marie and “Happier” with Dan Smith outside Bastille. The latter became the custodian of Marshmello’s top charts, occupying the U.K., the U.S., and the Australian Top Three.

:small_blue_diamond: Other notable productions include “Fortnite Extended Sets” from his concert, “One Thing Correct” with Kane Brown, and “Light It Up” with hip hop artists Chris Brown and Tyga. To date, he is recording three studios, Joytime I, Joytime II, and Joytime III.

Who is DJ Marshmello?

Marshmello Has Played the emotions of the Fans

:small_blue_diamond: In EDC Las Vegas in 2016, “Marshmello” listened to the audience and took off his helmet of joy. But it wasn’t him. Instead, another DJ Tiesto was playing a square-shaped face.

:small_blue_diamond: By continuing to tread on everyone, Marshmello shared a Tiesto movie on his YouTube page.

:small_blue_diamond: In August 2017, Marshmello clarified the helmet by crying, “I don’t take off my helmet because I don’t want fame. I’m trying to do something good that people will be able to communicate with.” If that’s the case, if you’d like to get to know what Marshmello looks like, maybe pick up a mirror?

Will the Actual Marshmello Please Stand Up?

:small_blue_diamond: At the HeartRadio Much Music Video Awards in August 2018, Marshmello won the Best EDM / Dance Artist award. He walked on stage inside a white dress with his signature helmet.

:small_blue_diamond: However, again, the mask came out, and, instead, it was Canadian singer Shawn Mendes under cover. No one is ever angry to watch Mendes; however, come on, this is another case of Marshmello who got into the feelings of fans by deceiving them playfully.

:small_blue_diamond: Earlier that year, Will Ferrell recorded a movie in which he revealed himself to be Marshmello.

:small_blue_diamond: Taking a square helmet, the Measure Brothers celebrity said, “Yes, it is me. I’m Marshmello. It was me all along. ” Sadly, that is not true, naturally, but an exciting video has announced some of Marshmello’s upcoming performance days, so that there will be something for it for fans.

Do you support Marshmello Face?

:small_blue_diamond: Marshmello Appears to be a gentleman named Chris Comstock. Back when Katie Couric interviewed the second most notable EDM producer / DJ called Skrillex in 2015, Marshmello became known as Skrillex. Katie announced, “It’s Chris,” and apparently Skrillex corrected her by saying, “Wow, Marshmello.”

:small_blue_diamond: Marshmello and Chris, known by the stage name Dotcom, are similar. Marshmello is registered as a songwriter and musician through the director of audio books BMI. However, the public BMI database brings the same results when hunting for Marshmello or Comstock. BMI has removed its publicly available advice.

:small_blue_diamond: Evidence does not start and stop conversations and BMI hunting only. Twitter users found it back in 2016, in which case Marshmello and Chris had the same leg back. In 2016. There was also a run of Marshmello photos without a helmet on Instagram.

:small_blue_diamond: Throughout Valentine’s Day 2021, DJ Marshmello with a mask, or let’s just say Dotcom or just a little Chris, actually appeared in a photo on Instagram smiling with his girlfriend, Kelsey Calemine.

:small_blue_diamond: According to the comment section, instead there was a lot of shock they were talking about. There were no hypocritical attempts to pretend that Chris and Marshmello were not the same people.

Marshmello Vs. Dotcom

:small_blue_diamond: What’s the chance for Marshmello to take off his helmet for his audience? Probably not so important. Too close to his performance identity can be like watching MF ■■■■’s rap without a metal mask.

:small_blue_diamond: He just seemed to be a normal man raping very well. If Batman struggled with resentment without a cover and a cape, he would be the only rich man Bruce Wayne running around carrying a lot of risks.

:small_blue_diamond: Chris Comstock reveals his face when he plays as Dotcom. But he refuses to publicly acknowledge his identity as Marshmello, even though his title is listed as Marshmello’s name on Wikipedia. Comstock joked about the whole affair on Twitter as Marshmello wrote, writing on Twitter: “My name is Chrisbrief for Christmas came early”.

Career of Marshmello

Early work and Joytime (2015-2016)

:small_blue_diamond: Marshmello posted his first song “Wavez” on his SoundCloud page in the first months of 2015. While releasing many songs, he began to gain the support of artists such as Skrillex, who rewrote his song “Found me” on SoundCloud. Shortly afterwards, he performed at Pier 94 of New York, Pomona, Hard Day of the ■■■■ festival and Miami Music Week. Owned by Moe Shalizi of Red-Light Management. With a white bucket image, Marshmello was often suggested to be Chris Comstock, an American DJ who was as popular as Dotcom at the time, because their musical styles were similar.

:small_blue_diamond: Marshmello released his first 10-song Joytime album, with his label Joytime Collective on January 8, 2016. One album was released, titled “Keep It Mello”, featuring Mexican rapper Omar Linx, and was certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). The album reached number five on the Billboard’s Dance / Electronic Song Chart, number fourteen on the US Heatseeker Albums chart and forty-one on the Independent Albums chart.

:small_blue_diamond: Marshmello appeared in the Canadian record label Constercat with the release of “Alone”, which appeared on the album compilation label Monstercat 027 - Cataclysm. The music video accompanying the song, released on YouTube, has garnered more than 1.06 billion views since December 2018. This song became his first appearance on the Billboard Hot 100 as it was ranked 60th and matched in the Dance / Electronic Songs chart at number nine and the Canadian Hot 100 at number 56, for the first time in Canada. And it was platinum certified in Canada by Music Canada and in America by RIAA.

"Silence", “Wolves”, “Friends”, and Joytime II (2016–2018)

:small_blue_diamond: Marshmello performed at the Electric Daisy Carnival 2016 in Las Vegas on June 19. At an event hosted by Marshmello and Dutch DJ Tiësto, the last to wear the same uniform as before on stage, he took off his protective helmet and introduced himself as Marshmello. It was later regarded as popular with fans and the media due to their conflicting tour dates and the image of “two DJs with a helmet who got together before the show”.

:small_blue_diamond: He announced the Ritual Tour on Twitter, where he played in many countries including the United States, China, South Korea, India and Paraguay from late September to early January the following year. The tour coincided with his debut on the dubstep label Skrillex’s Owsla, with the same name as “Ritual”, starring Wrabel the singer. The official music video for this song has been published on YouTube. Shortly afterwards, Marshmello introduced his own recording label called Joytime Collective and hired another DJ and producer Slushii as the first subscriber to their list.

:small_blue_diamond: Marshmello has teamed up with Ookay to release one “Chasing Colors”, featuring songs by American artist Noah Cyrus. He later collaborated with Slushii to release a single song called “Twinbow”, a song that was first known to the public as captions. In the middle of the year, he was released for the third single of the year with the title “Moving On”, which first appeared two years before his official release. The music video for the song was also released, garnering 169 million views since December 2018. A few months later, Marshmello announced an upcoming collaboration with American hip hop recording artist Blackbear and Demi Lovato. The collaboration, however, has not been officially released since December 2018. After that, Marshmello has released “Love U” as a free single as a tribute to his fans. The song was described by Billboard as “one person with a handful of drummers with a bass line and vocals breathing in helium.”

:small_blue_diamond: His next song, which was announced on Twitter, was a collaboration with American R&B artist Khalid titled “Silence”, which was released on August 11, 2017 by RCA Records. The song appeared in the Top 200 in more than 28 countries. Leading to dance charts in Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States, it was also nominated for the Top 10 in more than 15 countries such as Germany, Sweden, and Norway. It also appeared on end-of-year charts in Hungary, Denmark, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands. In addition, it had multi-platinum certified in many countries. Among them were platinum produced by BPI (United Kingdom) and BM (Germany), double platinum by BEA (Belgium), RMNZ (New Zealand) and RIAA (United States), triple platinum made by MC (Canada), triple platinum by SRIA (Sweden) and quintuple platinum made by ARIA (Australia).

:small_blue_diamond: Towards the end of the year, he released his collaboration with American singer Selena Gomez, the single “Wolves” that became a commercial success, having reached the top 10 in more than 20 countries. Leading charts in Latvia, Poland and Hungary, as well as a Billboard Dance / Electronic Songs chart. It was also his most expensive song Billboard Hot 100 in 2017, as he reached the top 50 in over 50 countries and sold over 2.5 million copies of certified units. The song was certified gold in the United Kingdom, Germany, Portugal and Denmark, as well as multiple-platinum in Brazil, Sweden, Canada and Australia while earning a single platinum certificate in the United States, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium and New Zealand.

:small_blue_diamond: The successful “Wolves” single, “You & Me” was released by Joytime Collective, accompanied by an animated music video produced and directed by Toon53. The video, which was released three weeks after the song was released, on its YouTube channel, garnered more than 42 million views since December 2018.

:small_blue_diamond: In November, Forbes published an article confirming Christopher Comstock’s support for the Marshmello project, in light of the fact that his real name was revealed in the BMI music management database and that Marshmello’s company was registered in August 2015 under Comstock in Delaware. In addition, it was also revealed to Forbes by insiders that the two were one person. Previously known pieces of evidence such as ASCAP credit, their physical and musical similarities, and Skrillex referring to Marshmello as “Chris” are thought to confirm Marshmello’s identity.

:small_blue_diamond: In January 2018, Marshmello released a recently deceased collaboration with rapper Lil Peep, entitled “Spotlight”. He decided to release only one after speaking to Peep’s mother, who had asked for her son’s unpublished music career to be released as soon as possible. A month later, Marshmello worked with regular participant Slushii on the song “There × 2”, which was released as one.

:small_blue_diamond: He has released a collaboration with British singer Anne-Marie named “Friends”, as the fifth single on Anne-Marie’s debut album, Speak Your Mind. The song became his hottest song on Hot 100 until October 2018, reaching number eleven. It also received a single platinum certificate in Belgium, Germany, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States as well as an Australian double-platinum certificate and a Canadian platinum certificate.

:small_blue_diamond: Other songs released after work with Anne-Marie include a song by rapper Logic entitled “Everyday”, released as the third single in his seventh line, Bobby Tarantino II, “Fly” and “You Can Cry”, a single collaborator with rapper Juicy J and soul singer British James Arthur. On June 19, Marshmello announced on Twitter his second studio album titled Joytime II, which would be similar to the music and theaters.

"Happier", “Here with Me” and Joytime III (2018–present)

:small_blue_diamond: In August 2018, he teamed up with the British band Bastille to release one single titled “Happier” in August. It became his hottest song in Canada, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States, while it was his third hit song in the Dance / Electronic Songs chart, where he broke the record for 69 weeks. The song was certified gold in Belgium, Sweden, and the United Kingdom, platinum in New Zealand and the United States, and double-platinum in Australia and Canada. His next songs, his collaboration with Egyptian songwriter Amr Diab titled “Bayen Habeit” and American rapper and producer Roddy Ricch’s “Project Dreams”, were released in December.

:small_blue_diamond: In January 2019, Marshmello teamed up with the free video game Fortnite Battle Royale to cast a game concert, as well as a game-based commercial release. On February 2 and 3, the concert was held online, gathering more than ten million performers on the first day. During the first quarter of 2019 he released a number of collaborations. The first, in February, was a collaboration with dubstep producer Svdden Death entitled “Sell Out”. The second was accompanied by the Scottish Chvrches group, called “Here With Me”. Finally, in April, he released Roll the Dice, an extended drama with California artists SOB X RBE. It contains three songs: “Roll the Dice”, “Don’t Save Me” and “First Place”.

:small_blue_diamond: In June 2019, he released “Rescue Me”, in collaboration with American music group A Day to Remember as the first single from his third album, Joytime III. On November 13, Marshmello teamed up with Blackbear and Yungblud to release “Tongue Tied”.

:small_blue_diamond: On May 1, 2020, Marshmello teamed up with Halsey to release “Be Kind”. In July 2020, Marshmello appeared on rapper Juice Wrld’s album that passed away legends Never Die, in the tracks “Come and Go” and “Hate the Other Side”, which reached number two and ten on Billboard Hot 100, respectively.

Marshmello Is The Alter Ego Of an Established DJ

:small_blue_diamond: Marshmello is an alter ego of an established DJ, but many people may not know it if they are not a dedicated dance music fan. About the time of the death of the EDC troll people began to see the pattern. The pattern of events was linked by one man, Moe Shalizi.

:small_blue_diamond: Moe is the artistic manager at Red Light Management, and is the best at representing the best value for money. He represents Marshmello, Dotcom, Jauz, Slushii and a few other DJs there. Dotcom and Jauz were two artists who first gave a romantic tone to Marshmello in the beginning. Tiesto, while not officially under Moe is represented by Red Light Management as well.

:small_blue_diamond: At the time we first saw the ■■■■■■■■■ of work from Marshmello that we also saw a huge decline from Dotcom. To say the least we mean that Dotcom stopped making music and used its social entirely. One eagle-eyed observer noticed that Dotcom and Marshmello also seemed to share the same tatto on their thighs. So, for us that is enough to answer the question of who Marshmello is.

Marshmello’s Beef with Deadmau5

At one time a large part of Marshmello’s marketing strategy was to create beef with D Deadmau5 who was known for being extremely petty on social media. When Joel finally got too serious, he lowered the hammer to the ground and called for Marshmello to start introducing himself as Dotcom was losing popularity very quickly. Dotcom is better known as Chris Comstock and Chris is better known as Marshmello. That’s great for wrapping people up. If you need to know who Marshmello is

What has been said has been part of Marshmello’s desire to never reveal the truth. Chris will occasionally strike back and forth with him using Marshmello and Dotcom socials, and then all proprietary questions addressed to a white person are immediately ignored if not completely removed. Chris rethinking from Dotcom to Marshmello is currently one of the most successful marketing stories in modern music. So, even though we don’t know the answer to the question of who Marshmello is now, that doesn’t mean the stage actor is any less fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some frequently asked questions related to who is Marshmello:

1. Who is behind marshmallows mask?

According to Forbes, Marshmello is a guy named Chris Comstock, who goes by the name Dotcom as a DJ. In November 2017, the magazine cited several pieces of evidence, including Skrillex referring to Marshmello as “Chris,” and Dotcom and Marshmello allegedly having the same leg tattoo.

2. Is Marshmello Indian?

Christopher Comstock (born May 19, 1992), also known as Marshmello, is an American electronic music producer and DJ. He first gained international recognition by releasing mixed songs by American DJ Jack Ü and Russian-German DJ Zedd.

3. Who is Marshmello wife?

The masked DJ appears in an unusual scene in the photo, all smiling on Valentine’s Day with his girlfriend Instagram star Kelsey Calemine. We all now know exactly who Marshmello really is like Chris Comstock aka Dotcom.

4. Is Shawn Mendes marshmallow?

No, Shawn Mendes is not Marshmello. The whole situation started with a joke that lasted a very long time. At the 2018 Heart Music Awards, Mendes appeared on stage wearing the same protective helmet worn by Marshmello. The artist disguised himself as an anonymous DJ while receiving the Best EDM / Dance Artist group award.

5. Is Camila and Shawn dating 2020?

Despite speculating earlier that the two had split up, Shawn and Camila proving that they are still strong. Camila recently posted a great Instagram account dedicated to her friend and his new album, “Wonder.”


:ballot_box_with_check: Christopher Comstock, also a Marshmello, is an over-the-top producer as a ■■■■ producer and “DJ” who makes the bass / trap / pop trash too much for commercial viewers who will eat whatever radio they throw. His style of production has not changed since he started “producing” simple beats, disappointing drops, and repetitive and unusual music. All of his music sounds the same way.

:ballot_box_with_check: Chris works with other famous artists to attract the attention of prostitutes, instead of producing beautiful musical instruments. This is very small and annoying, because only producers will work with artists for the purpose of attention only, they are the ■■■ in production.

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Marshmello Helmet - Marshmello Helmet LED

Who is the Most Famous Person in the World?

Jennifer Ashley Harper


Marshmellow is a musician DJ and he is one of the richest artists. He was born on May 19, 1992, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. He is 28 years old now.

He does not reveal his face in front of all over the world. In 2017 he had been asked that why don’t you take your helmet from your face? And then he answered that he doesn’t want to have fame and he is trying to make some positive things to connect with people.

Starting of career:

A huge amount of people knows that Marshmellow is a talented musician it’s because he started his career in 2015 he had started posting his songs on the platform Sound Cloud. It’s a popular website for mp3 audio songs on the internet. People also install the app of SoundCloud on their devices. In 2015 Marshmello posted his song on it for free, at one point people started checking out his content and were impressed a lot by the content of his song. He got fame through that start and still now he’s getting fame from all over the world.

In 2015 he took a start and posted remixes on SoundCloud like “Beautiful Now” and “where are you now” are the very first of him. He is known as an AMERICAN DJ.


In 2016, he created his first album and named it “joy time” having maximum of 10 songs named by

  • Know me
  • Summer
  • Take it back
  • Bounce
  • Blocks
  • Show you
  • Want U 2
  • Home
  • Find me
  • Keep it, Mello

In 2018, he created his second album and named it “joy time II” having a maximum of 9 songs named by

  • Stars
  • Together
  • Rooftops
  • Check this out
  • Flashbacks
  • Tell me
  • Paralyzed
  • Power
  • Imagine

In 2019, he created his third album and named it “Joytime III” having a maximum of 13 songs named by

  • Down
  • Run it up
  • Put yo hands up
  • Let’s Get Down
  • Sad songs
  • Set me free
  • Room to fall
  • Angklung Life
  • Earthquake
  • Falling to pieces
  • Here we go again
  • Rescue me
  • Proud

In 2019, he also created albums named “Roll the dice” & “Fortnite Extended Set”. He also worked in India with Pritam Chakraborty and as they both collaborated. He posted the video of a song in which he played a role as a DJ song named “BIBA” in 2019.

Fans and followers of Marshmello:

Marshmello has approximately 29.4 million followers on Instagram. people are obsessed with his musical content. he is having huge fame but no one knows his actual identity or real name. He is hiding his identity as he said he doesn’t need any fame and it’s just something towards positivity. On Facebook and Twitter social media he just crossed 7 million followers. He is the inspiration and motivation and for the young generation to work hard according to his musical field there are many things to learn. They learn from his content video.

He has 52.5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. People love Marshmello.

He also does not speak too much in front of the public or on social media. He talks through his gesture of thumbs up or thumbs down. He just acts without speaking the words.

On Instagram, he wrote his bio “keep it Mello” which is one of his songs. Positivity is his priority and he worth it. He is funny too once the host asked him that where are you from? Then he told people that I’m from the grocery store and the host asked that do you sleep with your helmet he said “yes I do” through the Google speaker he didn’t speak by himself. So, people stay very excited to watch his interviews and the videos of his interviews. Until now which posted on YouTube got millions of likes, he is a celebrity DJ. His parents are so so happy with him, with his work and they are proud of him.

Marshmello height:

Everyone is interested to have more information’s about Marshmello. It’s the basic information and one of them and everyone is curious to know about it. He told it by himself. Marshmello’s actual height without a helmet is 6 feet and 1 inch.

Marshmello face reveal rumors:

Marshmello is one of the most popular, best music producers and American DJ all over the world according to DJ magazine in 2017 and 2018. Inspired by other mask DJs like Daft Punk. Marshmello hides his face behind a huge Marshmello helmet at every concert. From 2015, people started to recognize him with a Marshmellow helmet. Of course, along with popularity people had taken interest and they wanted to know that who is under the mask. They were being curious about his real identity and his face. In 2016, at the electronic music festival, Marshmello promised to reveal his face in public and HE KEPT HIS PROMISE. When he removed the masked helmet, everyone said Tiesto was a DJ the video went viral in a massive of days however and after that, it was been told that it was just a prank by a Marshmello and Tiesto. Then again question raised that who is behind the smiling helmet? Well, the most popular version that the Marshmello is an American DJ named by Chris Comstock because they have the same tattoo on thighs, same body, and identical musical styles or it’s just a coincidence. In march 2017 someone posted a revealed picture on story Instagram who’s wearing the Marshmello helmet and on the mirror side Chris Comstock taking a picture in a white dress and then the story was quickly removed. In 2018 Shawn Mendes removed the helmet by taking the award of MMVA on the stage in an awards ceremony. Still, now no one knows his confirmed identity and it’s spread rumors on social media.


what is the height of Marshmello ?

Marshmello’s height is 6 feet and 1 inch.

Are Anne Marie and Marshmello are in relationship ?

No, not at all they are just friends.

Are Salena Gomez and Marshmello in a relationship ?

They worked together in a musical song video named “wolves”.

Are Marshmello’s parents proud of him?

Yes, They are proud of him , they support him and happy with his profession.

Why Marshmello do not show his face in front of public ?

He do not reveals face because he do not need any fame. He is spreading positive thoughts to people.

Who is Marshmello?
Since 2015, the masked DJ and producer has amassed legions of EDM fans by working with stars like Skrillex and Selena Gomez. But despite his success, the artist—whose net worth is reportedly more than $40 million—manages to remain a mysterious figure. Marshmello never shows his face and rarely gives interviews. Journalists and internet sleuths believe the man behind the $55,000 face covering is someone named Christopher Comstock. How can we be sure when fellow DJ Tiesto and comedian Will Ferrell are among the people who’ve worn Mello’s signature mask? It begs a second question: What does Marshmello look like? Find out the real identity of the electronic wunderkind—and learn why it’s been so hard for the world to get to the truth. Marshmello is an American music producer and DJ known for producing countless multi-Platinum EDM singles. Since 2016, he’s released three studio albums: Joytime, Joytime II (2018), and Joytime III (2019). In addition to his music career, Marshmello runs a YouTube channel with 51.6 million subscribers. Content includes two popular series: Cooking with Marshmello and Gaming with Marshmello. The latter isn’t just an excuse to zone out to Call of Duty—the DJ has used his skills to help charities that are close to his heart. In 2018, he teamed up with superstar gamer Ninja to take down a Fortnite tournament. They won the grand prize of $1 million to be donated to charities of their choice. Even if you’re not into EDM, you probably recognize Marshmello. His brand is synonymous with the signature white helmet that he wears during performances. Much like fellow musicians deadmau5 and Daft Punk, Marshmello has never revealed his face to his audiences. But that hasn’t stopped him from gaining a large, obsessive fan base. Check out the music video for his 2016 single “Alone,”—it has over 1.9 billion YouTube views to date.
Why Does Marshmello Hide His Face?
Some people believe that Marshmello’s hidden identity is a marketing tactic used to sell records. It’s true that his costume piques people’s curiosity, but there’s more to it. “We were like, ‘How do we create something that’s not driven by who it is, or what it’s about?’” Marshmello’s manager Moe Shalizi told Forbes in August 2017. “We’re creating more of a faceless brand.” But a second reason for concealing his face is the simple wish to remain a regular guy. In 2017, Marshmello insisted via Twitter that he has no desire to be famous: Marshmello ultimately wants fans to focus on his music. Media coverage of his personal life would be a distraction. “There’s a percentage of people that think it’s a gimmick and it’s cheesy,” said Shalizi. “But if it was a gimmick, it wouldn’t have lasted this long.
Marshmello Is Actually Christopher Comstock:
Christopher Comstock
Marshmello is the alias of Christopher Comstock, a 28-year-old who hails from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In November 2017, Forbes confirmed fan theories about his identity by researching a public database belonging to BMI, his music royalty manager. Marshmello and Comstock were linked to all of the same songs, and after Forbes e-mailed the artist’s managers for comment, Comstock’s name was wiped from BMI’s records. Marshmello may prefer anonymity, but it hasn’t gotten in the way of a healthy dating life. He was last linked to Instagram influencer Kelsey Calemine a ■■■■ ringer for Kylie Jenner. (There’s no official word on their current status, but Calemine wrote in a recent post that she was spending Valentine’s Day alone.) Comstock also makes music under the stage name Dotcom. This means he carefully juggles a social media presence for multiple versions of himself. Even though his identity is an open secret, he makes no mention of Marshmello on his Dotcom social media accounts, and vice versa.
Marshmello Is Still Making Music In 2021:
Covid may have put a damper on music festivals and nightclub appearances, but Marshmello is still hard at work making music. In January, he announced that his highly-anticipated fourth album, Joytime IV, was complete. The news was celebrated by fans who’ve been waiting on a finished product ever since he first announced plans for the record in 2019. A Twitter update in April 2020 claimed that the album was 80 percent done, but another vague tweet about it at year’s end didn’t include a release date. In the meantime, Marshmello continues to work with A-list producers and pop stars on epic collaborations. In October 2020, he and Kazakh producer Imanbek released “Too Much” featuring Usher. Check out some behind-the-scenes clips from the music video while you wait for the next installment of Joytime:
Who Is Marshmello? The Real Face Under The Helmet Revealed?
While marshmallows are typically known for being paired with hot chocolate, a different Marshmello is known for being paired with a huge helmet — and lots of celebs. One’s a tasty treat, and the other is a DJ who’s collaborated with major artists like Selena Gomez while also managing to maintain an air of mystery. Marshmello doesn’t only disguise his real name with an alias, but he also hides his face from the real world by wearing — you guessed it — a giant marshmallow-shaped helmet. Fans have been eager to see Marshmello sans-helmet ever since his career began, but that thing is not coming off — at least, if he has anything to say about it. He’s even gone so far as to trick fans on more than one occasion by having famous friends wear his go-to accessory. There is one promising theory about his identity, though, and, if true, then we do know what he looks like without the mask. Keep reading to see for yourself.
Marshmello has played with fans’ emotions before:
At EDC Las Vegas in 2016, “Marshmello” counted down for the crowd and removed his helmet to an eruption of cheers. However, it wasn’t actually him. Instead, fellow DJ Tiesto was wearing the square-shaped face cover. Further trolling everyone, Marshmello shared the video of Tiesto to his own YouTube page with the title, “Marshmello FINALLY reveals himself at EDC Las Vegas 2016.” In August of 2017, Marshmello explained the helmet (sort of) by tweeting, “I don’t take my helmet off because I don’t want or need fame. I’m genuinely trying to create something positive for people to connect with.” He added in a follow-up post, “The helmet makes me marshmello and also makes you marshmello…we are all marshmello.” In that case, if you want to see what Marshmello really looks like, maybe just hold a mirror up to yourself? Hey, it’s worth a shot.
Will the real Marshmello please stand up?
At the iHeartRadio Much Music Video Awards in August 2018, Marshmello won the Best EDM/Dance Artist award. He walked out on stage in an all-white outfit and his signature helmet — or so fans thought. Yet again, the mask came off and, instead, it was actually Canadian singer Shawn Mendes beneath the mask. No one is ever mad to see Mendes, but, come on, this is yet another instance Marshmello messed with fans’ emotions by playfully misleading them. Earlier that same year, Will Ferrell filmed a video where he revealed he is actually Marshmello. Taking off the square helmet, the Step Brothers actor said, “Yes, it’s me. I am Marshmello. It was me all along.” Sadly, that isn’t really true, of course, but the fun video announced some of Marshmello’s upcoming performance dates, so at least there was something in it for the fans.
There’s a theory that Mashmello may be another artist:
Now that Tiesto, Shawn Mendes, and Will Ferrell have all been crossed off the list of Marshmello’s possible identities, there’s a much more convincing theory out there. According to Forbes, Marshmello is a guy named Chris Comstock, who goes by the name Dotcom as a DJ. In November 2017, the magazine cited several pieces of evidence, including Skrillex referring to Marshmello as “Chris,” and Dotcom and Marshmello supposedly having the same leg tattoo. They also cross-referenced a music royalty database called BMI which concluded Comstock and Marshmello are the same person. However, Marshmello’s lawyer and agent declined to comment on his identity when asked by Forbes, keeping a smidgen of the mystery alive. Even Chipotle has gotten in on the guessing game. In January 2018, Marshmello tweeted a pic of himself with the caption, “Dreaming of the day when guac is no longer extra at chipotle.” The fast food chain replied, “Dreaming of the day when we find out if Marshmello really is also Dotcom.” Cue the side-eye emojis If Marshmello really is Comstock/Dotcom, you can see his face above. But part of the fun is never truly knowing for sure — and waiting to see which celebrity pops up in the helmet next.