Definition of South:

  1. Below (a particular amount, cost, etc.).

  2. To or toward the south.

  3. Move toward the south.

  4. Lying toward, near, or facing the south.

  5. The player sitting opposite and partnering North.

  6. The southern part of the world or of a specified country, region, or town.

  7. Of or denoting the southern part of a specified area, city, or country or its inhabitants.

  8. The direction toward the point of the horizon 90° clockwise from east, or the point on the horizon itself.

  9. Collective term for the developing countries most of whom are situated to the south of the developed countries (the North).

Synonyms of South

Dixie, Dixieland, Down East, East, East Coast, Middle Atlantic, Middle West, New England, North, North Central region, Northeast, Northwest, Pacific Northwest, S, South, Southeast, Southwest, Sunbelt, West, West Coast, Yankeeland, Antarctic, Arctic, Austral, Boreal, Cardinal points, Compass card, Compass rose, Degrees, East, Eastbound, Easterly, Eastermost, Eastern, Easternmost, Eastland, Eastward, Half points, Hyperborean, Lubber line, Meridional, North, Northbound, Northeast, Northeasterly, Northeastern, Northerly, Northern, Northernmost, Northland, Northward, Northwest, Northwesterly, Northwestern, Occident, Occidental, Orient, Oriental, Quarter points, Rhumb, South about, Southbound, Southeast, Southeasterly, Southeastern, Southerly, Southern, Southernmost, Southward, Southwardly, Southwards, Southwest, Southwesterly, Southwestern, Sunrise, Sunset, The Coast, West, Westbound, Westerly, Western, Westernmost, Westland, Westward, Wild West, Southern, Southerly, Southwardly, Meridional, Antarctic, Polar, To the south, Southward, Southwards, Southwardly

How to use South in a sentence?

  1. The south coast.
  2. Telegraph Hill in South Boston.
  3. He was staying in the south of France.
  4. Souths hand did not look right for a rebid in no trumps.
  5. The breeze came from the south.
  6. They journeyed south along the valley.

Meaning of South & South Definition