April Zodiac sign

The April zodiac sign is Aries which always gives the energetic and fiery vibes. Its attributes just speak of the symbol it holds, Fire! It is no doubt the first sign of the zodiac list and does not stay behind in life also and tries to take it from front. The energy and passion ignites it and drives all the spirit to be at its best. It does not spare a minute to sit in idleness and be the victim of boredom. The vigour inside keeping pouring in more fuel to keep going. Thus it excels in every tasks it puts itself into. No wonder it justifies the Fire.

Speaking of the basic characteristics April Zodiac Sign holds are that its placement in the calendar is from March 21 to April 19. The element belonging to the sign is Fire. Its quality is Cardinal and colour is Red. Its lucky day is Tuesday while the ruling planet it holds is Mars. Talking about compatibility then Leo and Libra are well suited and like minded fellows. Lucky numbers for them are 1, 8 and 17.

What are the traits of April Zodiac Sign?

Aries come as the first sign in the list of zodiacs. The year according to equinox start at the beginning of spring and so the sign Aries is placed at the beginning. The sign just does not stop. It refuses to just sit around and conserve the energies rather it would just go out there in the world and put up all their vitality. They not only just start the zodiacs but they have brought the spin of energy as well to them and beginning with such a vigour pushes others as well.

All the energies they have for the world is best utilised in leading them. They will take up the charge. Initiate things and will never hold back. Even their active nature keeps them so much on their toes that they can step into something blind as well. This can bring certain disadvantages also. But well this is part of the job.

The valour comes with impeccable multi taking as well. Their working will quite often be seeing doing more than one task. All that with super organisational skills. So time management and finishing of task in the smooth flow is just nothing that hard. They embrace challenges to vent out the power they hold within. They will nail the collective tasks with brilliant teamwork and flourish the togetherness. It will be common for them going against the odds to achieve their goals.

April zodiac sign is the leader and the part of the body they govern is the head symbolising the beginning of everything. This represents their focus and speed. So anything coming in way can be dealt with because they are risk takers. Their bravery and youthful strength is not age bound. They will be seen very less often being scared of anything.

What does the symbol Ram signify?

There is a story to go with this symbol Ram. Aries have these qualities of valour and passion in them because their symbol ram asserts them too. Typically this animal is known for having this heavy fleece on them which helps in making apparel that keep people warm. This is their spirit as well that they give away piece of themselves to others for their good. No wonder the story also signifies that ram holds the weak and freedom seekers on their back to give them strength and power which they need. These are those animals shine like a star and consider the fact mandatory that they have give something to the world. Be it a position or physical strength. They will serve the world in any form. It is their belief that to get something from others first you have to give otherwise the natural flow will be disturbed and the world will be in mayhem.

What do Aries exhibit in a relationship?

The greatest compatibility found for Aries is with that of Libra and Leo. This means if they are paired with any of these two then they will flourish a good relationship. It not necessary in every case but this is at least what the stars say.

April zodiac signs are energetic so they need to give and get the same energy with their partner as well. They take the initiative in everything likewise in love as well they will be the first ones to shower their emotional intimacy. Their giving in a relation can sometimes be more than necessary without caring about the fact that if they will be getting something in return or not. Loving and romancing has to be adventurous. But this can go to an extreme that the love will seem to be related to getting pleasure only and materialistic.

Libra is their love companion who are tactful, calculated and diplomatic which is totally opposite to Aries. They need the passion and excitement in their relation. Sometimes this need for adrenaline is so much that Aries will not focus on their partner rather the need of having the fervour, zeal or warmth. This will become more than a need. This may seems that Aries are authoritative enough to exercise their own rules but actually they are the ones who give away lot as well.

What is Aries relation with their friends and family?

Their friendships are respectful of others. They regard the differences people have with them and give then the space to grow. They love to have new people and experiences around them. Always dynamic and exhibiting warmth in their relation with admiration. They like to keep their circle of friends and acquaintances as big as possible. After which they come across different opinions as well which only invoked in them that there are different kind of people out there. They are outgoing by nature so making friends is not a problem for them because of their excellent communication. They however will cut out people also if they find them to be dishonest. Their long term friendship will be with those who come at equal levels of energy and bravery

Family is an important aspect of life but due to the outgoing nature of Aries they start getting away from their family. Especially when it comes to restrictions getting from their family then they will show anger and frustration. They only want their energies to be utilised in the outer world. As children they can give some tough times because they will not want to be controlled. If they are part of a liberal family provided with all the space they need only then their terms with their loved ones will be smooth sailing. But if this is not the case then it cannot be said that they will distance themselves. Whenever it will come if family they will show all their passion and dedication for them fulfilling all the responsibilities.

What are Aries in jobs and careers?

This is one aspect of their life where they shine the brightest. All their qualities are just meant for their careers where they exercise their strengths, energies and bravery. They tend to be excellent in their jobs with their creativity and innovation. They will be found staying a step ahead of others with their planning. Exhibiting the leadership qualities they shall give orders than to receive them. This is not exerting authority but because they are quick witted and come to a solution quickly in unlikely situations as well.

In order to excel they just need to walk on their chosen path. Guided by their ambition they will certainly leave a mark. This is why they are encouraged by competition which moves them forward. Although financial decisions can be bad because they are future oriented rather live in present. They do tend to save money but spending them also gives them pleasure. Still the April Zodiac sign knows how to compensate for the money and can earn them back.

What is the compatibility of Aries with other stars?

Aries are short tempered. It would be rare that they will put up a fight but they can also forget. However the tantrum at the moment are hard to handle. Attributing these to the fire sign they can go along well with air signs.

Best matches


A vibrant relationship can be expected. They can share a curious nature because they will both love to explore and learn together


Sagittarius is also a sign full of energy. They can both have a harmonious and fun relation.


Leos enjoy being the centre of attention and enjoy the spotlight but then this is what Aries also want so in order to have a sound relation both will have to share the lime light to make it more adventurous

Worst matches


Aries like to lead and they will do it as mandatory for themselves. Virgo also being perfectionist can be critical and bring about clashes


Capricorn also have leadership skills and can come into conflict easily.


Taurus are careful and slow paced and cannot keep up with the energy of Aries thus making the relationship almost impossible. For example in money matters Taurus spend less while Aries are spendthrift.

Aries are furious and getting into a relationship with them is hard to bear with then. But once the harmony is established they can be perfect.

What are zodiac sings modalities?

The zodiac signs are divided into three modalities. These signify the vibes each and every sign holds and they are categorised into

  • Cardinal

  • Fixed

  • Mutable

Each of the sign contains certain traits and qualities. These signs have different layers and aspects. Knowing the horoscope is not enough. In the astrology world there are many other different things associated with signs that determine the traits and personalities of individuals. Modalities are one of them to go with.

Cardinal signs

Aries, Libra, Capricorn and Cancer have Cardinal modality. This implies to the beginning of the season for each sign. This is depicted in their personalities as well as they will initiate and lead. They all have a vision and show their dynamic attitude everywhere. For them it is their target to achieve the impossible and they will be jotting down plans for it. The four signs do share the commonality of leadership but their areas of utilising them is different. They will for bigger goals but on their way they may start showing inconsistency. So to avoid them and get to the target they need to be paired with a fixed sign for a smooth sailing.

Fixed sign

Fixed signs are fixated or stubborn, Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo and Taurus. They are immovable. In the zodiac world they are the doers. Really efficiently they can implement the ideas which are invoked in them by the Cardinals. Their vision is only as limited by others. They exhibit constant energy in them and like things the way they are. Their ideas for change are none. There will be no shifts in the plans or goals rather their sticking to one task show their loyalty. The setback is that sometimes they can stubborn for no reasons with no flexibility what so ever. But having a fixed sign ensures loyalty and trustworthiness

Mutable sign

Pisces, Sagittarius, Virgo and Gemini have mutable modality. These signs cone at the end of the seasons. These changes make them modified to changes and adapt to the variations comfort. Coming at the end makes them the ones which are finishing the tasks. They are natural in knowing about the change and ready to act accordingly. However confusion hovers around when they take many angles of a thing and this changing perspective only puzzles them. They are wise and the time they are spending with others they are actually absorbing their qualities and may start acting like them. Being non-judgmental makes them much wittier than other signs. Believing that change is constant they can lead their life with any kind of circumstances and people.

What is the effect of planets on zodiac signs?

It is no surprise that planets have an effect on each zodiac sign. Their movement gives signs for what the horoscope will be. The entire solar system and stars are parts of the astrology. For them they are more than just celestial bodies. Their presence in the solar system means a-lot. They will include Moon, Sun, Planets and Stars. When we talk about these bodies then they are all planets. Although in astronomy the sun and the moon are not planets. Sun is a star and moon is a satellite but for astrologers they are both planets for them having different effects on the zodiac signs henceforth the personalities and daily horoscope of the people. A special term used for sun and moon in astrology are called luminaries.

In the astrological terms these are all character. These characters have different vibes, personalities, interests, goals and jobs. In this science however the earth is not considered a planet being part of the celestial bodies because that is where we reside. In astronomy Pluto is considered a dwarf which means a celestial body that just came wandering from outside and feel into our solar system because if the gravitational force. But astrology still considers it a planet. Moon and sun are luminaries. Mars, Venus and Mercury are known as the inner planets. As compared to other planets these inner planets and the luminaries move at the faster pace which has a different effect on the minor issues if life. This movement from a vintage point called earth.

Saturn and Jupiter are the planets called transpersonal planets and social planets because of their effect on the interpersonal issues of life. Some would refer these also as the inner planets or outer planets for them falling in the middle.

Pluto, Neptune and Uranus are called the outer planets. Their movement as compared to the other planets is slower due to which they impact the bigger parts of life which will govern the societal aspects as well.

There are further two categories called benefic and malefic. The ones called benefic mean that their vibes are really good. This includes Venus and Jupiter. On the other hand malefic for Mars and Saturn mean destructive energies and are tougher planets which may sound disastrous but actually is needed.

How to know the effect of planets on zodiac signs?

In order to know the effect of planets on the zodiac signs depends upon their placement in astrology at a particular time. Their energies are directed differently at different places and time. This can be understood as putting a filter over a photo. The actual picture remains the same but the way we look at it is different. The position of these planets can be found out through the birth chart. There are twelve zodiac signs and twelve houses that overlap with each other.

At time the birth chart is clear then the placement of planets in these charts can easily be known. The energies they exhibit and the effect they have on our lives can all then be assessed. Furthermore there is another thing called aspect which elaborates the relationship of planets with each other. Planets themselves don’t have much of the effect but their location and relation among each other brings all the impact.

Following will bring awareness into the planets.


Sun shows the purest version of the self. It means consciousness, life purpose and creative mind or self. Leo is the one which naturally rules the planet. Sun represents the centre if the universe and in astrology it is the centre of self. This brings the inner shine and life. This is what drives us or the force behind whatever are doing. It can be said as the ego. It can bring about the fulfilment and contentment because of the energy it gives. But for that the right placement of sun is important and the one who holds it gets the vibes right.

Among the chart of stars sun is the most integral just like in the solar system. This is why its influence is also most important.


The natural ruler of the Moon is Cancer. They depict the features of emotions the references of which are readily seen in the literature. It exhibits the feminine energy and instinct. The mother figure we see is symbolic of moon which nurtures, shows empathy, is sensitive and is driven through the emotions. All those emotion which are present in us but we cannot express it are represented by moon. Since it has a soft side so moon can take us to the memories of motherhood as well with all the associated emotions and even foods. In this regard it will also be speaking of the side in which we feel most vulnerable and do not want to show this to the world. It only reveals with someone trustworthy or when feeling protected.


The planet Mercury is the first among the solar system and it is the planet of communication. So much that it can carry on more than one conversations at a time. It depicts intellect, reason and expression. The signs that rule these planets naturally are Virgo and Gemini. The planet is notorious for its retrograde movement which means that it goes reverse in its rotation. Same goes for the lives of people which can be turned upside down. But the times that are going smooth this planet definitely brings the intellectual capacities and becomes master of communication. It actually governs the way we talk or transmit information. Travelling is its niche and that is evident from the fact that they are the god of communication. This is important because we all have different styles of communication which very much predicts the way our lives are ruled and the relations we make.


Libra and Taurus. If someone is looking for the ultimate romantic partner then Venus it is. Named after the goddess of love this planet is all about showering its affection to all. It goes all about hearts, flowers and sensual feelings. All of this depicts live but more than that they are enthusiasts of beauty as well making them much aesthetic. Their other presentation is money as well. All that is being spent on the things bringing pleasure and joy. With that it is the one that brings about the most romantic moments as well. Their self esteem drives them to be more money minded. They have their way of showing love but that is the best they know. Thus bringing the luxury in their doings.


The April zodiac sign holds the planet Mars. This means be ready for aggression, temper and all this expressed on the one who they confront at the moment. Their energy is frivolous which drives their passion but also the temper is easily lost. This shows how the authority is being implied on others and fighting is always what they are ready for. They have their valour and bravery which gets them to their goal but with the animalistic energy. If we compare Mars with Venus then Venus is the soft planet full of emotions while Mars is the one with raw energy and more of animalistic behaviour.


Jupiter is the largest planet if solar system and thus is shown in its characteristics as well that they are optimistic, give abundance and good luck. The ruling sign is that of Sagittarius. Jupiter brings growth, positive vibes, abundant of opportunities with its enormous presence. It represents expansion, teaching, education, philosophy, travel, education, growth and luck. Hence a great benefic. This planet years to expand the vision and broaden the minds through spirituality, education and experience. It brings in the vitality of following the dreams you adore.


Saturn doesn’t cone that easy. It restricts itself and makes boundaries. The life for it is tough by making critical analysis of everything done in life resulting in the depressive consequences. It rules Capricorn which shows the fatherly figure of the cosmic world. This has everything like life lessons, disciplines etc. Their energy are challenging and can be restrictive. They will try to assert themselves with their old fashioned and rigid ideas. This may seem constricting but actually it is this discipline that helps them grow and move forward. It brings about the best in you because it wants you to succeed in life and all of this is only possible with the tough rules and hard work being implied on them. If all of this is not done there will be just laziness surrounding. All these paternal tough love only matures and puts boundaries for good.


Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus and this means progression, revelations and awakening. When thinking of Uranus this planet is forward thinker. So they do not stick to the old ideas but are creative. They challenge the tradition and deny the norms. This brings them to the notion that they create their own norms and justify them. They are daring and you never know what is going to happen next when with Uranus. Their innovative nature has brought the most technological revolutions and newer brighter ideas. It invokes inspiration and does not stay with the older ideas just to be with the memories. Their approach is fresh and their notion is awakening which can bring about the best of schemes. They will always keep themselves and others charged with interesting projects.


Talking about fantasy or dreams this is the planet we call Neptune. We can say that they have a detachment from reality and spend most of the time in illusion, dream or fantasy. They are mystical and have deep meaning in them. Pisces whom they rule exhibit the spirituality and instinct. The colour of the planet is blue and so their energy is psychic giving an artistic impression. This gives an escape from the harsh aspects of life and brings about the long awaiting peace. Their approach is spiritual so it can altogether create a world of one’s own choice in which they have all the segments they like. Indulging in the realm of sensitivity and intuition you can definitely be in harmony with them.


Pluto may be out of league according to the astronomical science but it is still the leader if the underworld who conveniently reveals its dark side to everyone. This may seem negative but actually. It works at the extremes and brings about the energy of transformation. This means day and night, birth and death, light and dark, ending and beginning. They have their control over all these things and its sub parts as well. Being the planet farthest from the earth then the effects are felt on a bigger level like that of societal than personal. The sign it ruled is Pluto which answers their intensity and evil nature.


April zodiac sign is the one which shows the energy to move forward. This can be constructed as negative or positive. In either case the flow of this energy is necessary. So having knowledge about these things is very important because this helps in understanding the nature and personalities of people. Once understood they can be approached in a different way so to go along with them. The signs take their impact from numerous things. Few of them are the ones listed in the articles including the modalities and planets. Modalities will inculcate certain qualities according to the placement in the calendar while positioning and movement of planets have a different effect on the horoscope and daily charting. Nevertheless the signs cannot be entirely blamed for the personalities we have but an analysis of all the circumstances is essential.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is Aries personality?

Aries are motivated, confident and exhibit passion in their leadership qualities. They help in building the communities keeping up with their determination and cheerfulness. They do not get into details rather stay focused on the bigger picture.

2. Who should Aries marry?

Astrologers say that the most compatibility in terms of marriage they have is with Aries, Aquarius, Sagittarius, Leo and Gemini. The worst matches will be Capricorn, Scorpio, Libra, Virgo, Cancer and Taurus. But much of this depends upon the statistics of divorce and marriage.

3. What is Aries favourite colour?

Red is their colour because it truly depicts their personalities bravery, passion and strength. Their creativity and innovation will only get better when they have red around them.

4. What are Aries weaknesses?

Aries have energy in them to thrive but this same energy can dive them crazy as well. This becomes their weakness when they are being impulsive, short tempered and have mood swings. Getting along can be difficult because they surely avoid conflict but when get into it will not spare anyone from their wrath.

5. What is the lucky day of Aries?

The lucky day of Aries is considered the ninth day of every month and the days which are multiple of nine, like 18, 27.

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Aries loves to be number one, so it’s no surprise that these audacious rams are the first sign of the zodiac. Bold and ambitious, Aries dives headfirst into even the most challenging situations (which is appropriate, since the body part associated with Aries is the head). Like their fellow fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius, Aries is a passionate, motivated, and confident leader who builds community with their cheerful disposition and relentless determination. Uncomplicated and direct in their approach, they often get frustrated by exhaustive details and unnecessary nuances. They like things quick and dirty, a temperament also reflected in their sexual proclivities. Aries is a cardinal sign that kicks off not only the spring season but also the entire zodiac wheel. Astrologers believe that each sign learns the lessons absorbed by its preceding signs, both joyful and painful. In the case of Aries, however, there is no inherited wisdom: Aries leads with blind optimism, barreling through life with an electric joie de vivre that perfectly complements their distinctive impulsivity. Aries is a cardinal sign that kicks off not only the spring season but also the entire zodiac wheel. Astrologers believe that each sign learns the lessons absorbed by its preceding signs, both joyful and painful. In the case of Aries, however, there is no inherited wisdom: Aries leads with blind optimism, barreling through life with an electric joie de vivre that perfectly complements their distinctive impulsivity. These fire signs think after they leap, which often results in lessons learned the hard way. Aries represents the singular spirit (while Aries’s opposite sign, Libra, symbolizes partnership These rams adhere to an “every person for themselves” philosophy. While this self-determination can be inspiring, Aries needs to watch out for selfish tendencies. This sign is ruled by Mars, the dynamic red planet named after the Roman god of war. Accordingly, these courageous rams are always armed and ready for battle. Aries is known for an explosive temper, and although their outbursts don’t last long, it’s definitely best to avoid fiery rams until the steam has dissipated. But when these brazen rams are not flying off the handle, they’re upbeat, positive, and playful creatures who enjoy living life to the fullest. You can always spot an Aries excelling on the sports field, speeding down the highway, or organizing a vibrant party game. Zodiac , in astronomy and astrology, a belt around the heavens extending 9° on either side of the ecliptic the plane of Earth’s orbit and of the Sun’s apparent annual path. The orbits of the Moon and of the principal planets also lie entirely within the zodiac. The 12 astrological signs of the zodiac are each considered to occupy 1/12 (or 30°) of its great circle. These signs no longer correspond to the astronomical constellations in which the Sun actually appears. The constellations are irregular in size and shape, and the Sun regularly passes through one constellation Ophiuchus that is not considered a member of the zodiac. Because most of the constellations through which the ecliptic passes represent animals, the ancient Greeks called its zone zōdiakos kyklos , “circle of animals,” or ta zōdia, “the little animals.” The size and number of zodiacal constellations varied in antiquity and became fixed only with the development of mathematical astronomy. The list below gives the constellations of the zodiac, with the dates of the Sun’s passage through them in the era when their boundaries were fixed. These dates are still used for the astrological signs, though precession of the equinoxes has shifted the constellations eastward; e.g., on January 1 the direction of the sun is now in Sagittarius instead of Capricornus. The history of the symbols is unknown; they seem to appear first in Greek manuscripts of the late Middle Ages. As the first zodiac sign, Aries are known to be energetic, dynamic, and, at times, turbulent. As one of the most active signs, Aries are always the first to take action and are pros at multitasking. Aries aren’t afraid of a challenge and are always willing to fight for their goals. This fire sign walks head first and always with a brave face. Despite having a traumatic childhood, poet and author Maya Angelou forged on to become one of the most distinguished writers adored by many. She was motivated by established African American writers, whom she befriended, to pursue a writing career. In addition to writing, Maya Angelou has acted in musicals, tried her hand at directing movies, and wrote and produced a documentary. A remarkable and unwavering woman, she was beloved by many. The ever-practical Taurus feels the need to always be surrounded by love and beauty. They always have both feet on the ground and need to see a project all the way through. Whether you view it as stubbornness or commitment, a Taurus will always see things through to the very end. Though a Taurus can be materialistic, they are the most loyal of the signs and are the voice of reason in any situation. A Taurus will always be there for the ones they love. The world’s most famous playwright and writer, William Shakespeare was a Taurus himself. In true Taurus fashion, Shakespeare wrote plays in the genres of comedy, tragedy, history, and romance. A committed writer, Shakespeare wrote thirty-eight plays and 154 sonnets. The two-faced Gemini is expressive and quick-witted. They can be sociable and fun, but quickly change to being serious and restless. A twin sign, Geminis are always looking for new friends, mentors, and colleagues. They are extremely versatile and open minded, making them excellent artists and inspiring writers. American poet, journalist, and humanist Walt Whitman was a Gemini. He was especially known for his mastery of free verse and his approach to transcendentalism and realism. His first major work Leaves of Grass was criticized for its sexual theme and “obscene” nature, while others praised the work for its ingenious use of free verse. In true Gemini fashion, Whitman continued to revise and expand upon this work until his death. One of the most challenging zodiac signs to get to know, Cancers are deeply intuitive, emotional, and sensitive. They are highly sympathetic and become attached to those they care about. Cancers are typically guided by emotion and follow their hearts, often making it hard to fit into the world around them. Cancers benefit from love, peace, and stability in their lives. English novelist, essayist, and journalist George Orwell is a classic Cancer. Guided by feelings of sympathy and very much attuned to his and others’ emotions, he was very receptive to external impressions which is evident in his work. When first writing, he took on the pseudonym George Orwell because he did not want to embarrass his family. Leos are natural born leaders. They are funny, creative, and confident. They are able to achieve anything they set their minds to. The fiery Leo loves to have a good laugh and often will take initiative when solving complicated problems. Fearless in nature, Leos always walk with their heads held high. Trailblazing Leo J.K. Rowling changed the world of literature as we know it with her Harry Potter series. With a movie-worthy rags to riches story, J.K. Rowling is one of the world’s bestselling authors with her whimsical franchise loved by many. Virgos are one of the most organized signs, always paying attention to the smallest details. Because of their practical and critical nature, Virgos often appear as lacking the ability to express themselves. While they may put on a stark face to the outside world, many Virgos have clear goals with defined borders in their minds leading them to be highly motivated individuals. Many Virgos have a well-developed sense of speech and writing, leading many born under this sign to pursue a career in writing and journalism. One of the greatest horror writers of our time Stephen King was born under the Virgo sign. He loved to read horror stories and after reading H.P. Lovecraft’s stories, King realized his life calling. It is also believed that King witnessed the traumatic death of a friend as a child, though he does not remember the incident, and many believe this influenced several of his darker works. The airy Libra seeks peace and balance within their lives. They are fascinated by symmetry and are always in pursuit of justice and equality. Libras are ever inspired by good books and good discussion. There is an element of insecurity within Libras and they often struggle to make decisions. They seek to enrich their lives with art, music, and beautiful places. Undoubtedly one of the greatest writers of the twentieth century, F. Scott Fitzgerald was Libra-born. He excelled at writing from a young age and had a keen eye for detail. He would go on to publish numerous short stories and novels and his fellow writers often praised him for the quality of his work. He also was somewhat of a poet making him quite the versatile literary genius. The secretive Scorpio is passionate and determined. They always strive to get to the heart of the truth and are unwaveringly resourceful. Scorpios tend to put on a mysterious front and are always calm and collected. Those that are Scorpio-born tend to have a deep understanding of the universe and are very dedicated to what they do. Some say they are natural leaders because of their dedication and passion. Writer and activist Margaret Atwood is a true Scorpio. From a young age, Atwood decided to pursue writing and her work often has a strong impact on readers, forcing them to think about the connection between reality and fiction. Her work often features strong, female characters set against a historical or scientific background. Her work has had a profound effect on society and she is able to seamlessly connect her fictional characters with the emotions of readers. Her unique style and wide range of work make her an important literary leader and cultural commentator. Energetic and open-minded, Sagittarius born tend to be the traveler of the signs. Sagittarius-born are extroverted and optimistic and will do anything to achieve their goals. Sagittarius signs often have a great sense of humor and a strong desire to express themselves freely. They want to experience as much of the world as possible and will do whatever it takes to achieve this. Sagittarius-born C.S. Lewis is most famous for his children’s fantasy novels beloved by many. Hailed as the “Father of Modern Fantasy,” Lewis is known for writing on a diverse range of topics and genres.