Definition of Project:

  1. Projection on a flat surface (earth, sky, etc.).

  2. Individual or collaborative efforts carefully planned to achieve a specific goal.

  3. Present or promote (a special exhibition or image).

  4. State subsidized housing with relatively low rent.

  5. Draw straight lines parallel to the center line or to each point (of a specific image) to create a suitable image on the surface or line by cutting the surface.

  6. A series of interconnected tasks should be performed over a period of time and at a specific cost and other limits.

  7. Spread out everything that stands out

  8. Move the game forward or backward.

  9. Estimates or predictions (of something) based on current trends or statistics.

Synonyms of Project

Resolution, Overhang, Dope out, Work out, Lay plans, Circumambulate, Gauge, Activity, Operation, Approach, Time ahead, Task, Jut out, Impersonate, Cut out, Meaning, Range, Determinism, Animus, Look forward to, Programme, Demonstrate, Beetle, Plan, Pout, Frame, Exploit, Motive, The morrow, Vision, Personify, Scenario, Describe, Emprise, Extend, Extrapolate, Bristle up, Toss, Embody, Image, Contrive, Be fated, Need no explanation, Draw on, Foresight, Matters in hand, The future, Resolve, Work, Hereafter, By-and-by, Enterprise, Effort, Fire, Methodize, Be after, Extend, Be no secret, Launch, Homework, Harbor a design, Posteriority, Visualize, Striving, Prefigure, Intent, The sweet by-and-by, Threaten, Odd job, Shoot up, Counsel, Ambition, Shout, Campaign, Incarnate, Attempt, Throw, Pretypify, Cast, Probability, Illustrate, Promote, Foretell, Toss, Mooch, Stick out, Launch, Diagram, Effect, Offing, Layout, Extrude, Calculate, Hang over, Affair, Go for, Make a projection, Program, Cast, Propel, Meander, Draw up, Cock up, Propose, Crystal ball, Chuck, Job of work, Forecast, Strike the eye, Blueprint, Go without saying, Lap over, Be manifest, Adventure, Deal, Outline, Busywork, Impend, Pouch, Reckon, Afteryears, Shoot, Venture, Venture, Envisage, Show, Envision, Foreshadow, Scheme, Aspire after, Immediate prospect, Start up, Work up, Charge, Await, Predict, Be destined, Fling, Plan, Draft, Glare, Jut, Rationalize, Propel, Destine, Lob, Lob, Stick up, Fling, Fixed purpose, Expect, Strategy, Aim, Proposal, Mirror, Matter, Conceive, Chare, Plot, Contemplate, Hurl, Stand out, Purport, Shadow, Desideratum, Discharge, Estimate, Imminence, Hang over, Concert, Anticipate, Idea, Hope, Determine, Assignment, Schedule, Plan of action, Determination, Delineate, Outlook, Course ahead, Stick out, Shadow forth, Future, Present, Reckon, Realize, Communicate, Expect, Feature, Foresee, Systematize, Put forth, Drive at, Invent, Commitment, Objectify, Thrust out, Lengthen, Put forward, Futurity, Protrude, Mean, Hang out, Intention, Jut out, Impend over, Stint, Exteriorize, Imagine, Game plan, Estimate, Poke out, Thrust over, See, Fish to fry, Aim at, Point, Present, Personate, Predict, Prearrange, Project over, Aller sans dire, Will, Design, Undertaking, Poke out, Concoct, Prophesy, Piece of work, Think up, Extrapolate, Forecast, Purpose, Hurl, Figure, Contract, Screen, Distant future, Organize, Stray, Enterprise, Be to come, Desire, Near future, Aspiration, Nisus, Engagement, Chore, View, Exemplify, Throw, Eventuality, Business, Shoot, Intend, Shoot out, Come on, Drift, Proposition, Blast off, Devise, Jut, Ramble, Intendment, Service, Aspire to, Function, Be to be, Straggle, Job, Externalize, Set up, Errand, Study, Sake, Chart, Protuberate, Thing, Traject, Prediction, Think, Prolong, Plan ahead, Projection, Tomorrow, Obligation, Transmit, Overhang, Calculate, Lie ahead, Arrange, Make-work, Come across, Adumbrate, Draw near, Loom, Undertaking, Convey, Commission, Expectation, Prepare, Make arrangements, Labor, Time just ahead, Speak for itself, Concern, Duty, Scheme, Time to come, Have every intention, Things to do, Schematize, Forward look, Operation, Come, Mission, Exercise, Cook up, Desideration, Body forth, Actualize, Cantilever, Discharge, Immediate future, Stand out, Conjure up, Extend out, Sauter aux yeux, Prospect, Put over, Bulge out, Be imminent, Feat, Protrude, Shape, Ride over, Reflect, Look for, Put across, Jaculate, Prospectus, Obtrude, Gest, Poke, Futurism, Aftertime, Mind, Near, Future tense, Occupation, Activity, Prophecy, Rove

How to use Project in a sentence?

  1. Preparing financial statements is a huge project, but as each department struggles with specific individual assignments, CEO Alan Smith is confident it will be completed on time.
  2. His family is still working on the project.
  3. I saw a sheet of paper coming out of the book.
  4. Try to present a picture of the young man.
  5. A research project.
  6. You can think of a project as a task that must be completed before the deadline. In reality, however, it is a series of small tasks that lead to success.
  7. The cost is estimated at $ 72 million.
  8. The team did not complete the project on time because a programmer left the company and failed to find an immediate replacement.
  9. The seeds are offered from the tree.

Meaning of Project & Project Definition