Definition of Nominate:

  1. Propose or formally enter as a candidate for election or for an honor or award.

  2. Denoting a race or subspecies that is given the same epithet as the species to which it belongs, for example, Homo sapiens sapiens.

  3. To propose for election or honor, or authorize or designate for an office, position, or role.

  4. Specify (something) formally, typically the date or place for an event.

Synonyms of Nominate

Appoint, Assign, Back, Back up, Baptize, Call, Choose, Christen, Define, Denominate, Designate, Dub, Elect, Endorse, Entitle, Finger, Forward, Identify, Intend, Label, Make, Mean, Name, Name for office, Nickname, Offer, Ordain, Ordinate, Present, Proffer, Propose, Purpose, Put forth, Put forward, Put up, Recommend, Run, Run for office, Select, Specify, Style, Submit, Suggest, Support, Tab, Tag, Tap, Tender, Term, Title, Vote, Propose, Put forward, Put up, Submit, Present, Recommend, Suggest, Name, Specified, Designated, Identified, Cited, Given, Mentioned, Selected, Nominated, Chosen, Singled out

How to use Nominate in a sentence?

  1. The nominate race and two subspecies occur.
  2. A day was nominated for the exchange of contracts.
  3. The film was nominated for several Oscars.

Meaning of Nominate & Nominate Definition