Definition of Violence:

  1. Physical force unlawfully exercised toward property and/or persons, causing or intending to cause damage or injury. In some jurisdictions, overt or covert threats are considered also acts of violence.

  2. Behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something.

Synonyms of Violence

Brutality, Brute force, Roughness, Ferocity, Fierceness, Savagery, Cruelty, Sadism, Barbarity, Barbarousness, Brutishness, Murderousness, Bloodthirstiness, Ruthlessness, Inhumanity, Heartlessness, Pitilessness, Mercilessness, Alecto, Megaera, Nemesis, Tisiphone, Abuse, Acerbity, Acidity, Acridity, Acrimony, Agitability, Animality, Argumentum baculinum, Assault, Astringency, Atrociousness, Atrocity, Attack, Barbarity, Barbarousness, Beastliness, Bestiality, Bite, Bitterness, Bloodiness, Bloodlust, Bloodthirst, Bloodthirstiness, Bloody-mindedness, Brutality, Brutalness, Brute force, Brutishness, Burning rage, Cannibalism, Causticity, Clash, Coercion, Combustibility, Compulsion, Constraint, Cruelness, Cruelty, Damage, Destructiveness, Distort, Do violence to, Duress, Edge, Edginess, Emotional instability, Emotionalism, Energy, Eruptiveness, Excitability, Excitableness, Explosiveness, Ferociousness, Ferocity, Fiendishness, Fierceness, Foul, Frenzy, Furious rage, Furor, Fury, Grip, Harm, Harshness, High pressure, Ill-treatment, Ill-usage, Ill-use, Inflammability, Inhumaneness, Inhumanity, Injure, Injury, Intensity, Intimidation, Irascibility, Irritability, Keenness, Latent violence, Maltreatment, Might, Mightiness, Mistreatment, Molestation, Mordacity, Mordancy, Murderousness, Nervousness, Outrage, Passion, Perturbability, Physical force, Poignancy, Point, Power, Pressure, Prickliness, Rage, Rigor, Roughness, Ruthlessness, Sadism, Sadistic cruelty, Sanguineousness, Savagery, Sensitivity, Severity, Sharpness, Skittishness, Startlishness, Sting, Strength, Stridency, Stringency, Strong-arm tactics, Tartness, Tearing passion, Teeth, Tempestuousness, The Erinyes, The Eumenides, The Furies, The big stick, The bludgeon, The club, The jackboot, The mailed fist, The strong arm, The sword, Touchiness, Towering rage, Trenchancy, Truculence, Twist, Uproar, Vandalism, Vehemence, Viciousness, Vigor, Violation, Virulence, Wanton cruelty, Warp, Wildness

How to use Violence in a sentence?

  1. The most serious incidents include criminal damage and violence against people.

Meaning of Violence & Violence Definition