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Juice Wrld Merch is the official store for T-shirts, Hoodies, and shoes. The hoodies are made from 100 percent pure cotton. The clothing items also represent the courage to never lose hope. To give you morale for every day, Juice Wrld Merch came up with a new variety of hoodies, sweatshirts, and pants. This was made to serve late artist Juice Wrld. If you want to buy any product of Juice Wrld Merch, you just have to go to the website and order from there. Unlike other merch shops, the quality of Juice Wrld Merch is very good. Juice Wrld is a late American songwriter, singer, and rapper.

:black_large_square: 999 club

:arrow_right: The official merchandise line of late Juice Wrld is 999 club. The rapper himself told that he names this merch as 999 clubs because this includes an inversion of 666. This merch is also known as ‘the mark of the ■■■■■’. This term is biblical and it specifies Satan. Juice Wrld himself said that the word 999 represents the turning into the positivity of whatever ill, regardless of what bad situations and what struggle you are going through. Juice Wrld also has the tattoo of the word 999 on his left wrist. Also, Juice Wrld thinks that the word 999 is a sign of good luck. He also believes that this number gives him courage and hopes for going towards happiness.

:black_large_square: About

:arrow_right: Juice Wrld’s real name was Jarad Anthony Higgins. Juice Wrld was his professional name. He was a singer from Chicago, Illinois. His famous song was Lucid Dreams. This song was so popular that it has been played over one billion times on a music platform called Spotify. On the Billboard Hot 100, it has also ranked on number 2. He was born on 2 December 1998 in Chicago, Illinois, United States. In the early time, his song called All girls are the same was also a massive hit. This song was the one that helped him in getting the project with Lil Bibby’s Grade A production and Interscope records. He named himself under the influence of late American rapper Tupac Shakur. Tupac Shakur takes part in the film called Juice. So he took his professional name from there.

:black_large_square: Early life

:pushpin: Juice Wrld was flourished in South Suburbs and he spent his childhood in Calumet Park and the future, he moved to Homewood. In Homewood, he took admission in Homewood Flossmoor High School. He was graduated in 2017. His mother was a single parent because his parents were separated when he was just three years old. His father was not with his son as he left his mother alone. Mother of Juice Wrld was very religious as she did not allow him to listen to hip hop any time. But she gave him permission of listening to rock and pop music. He found this type of music on video games i.e. on Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and Guitar Hero. From these videos he became familiar with artists like Billy Idol, Blink-182, Black Sabbath, Fall out Boy, Panic! At the Disco, and Megadeth.


:black_large_square: Juice Wrld was a drug addict

During his childhood and teenage, Higgins was a heavy drug user. He started drinking when he was only in 6th grade. He started using Percocet and Xanax in 2013. He was also addicted to smoking. But he quieted the habit of smoking in the last year of high school because his health was greatly affecting because of this. At four years of age, he learned how to play the piano. He was inspired by his mother Carmella Wallace. His mother later started paying for the lessons. After learning the piano, he started learning guitar and drums. He also played instruments in band class. He also started posting his own recorded song to his Sound cloud when he was in his sophomore of high school. During all this time Higgins started taking his career about rapping seriously.

:black_large_square: Career

:wave: In his first year of High school, Higgins started to develop as an artist. In 2015, his first song ‘forever’ was released on Sound Cloud under the name JuicetheKidd. Higgins recorded most of his early tracks on the phone. Then he uploaded all his songs to Sound Cloud in his sophomore year. In starting his professional name was JuicetheKidd. Then he changed his name to Juice Wrld as at that time he was inspired by the rapper named Tupac Shakur. Tupac Shakur did the film named Juice. This Juice movie represents taking over the world. So, he changed his name to Juice Wrld.

:wave: Nick Mira was the one who produced his first song was called “Too Much Cash”. This song was released in 2017. Higgins has also worked in a factory when he was releasing songs and projects on Sound Cloud. When he was doing a job in a factory, he was not satisfied with the job, between two weeks he was expelled from the job. When he joined Internet Money which is an internet collective, Higgins on June 15, 2017, released his first/ debut song. His first song was Lucid Dreams. This song was the one that became the cause of his success. In the mid of 2017, Higgins got the attention of famous artists i.e. Waka Flocka Flame, Southside and Chicago artists G Herbo and Lil Bibby. After all this, he signed a project with Lil Bibby’s Grade A production.

:black_large_square: 2017-2018 Good Riddance Goodbye and WRLD domination tour

:star2: Higgins released three songs EP nothing different in December 2017. Many of the hip-hop blogs that is Lyrical Lemonade featured these songs, this thing helped Higgins’s track. At the same time "All Girls Are the Same” become popular. A music video was also released in February 2018 that was directed by Cole Bennet. When these videos were getting fame, then Interscope Records signs Higgins for 3 million dollars. There was also a remix that featured Lil Yachty was also in pipeline. All Girls are the same was recognized by Pitchfork as it received an award of Best New Music recognition. In April it was released as a single. On a Billboard chart, “All Girls are the same” and “Lucid Dreams” were Higgins’s First entries. Both these songs were at number 92 and 74 respectively on the Hot 100 chart.

:star2: ‘Lucid Dreams’ song was officially released on May 4, 2018, as a single and there was also a video of it. In 2018, it became the most viewed song and it ranked at number 2 on the United States Billboard. In January 2020, this song again tops the rankings as it became the most viewed song and there were over one billion streams on Spotify. On May 22, Lucid Dreams was followed by ‘Lean Wit Me’ which also ranked at 68 number on Hot 100. The full-length debut of Higgins was Goodbye and Good Riddance; this includes all the previous three songs. In remembrance of deceased rappers Lil Peep and XXXTentaction, he released a two-song EP, Too soon…

:star2: In 2017, Lil Peep died of an overdose. XXXTentaction, during a robbery he was shot and killed a day earlier. His song “legends” was also ranked at number 65. On July 10, 2018; his song “Wasted” was released. This song featured Lil Uzi Vert. it was Higgins single, with the first collaboration. This song was the only song in Goodbye and Good Riddance that featured a guest. This song was also ranked at number 68 and improved the rank next week at 67 on the Billboard Hot 100. On the very next day, Higgins broke the news that he is working on a new album. On July 25, Higgins producer Danny Wolf released the official version of ‘motions’ that followed a series of leaks. Higgins announced his first tour on July 20, 2018, with additional acts YBN Cordae and Lil Mosey.

:black_large_square: 2018-2019; Juice Wrld on Drugs and Death Race for Love

:wave: ‘No Bystanders’ is the song of Travis Scott; this song is from his third album Astroworld that features Sheck Wes and Higgins. This song ranked number 31 on Billboard Hot 100. On August 8, 2018, Higgins made a television debut as he performs on his own song Lucid Dreams on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The music video on the song ‘Armed and Dangerous was released on 15 October 2018. Then this music video was followed by the lead single ‘Fine China. Then two more music videos were released i.e. Wrld on Drugs’ and Future by collaborative mixtape. On October 19, 2018, Epic Records released the mixtape. In December 2018, For the soundtrack of spider man, Into the Spider-Verse, he also contributed with the song ‘Hide’. This song featured American Singer Seezyn.

:black_large_square: Plans for releasing of songs

:pencil2: Ski Mask the Slump God broke the news in December 2018 that he will release a joint mixtape with Higgins in 2019. This joint mixtape is called Evil Twins. Across North America, the pair also announced a 2019 tour that will feature 30 concerts. On March 8, 2019, Higgins released his second album ‘Death Race for love’ this album was followed by his singles ‘Robbery’ and ‘Hear Me Calling’. His album topped the Billboard 200 chart. He had also done ‘The Nicki Wrld Tour’ with Trinidadian American rapper Nicki Minaj. Higgins also released the music video of his song ‘Fast’ from the album. In the next year he released many songs “All Night” with RM, Suga of BTS; Hate Me’ with Ellie Goulding, “Run”, “Graduation” with Benny Blanco., and “Bandit” with NBA Young boy. This was the last song of him when he was not ■■■■. It ranked at number 10 on Billboard Hot 100.

:black_large_square: 2020-present: Posthumous releases

:pushpin: On January 17, 2020, Higgins’s first posthumous appearance was on the track “Godzilla”. This was Eminem’s eleventh studio album ‘Music to Be Murdered By. This track ranked at number three on Billboard Hot 100. This song was in the number one position on the UK singles chart. On 22 January, there was an announcement on Higgins’s Instagram account by his family members and the team of Grade A production. They thanked all of his fans for the appreciation for Higgins’s songs; they also confirmed that they will release all his pending songs on which he was working before his death.

Higgins family and the team at Grade A statement

They wrote that

“We want to thank every one of you for your unconditional love for Juice, from the bottom of our hearts. You guys meant the entire world for Juice and you are keeping his memories alive by listening to his music, watching his videos, and sharing your stories about him. We are planning to honor Juice’s talent, spirit,, and the love he felt for his fans by sharing unreleased music videos and other projects that he was passionately working on. There will be a public tribute in Chicago, details will be shared soon.

-love Juice’s Family and the team at Grade A”

:black_large_square: Songs of Higgins

Higgins was also part of the title track of G Herbo’s fourth studio album PTSD that was released on 28 February. The vocals in this track are featured by Lil Uzi Vert and Chance the Rapper. PTSD pointed to the first time when Higgins and Lil Uzi Vert had collaborated on a song since “Wasted”. A remix of the single “Suicidal” from YNW Melly’s debut album was released in the vocals of Higgins. This remix included a different verse and vocals of Higgins that he had recorded. This song then again appeared on the rankings of Billboard Hot 100 and ranked at number 20. “No Me Ame” was a multi-language collaboration with Higgins, Jamaican record producer Rvssian and Puerto Rican rapper Anuel AA. This song was released on 17 April. In this music video, a computer-generated image of Higgins as an angel appears in the background.


Higgins is a late American singer and songwriter. He was very famous because of his good songs and lyrics. Firstly, he started to record his songs on Sound Cloud and uploaded them. People started loving his voice. Then he collaborates with many producers and artists for many songs. All of his songs became very popular just after their release and they topped the ranking on US Billboard Hot 100. After he got popular, Interscope Records signs him for 3 million dollars.

:black_large_square: First Posthumous single

:pushpin: On 23 April, the estate of Higgins said on his Instagram accounts that his first posthumous single “Righteous” will be released the other night. This single was released at midnight on 24 April. This music video contains the footage of Higgins. In Los Angeles, Higgins had recorded that song in his home studio. Higgins girlfriend Ally Lotti on May 4 announced the title of his third album which was coming. The first posthumous album was “The Outsiders”. On June 12, ‘Go’ was released, which was Higgins’s collaboration with Australian rapper, The Kid Laroi. On July 6, it was announced by the estate of the late rapper’s first posthumous album’s title was changed to ‘Legends Never Die. On the same date, Higgins’s estate releases “life’s a mess” that features Halsey. Then after few days on July 9, “Come & Go” released that features Marshmello.

:black_large_square: Album with 21 songs and four singles

:pencil2: On July 10, the album was released with 21 songs and four singles. Higgins estate claims that this album represents the best music Juice was working on. Firstly this album was ranked the number on the Billboard Hot 200. From all of his songs, five songs were ranked in the first 10 positions of Billboard Hot 100. This happened at the end of July i.e. 25 July. Five songs include “Come & Go”, “Wishing Well”, “Conversations”, “Life’s a mess” and “Hate the Other Side”. The song “Hate the Other Side” was done with the collaborations of Polo G and The Kid Laroi. These songs ranked at two, five, seven, nine, and ten respectively. Higgins was one of the three artists who got this milestone; other artists were the Beatles and Drake. On that week, Life’s a mess’ song jumped from 74 to nine position suddenly. On July 28, ‘Wishing Well’ was sent to rhythmic contemporary radio as the fifth single of the album. This song also receives appreciation. Smile’ with ‘The Weekend’ was the single by Higgins that was released on the midnight of 6 August.

:pencil2: Before one year, Smile was the song that got leaked on YouTube and Sound Cloud. The leaked version of this song was previously titled ‘Sad’. Lil Bibby on October 23 announced that the second song of the posthumous album is in a working state. Benny Blanco released a collaborative song called ‘Real ■■■■■ on December 2. This song was released on 22 birthday of Higgins. After 6 days of the release of this song, another song on December 8 was released. The name of this song was ‘Reminds Me of You’. This song was released on Higgins’s death anniversary with The Kid Laroi. In 2020, Higgins fans streamed him on Spotify above 5.9 billion times. This made Higgins the fourth most streamed artist in the world. In 2021 on January 15, Bad Boy has also released that featured Young Thug. This was his last recorded music video with Bennet before his death. He also released Life’s a mess’ with Clever and Post Malone.

:black_large_square: His Musical style

:black_circle: He was influenced by Genre wide from rock to rap music. The biggest inspirations for him were rappers like Chief Keef, Kanye West, Travis Scott, and English singer Billy Idol. Higgins was the artist who was among the vulnerable artists that were inspired by West’s influential fourth album, 808’s and heartbreak 2008. The writer of Billboard i.e. Michael Saponara has said that ‘If West and his sparse 808s were combined, then there would have grown another branch with the pleasing art that has been displayed by Chicago native Juice Wrld in 2018.’ Higgins was interviewing with All Def Music, he said that when I was singing ‘Street Lights’ I was feeling like I had ■■■■ to be sad like this. He also said that Kanye is a time traveler. Near 2015, ■■■■■ went to ■■■■ and come back with some sauce. Other inspirations for him were, Wu-Tang Clan, Quietdrive, Fall Out Boy, Black Sabbath, The Starting Line, The Cranberries, The City Drive, 2Pac, Eminem, Kid Cudi, and Escape the fate.

:black_large_square: Music branded as ‘emo’

:sweat_drops: Higgins music has been branded as “emo” and “rock” leaning. His music is a genre-bending that every heartbroken person can relate to. Moreover, he has also been titled a trap, emo rap, hip hop, and Sound Cloud rap artist. Higgins also seemed like a leading artist for the present era of hip-hop for short and ■■■■-heavy songs. Spotify named emo rap’ as the fastest growing genre in 2018. In the sub-genre, Higgins achieved great success as the most steaming artist. When he did collaborations with Panic! At the Disco man Brendon Urie, his success was boosted by these collaborations. Emo label was given by him as he wants to be titled as both positive and negative. His faith was that music has to be a bit dark to show that the world is not only a happy or a light place; it also has its dark sides. Higgins also claimed that ‘Lucid Dreams was the only track in his album Goodbye & Good Riddance that I wrote intentionally.

:sweat_drops: All other songs were not intentional as they were unrehearsed. Except for writing all the rhymes of the song, Higgins could easily write the whole song in few minutes. Many of the times, the process of his songwriting also includes lyrics of freestyling instead of writing them on paper. When he wrote a song, it automatically conceives the instant idea of a beat. There were times when Higgins was alone and made a song in his mind. He was in fear that he will not remember the idea of the song a few hours later when he will go to the studio. Then to avoid this, he started making a voice note or simply writing the song on paper at an instant time.

:black_large_square: Themes of lyrics

:pushpin: When Higgins saw that he is one of the artists who can make soul-bearing ballads and odes, he started working on Sound Cloud more passionately but he remains comfortable in freestyle rapping over classic hip hop beats. Rather than give up, his freestyle impresses the world and it became a tradition. When someone asked him that in hip hop culture, why freestyles are not considered as right passage. He replied that we are converting to the new era of music, everything is changing that’s all. He also said that it is not good that we are forgetting where ■■■■ started, but ■■■■ is changing. Although his songs were not very technical in lyrics it shows intricate flows and twists tongue wordplay. During his freestyles, he delivered memorable lyrics that were excellent.

:pencil2: Personal life of Higgins

:arrow_right: At an early age, Higgins had a history of drug abuse. He was not ashamed of his habits; he always openly talks about them. His mother who was a single parent said that her son was dealing with depression and anxiety. His mother’s name was Carmella Wallace. His mother told the reason for his son’s drug addiction habit. At the time of his death, he was living with his girlfriend Ally Lotti in Los Angeles. In 2018, the couple broke the news that both of them were dating via Instagram.

:black_large_square: Death

:pushpin: On December 8, 2019, Higgins was flying in his private Gulfstream jet. He was flying from Van Nuys Airport in Los Angeles to Midway International Airport in Chicago. Federal agents notified the law enforcement officers that they suspected some guns and drugs are there on the plane. So, law enforcement officers were waiting for the jet to arrive. An official of law enforcement claimed that they found three handguns and 70 Ib i.e. 32 kg of ■■■■■■■■■ in the aircraft. Many members of Higgins’s management tell that Higgins took many unknown pills and Percocet pills to hide them, but the police were searching for the luggage at that time. Then Higgins started moving up and down and he was grasped mentally. Then two doses of emergency medication Narcan were given to him. As they thought that he had overdosed on drugs. He was then sent to the nearest Advocate Christ Medical center in Oak Lawn, where he was declared ■■■■.

:pushpin: On December 13, the ■■■■■■■ of Higgins was held at the Holy Temple Cathedral Church of God in Christ in Harvey, Illinois. There were friends and family and much collaboration Ski Mask the Slump God and Young Thug were there at the time of the ■■■■■■■. The Cook County Medical Examiner on January 22, 2020, stated that Higgins died because of toxic levels of oxycodone and codeine that were present in his system.

:black_large_square: Reaction

:arrow_right: Boosie Badazz who was a fellow artist of Higgins proposed that the pilot of the plane was definitely responsible for the death of Higgins. He referred to him as a snitch. When the pilot saw the people who were carrying guns on the plane, he contacted the authorities that he was not aware of these drugs. Harry Dean who was 27, of Chicago and Christopher who is 36 of California of them were arrested on ■■■ charges. Both of them were released after some time and they got the court date for the next year starting. For a month, the rapper was in the eyes of federal authorities when he was going to Australia which causes the search of his plane. Badazz also gave an interview in which he was threatening the pilot for violence. But after some time he was calm down and he stated the dangers of young artists when they are suddenly overwhelmed with money.

:arrow_right: The collaborators of Higgins i.e. Ski Mask the Slump God who was a very close friend of Higgins said on Twitter that “They keep taking my brothers from me”. He referred his best friend and longtime collaborator XXXTentaction, in June 2018 who was also shot and killed. Along with Lil Uzi Vert Drake, The Weeknd, and many others, Lil Yachty also mourned Higgins’s death. Lil Yachty was the one who remixed Higgins’s song “All girls are the same”.

:black_circle: Higgins mother reaction

:dizzy: Higgins’ mother expressed her thought that may his son’s legacy help many others in their battles with addictions as addiction knows no boundaries. Its effects are very dangerous. All of us should hope that the conversations that he had started in his songs would help someone in battling their fights as that is what he wanted more than anything. We all know about the legacy of Jarad i.e. love, joy, and emotional honesty will always live. After that Wallace also established live-free 999 funds in honor of his son and the battle that he fought for addiction, depression, and anxiety. The first goal of this fund is to support programs that target young and underserved populations. The organization will work on anxiety, addiction, and depression and normalize the talk about depression and mental challenges that Higgins had faced in the past.

:dizzy: The production team of Higgins and record label has contracted with the organizations to support all of them. In one of his songs i.e. which he dedicated to XXXTentacion Who was shot and killed in the mid of 2018 at age of 20. There was also a singer Lil Peep who was overdosed in the last of 2017, he died at the age of 21. Many of his fans and media people said that Higgins had predicted his own age as he had died after few days of his 21st birthday.

:black_circle: Frequently Asked questions

1.What does 999 mean juice?

Bible, that is the book of Christians. In this book, it has been stated that 666 is the sign of the ■■■■■. Juice Wrld also explained that “word 999 represents the taking of whatever wrong/ ■■■■, regardless of what bad conditions you are going through, whatever struggle you are doing in your life. you have the courage to turn these difficulties into positivity and use this positivity to push yourself forward in your life.

2. Why did Juice Wrld have a seizure?

As we all know that Juice Wrld was died because of an overdose of powerful painkillers, that he had accidentally taken. This was because Juice Wrld was traveling in his private jet. He had a huge amount of Drugs and three guns in his jet. Law enforcement officers somehow know that this jet contains illegal things. So they grasped them with their guns. Higgins took the unknown pills to hide them from these officers and police. So because of taking the unknown drug, Juice Wrld had a seizure first. When they bought him to the hospital he was found ■■■■.

3. Who snitched on Juice?

Boosie Badazz, who was the artist along with Higgins. He gave an interview to VLADTV after the death of Higgins. He was the one who blamed the pilot for Juice’s death. He said this because the pilot called the authorities that he had no connection with these drugs and was not aware of this after seeing the police with guns. He also claims that this plane contains firearms. That is why Boosie Badazz claimed that the pilot had snitched on Juice.

4. What was Juice Wrld’s net worth?

The net worth of Juice Wrld was 4 million dollars. Firstly he sang only on Sound Cloud and uploads all his songs over there. Then people started recognizing him as he sang quality songs. After this, he released many of his songs with collaborations and many of the songs were singles. Gradually, all of his songs ranked on US Billboard Hot 100 that leads him on the path of success. He is also the fourth most-streamed singer on Spotify.

5. Why did Starfire and Juice Wrld break up?

Starfire said in a video that Juice Wrld cheated on her as he was not loyal towards her. This video was firstly deleted and then after some time, it was re-uploaded. Higgins defended himself by saying that Starfire did not treat him well, she always mistreated him. Starfire said that Higgins was talking to some other girl and he had no excuses for his behavior. That is why both of them break up with each other.

6. What happened to Ally Lotti?

Ally Lotti suffered from a miscarriage after the death of Higgins. Ally Loti also said that she and Higgins worked very hard and this took a lot of pressure on her body and she became constantly sick because of this. Ally Lotti was the girlfriend of Higgins at the time of his death. Higgins was living with Ally Lotti in Los Angeles. When he was traveling from Los Angeles to Chicago, he was died because of taking an overdose of unknown pills.

7. What was Juice Wrld’s last word?

As there were many die-hard fans of Higgins, Higgins also loved them back. It is unclear what his clear word was before his death. This is because he was not in his senses because of an overdose of unknown pills. According to some people, his last words were “I love you all more than life itself”. He also expresses his feeling in all his songs. He had also stated about his depression and drug addiction because of anxiety. This is because he wanted to give his fans the courage of battling the fights.

8. Does Juice Wrld have official merch?

The official merchandise line of late Juice Wrld is 999 club. The rapper himself told that he names this merch as 999 clubs because this includes an inversion of 666. This merch is also known as ‘the mark of the ■■■■■’. This term is biblical and it specifies Satan. Juice Wrld himself said that the word 999 represents the turning into the positivity of whatever ill, regardless of what bad situations and what struggle you are going through. Juice Wrld also has the tattoo of the word 999 on his left wrist. Also, Juice Wrld thinks that the word 999 is a sign of good luck.

9. Did Juice Wrld have any tattoos?

Yes, Juice Wrld has a tattoo of the word 999 on his left wrist. 999 is the official merchandise store of Juice Wrld. Juice Wrld had also said that the word 999 represents good luck. It also brought him the courage and hope for turning my difficulties into happiness. So that is why he tattooed 999 on his wrist to bring happiness to his life.

10. When did XXXTentacion die?

On 18 June 2018 XXXTentacion died as he was shot and killed. Higgins was a very good friend of his. So he also dedicated a song called “Legends” to him. He was only 20 years old. Some of the fans and media reporters said that Higgins had also predicted his own age as he has died at the age of 21. Just after the few days of his 21st birthday.


Juice Wrld’s real name was Jarad Anthony Higgins. He is an American singer and songwriter. He sang many famous songs named as Wishing Well, Robbery, Lean Wit Me, Lucid Dreams, Smile, Godzilla, Come & Go, Righteous, Hear Me Calling, Empty, Conversations, Bad Boy, Life’s a Mess, All Girls Are The Same, Hide, Moonlight, Hate The Other Side and many more. Juice Wrld merch is the store for hoodies, T-shirts, and pants. These hoodies are of very good quality. Juice Wrld got popular at a very young age. He was also addicted to drugs from a very young age. This addiction became the cause of his death. He was died because of the seizure-induced by acute oxycodone and codeine intoxication. Juice Wrld Merch is made by his team members and family to remember him in the eyes of his fans.

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