What Would Result If You Don't Express Your Emotions

It is like winning a prize bond when you control your emotions. Buts the question is will you do it? Will you show your emotions or hide them? Let’s read this article. And What Would Result If You Don’t Express Your Emotions

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Do you know! expressing your emotions is good for your mental and physical health according to research. And a person should positively show their emotions rather than hiding them. Express your emotions in a short period due to long-term emotions that can affect your mental health like anxiety and depression.


Before learning how to hide emotions one should first know why people even try not to show their emotions. Is it terrible to be expressive?


The main reasons that people pretend to be strong. And expressing emotions can consider them weak.

One of the main reasons why people hide their emotions is because they perceive it as a sign of weakness. They think when someone cries in front of others then they are weak and cannot handle the situation; in other words, they are not strong. This thinking has its roots in what response they received during childhood when they expressed their emotions and society has a big part in that too. On the other hand, this reasoning is baseless because no exploration verifies that expressing emotions is a sign of deficiency.


Yes, sometimes people hide their emotions to harm us. They are hiding their emotions just to harm you and planning. This kind of person is so cold-hearted on the outside. And they always hide their emotions instead of showing their sadness. So, their basic goal is to protect themselves.

Avoiding conflict:

Imagine how much tension it can and will cause when you show every single emotion, mainly, the negative ones. People want to avoid uncertainties in their relationships which can be affected by expressing some emotions.

For instance, you didn’t like the dinner your wife cooked for you and you feel unhappy. Would you tell me that you didn’t like the food? Mostly, people don’t express themselves. Because they would rather avoid it and do not deal with the uncomfortable emotion that the dispute can start and would select to hide their emotion. Also, they do so to not hurt their family, and so they pretend that everything is fine, saying that the food is good.


Some people receive a negative response whenever expressing their emotions. Many people are taught to hide their emotions and especially teenagers are taunted to hide their emotions. They never ask questions and show emotions and after that, some people also get a bad effect on psychological health. This kind of person also doesn’t know how to express their emotions.

Prey to stereotypes:

Now, this relates to both genders contrarily but the reason for it is the same. Both males and females are not permitted to express their emotions. Men are not supposed to cry and women are not allowed to show bitterness. Society has put us in a box where both genders have some restrictions on the emotions they can show and so people mostly cover-up that emotion which they are not permitted to express.


Hiding emotions is the purpose of people currently. If there was a book on that subject it would have become a global bestseller in a night. However, there are some points that you can do to use not to show your feelings.


While inhaling and exhaling a deep breath can hide your emotion. This will enable you to get calm and hide your emotions. It will make your mind empty and clear. This will reduce violence and stress.


Your eyes and mouth express anger before you even tell anything and that is why they are a huge part when it comes to handling your emotions. When we are overwhelmed or irritated, we experience anxiety in our facial muscles and on the forehead in the eyebrow area. We frown or grind our teeth that express our emotional state. It is just that and much more that you wish to control. When you are encountering an emotion keep your eyebrows still that contains not frowning them when you are angry or raising them to show disagreement.

Further, do not try to laugh forcefully and most people do when they are trying to hide their feelings. They think that it’s supporting them but it’s showing the emotion. People can easily say that you are fake smiling and so it’s crucial to keep in mind that you have to maintain it neutral and calm, this manner no one will be able to recognize what emotion you are sharing because you turned off the non-verbal communication with the people.


It’s clear to lose strength when you are experiencing emotions like irritation and stress, however, it is wise to take a break and step back from the condition and reassess it. Sit and identify your feelings and talk to yourself gently. Use positive promises to express your emotions with your loved ones.

For instance: when you are angry and cannot control your emotions and you are trying to stop yourself but anger hides your anger. At this time step back and start thinking about what is making you angry? What situation will take place when you are rude? What is the condition which changes your mood? What you must do to control your anger and questions like these will also give you the opinion.


Keep a gentle tone. Speak like the way you are talking. Speaking too loud shows that you are angry speaking softly means you are upset. That is the reason you must keep an even tone that enables you to not show your emotions and which also helps you to control your emotions.


Suppressing your feelings affects your health. According to the research study suppressing your feelings can direct to early death reducing your longevity. Also, emotions like stress can cause heart disease, sleep issues, and high blood pressure. It just does not end there. Hiding your feelings can also affect your connections, the very thing you were using to maintain by hiding them. People who are close to you can easily say that you are hiding something and when you don’t notify them they get hurt and dishearten. It also can generate misunderstandings when you don’t show what you realize, creating difficulties in your bondings.

However, hiding your emotions can not change your feelings but one day will burst like a volcano and it can hurt you others as well.


Why do we think hiding our emotions is good for us? We can positively show them, that is also safe for us and we can not ruin other feelings as well. Here are some strategies which you can use


Emotional mindfulness means accepting your feelings, identifying them, and learning a safe, optimistic way to channel them. This tells you are not responding and feeling on an autopilot mode rather than identifying the emotion and agreeing whether you want to think it or not and how you can positively change this emotion.


Sometimes we can not show our emotions like we can not get angry at our boss. But we express our feelings in another manner. Like most ladies start crying in front of their boss. Also, you can talk later on this issue and don’t quit expressing your emotions.


It’s always a better solution to ask a therapist for support. They can provide you a way you can effectively channel your feelings and control them. They can also guide you to identify the reason for the emotion you are feeling, supporting you to get a better awareness of yourself so you can handle it in a better way and understand the problem.


So, psychology also helps us to express our emotions that means how a person can handle and express their emotions in a better way. Emotions are of two kinds i.e. cognitive and behavioral. Cognitive represents a change of thoughts and behavior means to deal with your feelings. And yet two classifications are included i.e. diversion and engagement.


Diversion means to rotate yourself from the feeling. It contains two categories i.em: distraction and disengagement illustrated in both cognitive and behavioral categories.

On a cognitive level distraction contains thinking about something like happiness, For example, a happy emotion, and disengagement contains avoiding thinking about the situation that is affecting that emotion.

On a behavioral level distraction says to do something good to fix your emotional state like gardening or painting, whatever makes you feel happy. Disengagement contains avoiding complicated situations.

For instance, If you feel sad going to a particular restaurant due to emotional attachment with a person who has left you. So avoid it due to your past is attached and you will become upset.


Engagement means connecting and get fully involved in the emotion. This will directly impact your engagement with the feeling.

On a cognitive degree, affect-directed strategy tells to reappraise the condition that is trying to look at the condition affecting that emotion in an unusual, positive way. The situation proposed on the other hand is thinking about how to understand the situation so you don’t keep on feeling in a loop.

On the behavioral stage, affect-direct methods contain venting, spilling your emotions out, and seeking satisfaction like you can express your emotions with a loved one, it will enable you to calm down. On the other hand, the situation-directed strategy contains taking the strategies to solve the issue and thus, excluding the emotion from the root.


So we wrote about emotions! So some people hide their emotions and pretend they are strong enough. What Would Result If You Don’t Express Your Emotions, However, hiding your emotions is not good for your physical and mental health. So share your emotions with your loved ones and do not share like you are creating a conflict.

The word emotion which meaning “to move out” or “to excite” is derived from the Latin word, and Psychologist defines emotions as ’ and conscious feelings of pleasantness or unpleasantness physiological changes aroused by external and internal stimuli that lead to behavioral reactions’ (Davis and Palladio: Psychology 2nd ed.). Simply put your emotions are what you’re feeling at any given moment despite what’s happening to you and it causes you to react and behave in certain appropriate ways. Now the question arises that what is the right opinion should we express our emotions or suppress them? What would result if you do not express your emotions?

When you bottle up your emotions, at first, there may not be much of a noticeable effect on your psyche and body. But after an extended time, when you physically try to suppress emotions when you are mentally emotional (sad, angry, anxious, etc.) then the suppressed emotions will last for extended periods. Internalizing your emotions ultimately leads you to possess more severe reactions if the emotion suppressed is negative.

Effects of suppressed or internalize emotions

Always ensure to urge help if you would like it. Bottling up your emotions certainly doesn’t help. Try finding a healthy outlet for your stress and emotions if you need it.

Suppressing emotions is certainly a bad thing that will result in negative outcomes.

But neither Stoicism nor those who embrace Stoicism share, dictate, or advise anyone to suppress emotions.

Truthfully, you can’t and you shouldn’t attempt to hide or suppress emotions. You cannot keep them hidden for a long period, but eventually, all of your emotions that you’ve not been expressed will catch up to you.


If one suppresses their emotions, the argument that they’re now a slave to their emotions may be a good one.

Many persons feel that their emotions aren’t in their control. They believe that they’re slaves to their emotions. In an attempt to avoid feeling certain emotions many of us do things like address drugs, alcohol, overeating, sex, and even get into a paralyzing depression.

Nobody likes negative emotions as— anger, panic, anxiety, depression, disappointment, jealousy, hatred, and so on.

So you are trying to run faraway from such emotions, but they find how back to you regardless of where you hide.

What do you do then? If you’re like most people, you suppress these emotions

Because, since birth, u have been taught in such away.

Stop crying. Shut up. Don’t talk. Go to your room.

So you hold back your tears, sit in the corner, shut your mouth and spend your entire life in a self-made prison.

As it seems, suppressing your emotions isn’t the simplest thanks to managing your emotions. It may even harm you.

Let me explain.

In a research published in the American Psychology Association, experts analyzed the recent dreams participants had. They also took an assessment of what proportion they suppress their thoughts or emotions and measured their sleep quality, depression, anxiety, and stress.

The results?

people who suppress their negative thoughts and emotions experienced day by day increasing levels of anger, anxiety, sadness, and fear-based dreams.

And that’s not all.

Emotionally disturbed people had difficulty falling asleep, sleep disturbances, and daytime tiredness. They also experienced more depression, anxiety, and stress in the real world.

Control your emotions before they control you

However, there’s nothing wrong to be expressive. Expressing what you feel would help people around you to understand you much better as well as would define your character, profoundly.

Let them flow but don’t allow them to be overflowed. I’ll tell you the emotions you need to control:

Your tears in front of your evil-wishers. If you’ve got such folks that you recognize can never digest anything good happening to you, you ought to not allow them to know your weaknesses. They might use them against you anytime.

Never show your happiness before sad or helpless people. Of course, they might feel low or they might belittle themselves instead of being motivated. The situation can be worse and might result in depression or jealousy.

Your anger at the people who love you. You must try to not get petulantly angry at those people in your life who genuinely love you and look after you. You must control your rage from taking Kind of aggression and emerging within the sort of cuss words or abusive actions.

These emotions, I firmly believe must not be practiced at any point in life.

manage your emotions rather than suppressing them

  • Know that it’s not your fault to feel negative emotions. You’re not a bad person to feel such emotions. Instead, be curious and open up to those emotions.
  • Work on improving sleep quality. You can do this by sleeping darkly using blackout curtains and a high-quality sleeping mask, going to the bed at a similar time a day, blocking blue light using software like Iris, and winding down before bed.
  • meditation and mindfulness is a good way to notice your thought patterns. Balance to your thought.
  • balance to your thoughts.
  • Use negative emotions to take positive actions. Sometimes, all you would like a push to require action, and a sad mood may assist you to accomplish more. When all strategies fail you, use the energy from negative emotions to get back up.

Be A Human, Not A Robot

It’s time you stop suppressing your emotions as you usually have.

as a human, you can feel all range of emotions. Instead of letting emotions control you, do the opposite.

There is a difference between hiding and controlling your emotions. hiding emotions leads to poor quality of life. expressing emotions leads to better mental health.

Stop caging yourself in a prison. Break free and permit yourself to feel and express.

And you know the best part?

You will sleep like a baby.

Finally, the answer to the question that what would be the result if u do not express your emotions? Is find out the conclusion. Emotions that need to be expressed will generate an inner pressure that can make it harder to rein in your emotions later.

Emotions are the expression of feelings. Whenever you are feeling anything the biochemical changes in your brain lead to changes in your body especially leading to an expression which we term as emotions. In a day we experience a lot of emotions which could be result of the changes in the inside or outside environment. This means that we do not just have a single mood throughout the day rather a rollercoaster goes on and several emotions come in and go.

Emotions are an integral part of the psychology of human being. Here it is important that the emotions we go through on a day should not be contained inside our minds rather they need to be expressed. Researches also support the data that the emotions are required to be voiced so that the dire consequences could be avoided. It is not just the expression that is important but doing it in a proper way completes the process. Therefore both the aspects of emotional expression need to be addressed.

So what would result if you don’t express your emotion? This will definitely lead to a disturbed mental peace and unhealthy life. The more a person is inclined towards expression the better results he shall see. Henceforth emotions should not be taken for granted or they will turn out to be menace instead.

Sigmund Freud and Emotions

Sigmund Freud is a notable psychologist who gave the school of thought psychoanalysis. His prominent work has been regarding emotional expression. He emphasized that unaddressed emotions are the ones which are responsible for bringing unrest in the mental peace in any way. His therapeutic procedure also involved asking the client to express their emotions so that the ones which have been left should be expressed in the present. The client will therefore himself know about the root of problem but also getting the emotions addressed. This ultimately brings the mental peace.

Henceforth the question here rises that how can we express emotions? It is important to known that in order to pull any task there is a procedure that needs to be followed. We cannot just open the tap and let all the water flow in a single go. Emotions that have been suppressed or those which need to be brought forward should be systematically taken to notice so that a person fully understands either what is the right way to expressing emotions. For example anger is also a strong emotion but expressing it in a way that brings damage to the individual is most unhealthy.

Let us see how can they be positively expressed.

Accept and value your feelings

The events happening around and the feelings being felt have a strong association with each other. Happiness or sadness can be results of the events which brought pleasure or some loss respectively. These feelings running on a person should not be left unnoticed rather they are there for a purpose. So one should ask himself what these feelings are. There are some messages the feelings are giving. Try to register those messages and look for the answer as to why this feeling is happening at the present moment. In this way the individual will be able to value his feelings only when he’ll know the purpose of that feeling inside him.

Identification of emotions

Emotions are not absolute. They have connection with the human body as well. It then becomes vital for a person to know that what emotions and how they are effecting him. Through knowing this a person is able to identify their emotions. It includes finding the connection between emotions and the changes happening bodily. Address yourself the questions like what alterations are taking place inside when an emotional surge is going on. For example in case of fear the body may feel sweating, hot or cold flushes and shivering. Choose to reflect upon the emotions and their impact so the feelings are easily identified.

Interpretation of emotions

Often the events that happen have their impact on us the way we react towards them. May be the nature of the happening is not that strong but our emotions getting associated with them makes them unbearable. This owes to the interpretations we make according to our perceptions. Therefore the conclusions we draw from any situation leads us to a particular emotions. Maybe if we stop thinking about the situation in a negative way it will leave us with positive emotions only. Hence the recognition of emotions and then knowing that the perceptions that’s making it happen will help the process of emotional expression.

Expression of emotions

After knowing the emotions taking place in the mind and the scenarios that make them occur comes the part where the actual expression of emotions come to play. Something that is essential here is that there are ways to express the emotions which should be utilized to see how they bring a change in individual. So if we have to express our emotions then talking about them is the best way through. In any case speaking about the feeling is not possible then writing is another good window. Either talking or writing both ways are intended to bring the suppressed feeling so that the stress is released

Emotions can be tricky. At one point they can take you to the heights of goodness and at other point at the bottoms of misery. Nature has kept a balance in everything and so it tends to keep a balance in our minds as well. This can only be ensured through giving an outlet to all the changes going on in our minds. Emotions play a key role in our lives from influencing the decision making to self-identification. Keeping stability and poise can only ensure mental and physical well-being. So it is important to start working on yourself today.