Definition of Success:

  1. Completion of an action within a certain period of time or within certain parameters. Success also means achieving goals or attaining goals. Success can be extended to the whole project or limited to one component of the project or work. This can be done at work or in someone's personal life. For example, if a person's personal goal is to be accepted into a new career, then success will come after that person is formally accepted into a new job.

  2. Achieve a goal or purpose.

  3. Conversational term for a person who reaches his personal, financial or professional goals. It can also be used to describe a person who has more things (money or other necessities) than other people. For example, a professional athlete can be considered a success.

Synonyms of Success

Tom show, Pushover, Security, Subdual, Stage play, Burlesque show, Clover, Excellence, Performance, Pastoral, Carrying out, Go, Bed of roses, Incomparability, Miracle play, Fulfillment, Triumph, Virtuosity, Audience success, Soap, Weal, Extravaganza, Velvet, Dramatic series, Victory, Charade, Happiness, Easy circumstances, Daytime serial, Flop, Play, Prestige, Failure, Panel show, Victory, Variety show, Vaudeville show, Attainment, Fruition, Closet drama, Realization, Suspense drama, Favourable outcome, Morality, Discharge, Consummation, Improvisational drama, Favourable result, Legitimate drama, Precedence, Broadcast drama, Preponderance, Accomplished fact, Prepotency, Preeminence, Easy victory, Sensational play, Favor, Greatness, Passion play, Successful outcome, Sociodrama, Positive result, Championship, Monodrama, Situation comedy, Grand Guignol, Tableau, Word-of-mouth success, Comedy drama, Vaudeville, Giveaway, Priority, Win, Achievement, Serial, Winning, The good life, Conquest, Walkover, Felicity, Work, Antimasque, KO, Prosperousness, Talk show, Comfort, Music drama, Piece, Miracle, Welfare, Gracious life, Winning streak, Minstrel show, Ascendancy, Stage show, Victor, Television drama, Morality play, Pantomime, Dispatch, Comer, Star, Runaway victory, Vehicle, Pageant, Epic theater, Skill, Critical success, Easy Street, Well-being, Cliff hanger, Grand slam, Knockout, Soap opera, Pyrrhic victory, Arrival, Triumph, Winner, Luxury, Effectuation, Masque, Teleplay, Deanship, Spectacle, Gasser, Upward mobility, Sitcom, Revue, Lead, One-upmanship, Dialogue, Execution, Radio drama, Sensation, Tableau vivant, Experimental theater, Musical revue, Melodrama, Fleshpots, Straight drama, Psychodrama, Big name, Hit, Prerogative, Total theater, Predomination, Transcendence, Theater of cruelty, Duologue, Implementation, Predominance, Documentary drama, Gracious living, Majority, Landslide victory, Drama, Ballet, Lap of luxury, Bomb, Right-of-way, Problem play, Celebrity, Television play, Review, Wealth, Monologue, Show, Quiz show, Affluence, Ease, Thriving condition, Mission accomplished, Dramatic play, Do, Loaves and fishes, Hit show, Landslide, Good fortune, Prepotence, Privilege, Sketch, Inimitability, Fait accompli, Opera, Playlet, Walkaway, Moral victory, Transcendency, Mystery, Happening, Seniority, Subduing, Superiority, Duodrama, Prosperity, Total victory, Accomplishment, Life of ease, The affluent life, Dramalogue, Mystery play, Production, Mastery, Picnic, Successfulness, Cadmean victory, Skit, Pastoral drama

How to use Success in a sentence?

  1. Fundraising by over 30% in the first five days of the initial target was a major achievement.
  2. To keep employees happy and satisfied, it is important to reward their hard work and success.
  3. The president managed to regain his confidence.
  4. When Adam told me how good his offer was during the meeting, I told him he should be very proud of his success.

Meaning of Success & Success Definition

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