Definition of Attribute:

  1. A piece of information which determines the properties of a field or tag in a database or a string of characters in a display.

  2. A real property which a statistical analysis is attempting to describe.

  3. Regard something as being caused by (someone or something).

  4. An attributive adjective or noun.

  5. Engineering: A visual but nondimensional characteristic that is quantified by applying a numerical scale (such as Likert Scale) between the two extreme values, such as acceptable-not acceptable, good-bad, or satisfactory-unsatisfactory.

  6. Marketing: A characteristic or feature of a product that is thought to appeal to customers. Attributes usually represent a manufacturers or a sellers perspective and not necessarily that of a customer. Attributes of instant coffee, for example, may include its aroma, flavor, color, caffeine content, packaging and presentation, price, shelf-life, source, etc. Attributes have only two possible ratings (negative or positive) expressed as acceptable or unacceptable, desirable or undesirable, good or bad, etc.

  7. Statistics: A characteristic of a system for which numerical measurements cannot be made and therefore (irrespective of its importance) cannot be treated as a variable in quantitative analysis.

  8. A quality or feature regarded as a characteristic or inherent part of someone or something.

Synonyms of Attribute

Quality, Feature, Characteristic, Trait, Element, Aspect, Property, Hallmark, Mark, Distinction, Sign, Telltale sign, Sure sign, IC analysis, Account for, Accredit, Accredit with, Accrete to, Acknowledge, Affection, Apply, Apply to, Appositive, Aroma, Ascribe, Ascribe to, Assign, Assign to, Attach, Attach to, Attribute to, Attributive, Badge, Blame, Blame for, Blame on, Brand, Bring home to, Cachet, Calendar, Cast, Character, Characteristic, Charge, Charge on, Charge to, Chronologize, Complement, Confess, Configuration, Connect with, Construction modifier, Credit, Credit with, Cut, Cutting, Date, Deep structure, Differentia, Differential, Direct object, Distinctive feature, Earmark, Emblem, Fasten upon, Father upon, Feature, Figure, Filler, Fix on, Fix upon, Flavor, Form-function unit, Function, Give, Gust, Hallmark, Hang on, Idiocrasy, Idiosyncrasy, Immediate constituent analysis, Impress, Impression, Impute, Impute to, Index, Indirect object, Individualism, Keynote, Lay, Lay to, Levels, Lineaments, Mannerism, Mark, Marking, Modifier, Mold, Nature, Object, Odor, Particularity, Peculiarity, Phrase structure, Pin on, Pinpoint, Place, Place upon, Point to, Predicate, Property, Put, Qualifier, Quality, Quirk, Ranks, Refer, Refer to, Saddle on, Saddle with, Savor, Seal, Set down to, Settle upon, Shallow structure, Shape, Singularity, Slot, Slot and filler, Smack, Specialty, Stamp, Strata, Structure, Subject, Surface structure, Syntactic analysis, Syntactic structure, Syntactics, Syntax, Tagmeme, Taint, Tang, Taste, Token, Trace to, Trait, Trick, Underlying structure, Virtue, Word arrangement, Word order, Ascribe, Assign, Accredit, Credit, Impute, Allot, Allocate

How to use Attribute in a sentence?

  1. The destination of the alias is stored in the maildrop attribute.
  2. The marketing campaign highlighted the attribute that they believed would convince the most potential consumers to purchase the product.
  3. Nest attributes used in the statistical analyses were measured at the start of the first film.
  4. Flexibility and mobility are the key attributes of our army.
  5. His best attribute was that he was able to forget rejection and go up to the next girl he saw at the bar over and over again.
  6. He attributed the firms success to the efforts of the managing director.
  7. Most scientists and the general public attribute the rising tides and global temperature raising to humans industry, and CO2 emissions.

Meaning of Attribute & Attribute Definition