8 Must-try Desserts in Mumbai

Being the great place that it is, Mumbai has a lot of cafes and restaurants that serve delicious food and unique eatables. From great Italian food to amazing french desserts, you name it you can get it all in this city. And when talking about desserts, I for one always have room for some extra dessert. And when there are so many options in front of you, it might be a difficult task to land upon the perfect dessert.

Here are some of the very few desserts that you cannot miss out on if you are from Mumbai. The list is in no particular order or ranking. Each of the desserts mentioned in this article has its own speciality to it. So sit back and add these items into your food list.

1. 24 layered chocolate cake

This place in Mulund named The bake room serves a great variety of decent and tasty food. But what it is mostly famous for is the 24 layered chocolate cake that they serve which is a spongy and good amount of chocolaty. It is so much more than what you could expect from a chocolate cake. This place has a simple and clean interior. They also have some board games and cards which can help you kill some time and enjoy with your friends.

2. Macaroons!

Le15 Patisserie, the place having its outlets in Bandar and Collabra serves some amazing variety of desserts. They have one of if not the best French macaroons in the whole town. Their hazelnut and dark chocolate macaroon is something you can not miss out on. They also have some pretty amazing other flavors like pan, rose, lavender, pasta, and more. Not only do they serve great macaroons, but they also serve cupcakes and brownies as well and they are amazingly scrumptious.

3. Charcoal ice cream

Speaking of unique desserts, this might be the most unique of all. Yes, an all-black ice cream! Black phone, black clothes, black wallet, why not a black ice-cream? It is as tasty and amazing as it sounds. This is a charcoal-infused chocolate flavored ice cream, served in an all-black cone. This delectable ice cream is a must-try for the dessert lovers out there. You can try this out in ice cream factories having its outlets in various places of Mumbai including Mulund, Thane and Bandar.!

4. Chimney cones

The chimney cones originated in Hungary and have been famous ever since in many European countries. And it didn’t take long enough for it to reach India. The place called the Budapest bakehouse is located in Khar near the Khar social and opposite Hoppipola. They serve a variety of chimney cones which include the veg and the non-veg options. Not only that, they also have options for desserts. The dark knight chimney cone that they serve is just so tasty that anyone could devour it alone. The cone is served with chocolate ice cream on top having brownie pieces.

5. Cheesecakes

It would be unfair to make a list of top desserts and not mention cheesecakes, don’t you think? People who don’t like cheesecakes clearly haven’t tried the good ones because there is no way

that someone in their right mind would dislike a good cheesecake. The best ones to try out in Mumbai are- ‘ The warm Cheesecake’ from The salt water café and the cheesecake from the pizza express. They just melt in your mouth leaving you short of words to describe how heavenly it is!

6 . K. Rustoms’ ice cream!

If you are from Mumbai and have not heard about this place, what rock have you been living under? This ice cream shop located in Church gate is the oldest ice cream parlor in the whole city. It is about 60-65 years old. It is not a fancy place as you would think it is but the ice cream that you will get will surely make you revisit to try other delectable and distinctive flavors. They have many flavors ranging from coffee to pan. They serve it with thin wafer biscuits on both the sides making it an ice cream sandwich.

7. Bharatiyo ka swagat.

This dessert is as unique and different look-wise as the name sounds. It is a sight for sore eyes. It has a chocolate cake on the bottom which is frosted with brown and rust gold colored chocolate cream and that cake has a smooth jelly on top of it. This dessert comes with candy floss on top of the cake wrapped around some edible sticks. HICHKI is the place you can get to try this delicious dessert. It has its branches in BKC, Bandra and in Thane.

8. Chikki and Kulfi sundae

The Union Bar and Restaurant situated in Vashi is quite famous for its food. Well, we can assure you that they also serve great desserts. The Chikki and kulfi sundae is everything that you would expect from a dessert. The base layer was full of fresh fruits which had small pieces of chikkis and on top of it was a full layer of heavenly kulfi. Three ice creams of different flavors were put on top of that. This combination was so good and every ingredient just complimented the other. This dessert was delish and fulfilling at the same time.