Definition of Prize:

  1. Reward. This can be given for having successfully done something (winning a competition or completing a goal), or can also be awarded through a random drawing or contest. In most cases, whether a contest or not, conditions for earning a prize are typically known in advance, and the prize is also typically desired by all participants. For example, some companies may award a prize to the person that generates the highest number of sales in a period of time.

  2. A thing given as a reward to the winner of a competition or in recognition of an outstanding achievement.

  3. Have in high regard or esteem; to hold dear. Objects, people, or ideals and values can be prized by an individual, based on how precious it is to the person. Sometimes, it cannot be monetized. The miser may prize his expensive possessions, but the father who loved his family prized his wife and children above all else..

  4. Value extremely highly.

  5. Having been or likely to be awarded a prize in a competition.

  6. An enemy ship captured during the course of naval warfare.

Synonyms of Prize

Value, Place a high value on, Set a high value on, Set great store by, Rate highly, Attach great importance to, Esteem, Hold in high regard, Think highly of, Treasure, Cherish, Hold dear, Appreciate greatly, Academy Award, Nobel Prize, Oscar, Accolade, Accord respect to, Admire, Adore, Aim, Ambition, Apotheosize, Appraise, Appreciate, Apprize, Arch, Ascribe importance to, Assay, Assess, Award, Bar, Barrow, Beam, Best, Blackmail, Boast, Booby prize, Boodle, Boom, Booty, Boundary stone, Brass, Bust, Cairn, Calculate, Calibrate, Caliper, Call, Cant hook, Carrot, Catch, Cenotaph, Champion, Check a parameter, Cherish, Choice, Chosen, Class, Claw bar, Column, Compute, Consolation prize, Crank, Cream, Cromlech, Cross, Crow, Crowbar, Cup, Cyclolith, Dearest wish, Dearly love, Defer to, Deify, Desideration, Desideratum, Desire, Dial, Diamond, Divide, Dividend, Dolmen, Elect, Elite, Entertain respect for, Esteem, Estimate, Evaluate, Exalt, Excellent, Fair-trade, Fat, Fathom, Favor, Figure, Find, First prize, First-rate, Flower, Footstone, For the best, Forbidden fruit, Form an estimate, Fulcrumage, Gain, Gauge, Gem, Get a foothold, Get leverage, Give an appreciation, Glimmering goal, Goal, Godsend, Golden vision, Good thing, Graduate, Graft, Grave, Gravestone, Greatest, Guerdon, Guess, Handpicked, Handspike, Haul, Headstone, Hero-worship, Hoarstone, Hold dear, Hold in esteem, Hold in reverence, Honor, Hope, Hot goods, Idolize, Inscription, Iron crow, Jackpot, Jewel, Jimmy, Lever, Leverage, Limb, Lodestone, Look up to, Loot, Love to distraction, Magnet, Make an estimation, Make much of, Mark, Marker, Marlinespike, Matchless, Mausoleum, Measure, Meed, Megalith, Memento, Memorial, Memorial arch, Memorial column, Memorial statue, Memorial stone, Menhir, Mensurate, Mete, Meter, Monolith, Monument, Mound, Necrology, Nonesuch, Nonpareil, Obelisk, Obituary, Optimal, Optimum, Outrigger, Outstanding, Pace, Paragon, Paramount, Pearl, Peavey, Pedal, Peerless, Perks, Perquisite, Pick, Picked, Pickings, Pillar, Pinch bar, Plaque, Plum, Plumb, Plunder, Pork barrel, Premium, Price, Pride, Pride and joy, Prime, Probe, Pry, Public till, Public trough, Purse, Pyramid, Quantify, Quantize, Queen, Quintessence, Quintessential, Quote a price, Rank, Rate, Rate highly, Receipts, Reckon, Regard, Reliquary, Remembrance, Respect, Revere, Reverence, Reward, Ribbon, Ripping bar, Rostral column, Second prize, Select, Set store by, Shaft, Shrine, Size, Size up, Sound, Span, Spar, Spoil, Spoils, Spoils of office, Squeeze, Stakes, Stealings, Stela, Step, Stolen goods, Stone, Stupa, Superior, Superlative, Supreme, Surpassing, Survey, Swag, Sweepstakes, Tablet, Take, Take a reading, Temptation, Testimonial, The best, The best ever, The tops, The very best, Think highly of, Think much of, Think well of, Till, Tomb, Tombstone, Top, Tope, Treadle, Treasure, Triangulate, Trophy, Trouvaille, Unmatchable, Unmatched, Unparalleled, Unsurpassed, Valorize, Valuate, Value, Venerate, Very best, Wedge, Weigh, Windfall, Winner, Winnings, Wish, Worship, Wrecking bar, Champion, Award-winning, Prize-winning, Winning, Top, Top-class, Top-tier, First-class, First-rate, Choice, Quality, Select, Best, Award, Reward, Premium

How to use Prize in a sentence?

  1. The berries were prized for their healing properties.
  2. A prize bull.

Meaning of Prize & Prize Definition