Definition of Anxiety:

  1. Being in a psychological state of concern, nervousness or worry. This can come from a variety of factors, such as fear of losing a job, financial troubles, or relationship problems.

  2. A feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.

Synonyms of Anxiety

Worry, Concern, Apprehension, Apprehensiveness, Consternation, Uneasiness, Unease, Fearfulness, Fear, Disquiet, Disquietude, Perturbation, Fretfulness, Agitation, Angst, Nervousness, Nerves, Edginess, Tension, Tenseness, Stress, Misgiving, Trepidation, Foreboding, Suspense, Abstraction, Abulia, Ache, Ado, Alacrity, Alienation, All-overs, Angst, Anguish, Animation, Annoyance, Anxiety equivalent, Anxiety state, Anxiousness, Apathy, Appetite, Apprehension, Apprehensiveness, Avidity, Avidness, Besetment, Boredom, Bother, Breathless impatience, Can of worms, Catatonic stupor, Chafing, Cheerful readiness, Cheerlessness, Cliff-hanging, Compulsion, Concern, Concernment, Dejection, Depression, Desire, Detachment, Disadvantage, Discomfort, Discomposure, Discontent, Dislike, Displeasure, Disquiet, Disquietude, Dissatisfaction, Distress, Doubt, Dread, Dullness, Eagerness, Elan, Elation, Emotionalism, Emptiness, Ennui, Euphoria, Evil, Excitement, Existential woe, Expectant waiting, Flatness, Folie du doute, Foreboding, Forwardness, Fretfulness, Fretting, Great ado, Grimness, Gust, Gusto, Haste, Headache, Hypochondria, Hysteria, Hysterics, Impatience, Impatientness, Impetuousness, Inconvenience, Indifference, Inquietude, Insensibility, Joylessness, Keen desire, Keenness, Lack of pleasure, Lather, Lethargy, Life, Liveliness, Longing, Malaise, Mania, Matter, Melancholia, Mental distress, Misery, Misgiving, Mistrust, Nausea, Nervousness, Nongratification, Nonsatisfaction, Obsession, Painfulness, Panic, Pathological indecisiveness, Peck of troubles, Pessimism, Preoccupation, Problem, Promptness, Psychalgia, Psychomotor disturbance, Qualm, Qualmishness, Quickness, Readiness, Restiveness, Restlessness, Savorlessness, Sea of troubles, Solicitude, Spirit, Spleen, Staleness, Stew, Stupor, Suffering, Suspense, Sweat, Tastelessness, Tediousness, Tedium, Tense readiness, Thirst, Tic, Trouble, Twitching, Uncertainty, Uncomfortableness, Unease, Uneasiness, Unhappiness, Unpatientness, Unpleasure, Unquietness, Unresponsiveness, Unsatisfaction, Verve, Vexation of spirit, Vitality, Vivacity, Waiting, Withdrawal, Worry, Zest, Zestfulness

How to use Anxiety in a sentence?

  1. He felt a surge of anxiety.

Meaning of Anxiety & Anxiety Definition

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