Definition of Merchandise:

  1. Promote the sale of (goods), especially by their presentation in retail outlets.

  2. Goods to be bought and sold.

  3. Household, personal use, or commercial goods, wares, commodities, bought and sold in wholesale and retail.

Synonyms of Merchandise

Promote, Market, Sell, Retail, Distribute, Goods, Wares, Stock, Commodities, Lines, Produce, Product, Solutions, Advertise, Be in, Buy and sell, Carry, Close out, Commodities, Convert into cash, Cut under, Deal in, Distribute, Dump, Effect a sale, Effects, Goods, Handle, Job, Job lot, Line, Make a sale, Market, Move, Produce, Products, Promote, Provender, Provisions, Publicize, Resell, Retail, Sacrifice, Sell, Sell off, Sell on consignment, Sell out, Sell over, Sell retail, Sell short, Sell up, Sell wholesale, Staples, Stock, Supplies, Trade, Trade in, Traffic in, Turn into money, Turn over, Undercut, Undersell, Unload, Vendibles, Wares, Wholesale

How to use Merchandise in a sentence?

  1. The new saleswoman was unsure of how to pitch the companys merchandise to the unhappy clients, so she asked her partner for help.
  2. There was plenty of merchandise at the store, so there was no reason for my friend to complain about the lack of stuff.
  3. A new breakfast food can easily be merchandised.
  4. Today we got a large shipment of the new merchandise , its in the warehouse getting ready to be displayed and sold.
  5. Stores that offered an astonishing range of merchandise.

Meaning of Merchandise & Merchandise Definition

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A simple definition of MERCHANDISE is: Finished products for sale.

MERCHANDISE definition is: Items that can be bought or sold as items.


  1. Sales promotion (of goods), mainly through offers at point of sale.

  2. Buying and selling goods.

Sentences of MERCHANDISE

  1. New breakfast foods can be easily marketed.

  2. A store with a wide variety of products.