Definition of Configuration:

  1. The physical design, connection, and functional features of a computer system (commonly called the configuration element) are presented in its technical documentation for assembly, testing, installation, operation, and maintenance.

  2. Preferred hardware software design with DIP switch settings, interface settings, jumper settings, hardware drivers, software options, etc. (specific to specific IT environments). It determines what the system does and how its components work.

  3. Arranging elements in certain shapes, figures or combinations.

Synonyms of Configuration

Sorting, Alignment, Differentia, Shapes, Distinctive feature, Turn, Individualism, Seeming, Viewpoint, Format, Peculiarity, Lines, Ordering, Phase, Mold, Frame, Impression, Type, Lineaments, Odor, Build, Keynote, Mark, Geography, Savor, Cast, Taint, Main features, Style, Simulacrum, Array, Figure, Inner form, Feature, Marshalling, Slant, Smack, Platonic form, Aroma, Light, Design, Cut, Angle, Layout, Side, Trick, Structure, Impress, Earmark, Trait, Effect, Silhouette, Look, Aspect, Order, Contour, Specialty, Disposition, Modality, Arrangement, Respect, Shape, Reference, Cachet, Figure-ground, Property, Relief, Manner, Prototype, Phasis, Flavor, Guise, Attribute, Grouping, Delineation, Regard, Idiocrasy, Token, Facet, Presentation, Ranging, Stamp, Formation, Set, Conformation, Gestalt, Semblance, Seal, Profile, Nature, Tang, Wise, Idiosyncrasy, Quality, Twist, Differential, Marking, Eidolon, Gust, Constellation, Index, Genre, Tournure, Aesthetic form, Likeness, View, Makeup, Badge, Singularity, Mannerism, Platonic idea, Matrix, Fashion, Framework, Art form, Features, Brand, Character, Model, Make, Characteristic, Positioning, Significant form, Taste, Total effect, Organization, Quirk, Pattern, Mode, Layout, Archetype, Particularity, Figuration, Outline, Hallmark, Imago, Form, Skeleton, Image

How to use Configuration in a sentence?

  1. The broader structure of the economy is capitalist.

Meaning of Configuration & Configuration Definition

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