What to wear to an interview

What to wear to an interview? Keep it in your mind that you have to look decent and qualified for this interview. Before going in for the interview do your thorough research about the audience so you can dress up according to the environment of the office. The clothes you wear should be clean, wrinkled free and in pastel colours. Dress up the way you will feel more comfortable and more confident. Try to avoid wearing revealing clothes.

Usually, the way you represent yourself is the first impression you make in-front of the person who is doing the job of hiring. So, make sure that you try your best and do some effort to dress up according to their dress code and look presentable. Do dress up comfortably that will keep your moral up and it will boost up your confidence level that everyone needs for an interview.

Organise few looks when you are thinking about dressing up:
Honestly, it’s definitely not an easy job when comes to choosing what to wear for an interview so make sure you don’t keep delaying this decision till last minutes because dressing up and looking presentable is a game changer so take few days try different looks and then choose a perfect outfit that will suit your personality and boost up your confidence level. Since different companies have different dress codes so it’s better you do some research before for an interview so that you don’t look too under dressed or too well dressed and you can just blend in with the office’s environment easily. That will leave a good impression on your interviewer so it’s kind of a plus point.

Some quick self care tips and tricks:
One of the most important steps for an interview is self grooming and that includes having a nice shower and you look polished. You can’t just enter into the office looking all messed up that is only going to distract the interviewer. But to get the attention of your hiring manager try to make your hair, brush your teeth, nails should look nice and clean. Try to keep your nails shorter or if you decide to put nail polish don’t put a bright colour nail paint it will look too much for an interview so keep it nice and clean. Put pastels colours on your nails they will look and professional.

In case you decide to do some makeup keep it less and natural and don’t decide to try on a new makeup look on your interview day and don’t start trying new eye shadow palettes and some new lipstick colours that are gonna end up on all over your face and even teeth and it’s just gonna waste your time so do something that you have done before so you now how you are gonna look and it’s that’s suitable for an interview. And when we are talking about teeth don’t forget to brush your teeth properly and use mouth wash, so it smells nice and tidy.

Try to avoid using perfumes with strong fragrance or colognes it’s possible that the person who is gonna interview you might be allergic to perfumes so if you are gonna use one make sure its smell is light and fresh and don’t spray too much just once or twice would be enough and you are good to go. However, if there is some perfume or cologne that puts you in a good mood then you can use it as much as you want as your interview is online instead of in person. Try to style your hair in a neat way so that they don’t keep coming on your face during interview that will just look bad. Taking care of yourself is not a vanity it’s a need. It boosts up your confidence level and makes your mood all happy. It takes away your depressions and anxiety.

When you are choosing what to wear to an interview don’t be so confused because you can never go wrong with a well tailored suit in neutral or dark tones.

Well as long as your clothes are fully ironed, and you kept them safely you don’t really need to buy a fancy suit or any sort of expensive clothes because a secret to good-looking clothes is a perfect ■■■■■■■■ If your clothes or the suit you are gonna wear fits you perfectly then you are all set to go. Whenever you are going for a job interview try to stick with suits or pants and shirts that are in neutral tones. If you are going for a formal look then a suit can never go wrong. You can wear it with a white or any colour coordinated shirt with your suit and a tie or wear a t-shirt underneath your suit instead of any other shirt. A neat hairstyle and a clean shave or light beard with polishes is gonna look perfect.

If you decide not to wear a suit, then you can go for a casual yet classic look. You can go for some well-structured look like go for a well ■■■■■■ pants or go for a long skirt don’t go for a short one or any thing that’s too revealing with a shirt tucked in and wear a cardigan or a jacket on top. You can either go for a brown or camel blazer because that looks good with every colour.

Men’s interview getup:
When we talk about outfits for men especially for interviews the ground is bit conservative there. Men are always supposed to wear a suit and tie with a matching shirt underneath. The suit should be well tailored and fits perfectly.

Here are few guidelines on how to dress up for interview

:black_small_square: The suit that you are going to wear should be in solid dark colours such as navy blue, grey, black.
:black_small_square: Shirt under the suit should be full sleeves and related to the colour of your suit.
:black_small_square: Don’t forget to wear a colour coordinated tie.
:black_small_square: Don’t wear a belt in some bright colour it should be in dark tones so it will go with your suit perfectly.
:black_small_square: Socks should be in solid colour like the suit and leather shoes.
:black_small_square: Keep the accessories minimal because too much jewellery will look odd and unprofessional.
:black_small_square: You can wear a watch on your wrist for time checking purpose.
:black_small_square: Your hair should look all nice and neat make sure they aren’t too long and end up on your face during your interview.
:black_small_square: Your nails should be short and clean.
:black_small_square: Your resume and a briefcase.

Women’s interview getup:
If we talk about interview outfits for women then honestly the dressing up for an interview for women is much more difficult than men due to the number of choices women get in clothing. It gets hard to assemble one perfect outfit for an interview that suits your office’s dress code and it’s your style too. Something that you wear and feel comfortable and relaxing, and you feel more confident, and it takes away all the interview’s tension and stress. For example, if someone wears a skirt you gotta decide that either you should go for a tank top with blazer or just a casual button-down shirt and same goes with skirt either you should wear a legging underneath to covers your legs or bare legs would be alright.

Similarly, when you are a bit sure about clothes then the next step is how can you accessorise it that it gives minimal look yet looks classy. You can go for some statement pieces like some little golden or grey studs coordinated with your dress and watch on your wrist will give a professional and elegant look.
The next thing is choosing an appropriate purse keeping the place where you are going and dress code in your mind. Usually, the best type of bags for interview or even for usual office days are the big ones in which your resume and your laptop can easily fit so you won’t have to carry a separate bag for them.

Here are some of the guidelines to help you choose your dress:
:black_small_square: The skirt suit should be below your knees or till your knees
:black_small_square: the blouse, tank top or casual shirt that you are gonna wear with it should be tucked in and perfectly colour coordinated with the skirt.
:black_small_square: Try to wear less jewellery a watch and studs should be enough
:black_small_square: Make sure you don’t end up wearing so many brackets all over your arm or some chunky earrings that will ruin the whole look because it’s better to wear less jewellery than going all over the board wearing cheap jewellery that won’t look cool and definitely not professional
:black_small_square: Keep your hairstyle professional Like a sleek bun at the back will look good
:black_small_square: Just do neutral makeup and keep it all natural so it doesn’t look too much and gives a bad look
:black_small_square: Apply a little bit of perfume so you don’t smell too bad
:black_small_square: Keep your nails clean and file them properly
:black_small_square: Apply a neutral tone nail paint to give them a fresh look
:black_small_square: The last and the most important part of dressing up is shoes though it’s easy to choose shoes because a good pair of ■■■■ colour heels or black pointed heels can rock any outfit that you decide to wear either it’s a skirt suit or pant suit, they will go perfectly with every dress. You can also pair them up with block heels too they come a bit on the comfortable side, but they look good too.
:black_small_square: Keep your resume and briefcase with you

Unisex interview getup:
The way you dress up generally if that’s doesn’t define your gender then dressing up for interview like a male or female doesn’t matters either you should wear what makes you feel comfortable but keep it in mind that wherever you are going for interview it’s not out of their dress code staying in limit you should make yourself happy dress up how you like. The way you feel confident.

There is no rule that says that this dress is designed for men and women can’t wear it. The only key to such unisex dressing is that whatever you wear it suits you. The suit or dress should be clean and it’s your size that’s all that matters and that is all which is gonna make you look different in-front of other hundreds of employees that are gonna be there for interview so it’s a kind of plus point for you. Unisex clothes suit everyone. Either you are a woman who likes to look good and confident but also comfortable or a man who wants to dress up like a man with all suit and tie thing or just a transgender person you can dress up the way you like for your big day and achieve your goals.
The main secret to achieve an adequate look is three things which is that you clothe fits you perfectly they should be clean, and they make you look professional not like some teen age kid. You should be on top of your game.

Different ways to dress up for a casual interview:
Well, there are many ways to dress up for a casual interview. As much as it’s a casual interview which means less formal so you can get dressed on a bit relaxed side. There is not so much pressure to look too much on the professional side. But if you are still confused you can ask the person who is scheduling your interview that way you get a little idea about their dress code, and it gets easy for you.


Business casual interview:
If you have an interview in a bit formal environment instead of funny business so that means, it’s a business casual meeting. You can skip the suit for business casual meeting but that doesn’t mean you can go in trousers keep the pants on just yet and wear a button-down shirt with it and wear a blazer on the top it gives a formal yet Sophisticated look to your entire outfit. With this type of dressing, you won’t look too dressed up or too under dressed. When you go for a job interview you need to look good to leave a good impression on the interviewer. Just try to dress up better as compared to the other employees for example if their employee is wearing a casual outfit like shorts and t-shirt then you can go for jeans and a polo shirt or button-down shirt. Wearing shorts, trousers or sneakers for a job interview isn’t appropriate this type of clothing only looks good for gym, clubs etc.

Startup casual interview:
Similarly, when are dressing up for a startup casual interview don’t go for a fully business attire all dressed up suit and leather shoes. Choose clothes after knowing their dress code still don’t go for too formal look just dress appropriate for your interview. Go for something that is relaxing yet professional like pants and button-down shirt or jeans with polo shirt something like that will look good for a startup Casual interview.

College interview:
Dressing up for college interview isn’t something easy either. You surely get a lot of choices, but you better play safe and nice because good dressing matters a lot in college either you are applying for an internship or going for some permanent job the first thing that they are gonna notice is your behaviour towards everyone and your professionalism, so you better get dressed properly in a professional way. Your way of dressing shows an image of you and your way of talking to others which increases your chance of getting the job.

For women dressing up for college job interview is bit difficult because of the choices you get to have in-front of you but some of the most suitable, yet sophisticated options are available here.
You can style a long skirt or dress pants with a blouse and a sweater over it perfectly colour coordinated with each other and pointed heels will look good this look isn’t going to look too formal or it won’t look too business attire either. But never be afraid to show your personality that who you are actually your dress explains a lot about yourself so if you decide to go for a bright coloured too then go for a dark or neutral colour pants or skirt to keep it simple and don’t wear so many cheap accessories keep it minimal with a nice hairstyle and neutral makeup.

Similarly, when we talk about men’s outfit for college interview it’s not much of an effort because they don’t get too many options. Wearing a suit for a college interview will be too much so dress up a little
on a bit business casual side that will look appropriate for the interview. Style dress pants with button down shirt and wear a full sleeves sweater or a blazer on the top. For shoes go for leather shoes and a watch would look good to complete the whole look. You can style any of your favourite shirt or pants or shoes and fit it into your interview attire.

Winter job interview getup:
If you have decided to go for a summer job, then do look polished and professional but there is usually not a dress code for summers job, you can dress up formally and still look good. It’s all about your taste. You gotta move up your style game to look professional yet elegant. For men you can wear khakis with polo ■■■■ with a jacket or blazer on top of it and for women you can style a skirt with long coat or a blazer whatever suits your taste. You should bring your portfolio with you and a briefcase. Never forget to bring your identity card to pass through the security and bring a note pad and a pen in case you need to write down something so you can remember for later.


Summer job interview getup:
Being dressed up and looking professional in hot summers heat is honestly a difficult task. But you gotta still look good doesn’t matter how hot it is and for that you need to use some tricks to look presentable but stay cool in this summery weather. You can wear cotton fabric pants with a casual button-down shirt with some leather pointed shoes and accessorise your look with a watch and for women you can wear a nice neutral colour summery dress and if you want to be a bit more professional look then go for skirt with tank top and light blazer. Put some perfume with bock heels or flats with High ponytail and some minimal touch of jewellery and you are all ready to rock that interview of yours.

Some quick tips and tricks to leave a good impression:

Make sure you take your time to prepare for your interview and go through everything don’t be overconfident that u know everything because there is always something new that u learn every time you go through your questions.
Well like they always say first impression is the key to your success so make sure you leave a good first impression on the manager or the coordinator anyone whoever is interviewing you and for that you need up your style game and look professional. The clothes you are gonna wear should fits you perfectly. And timing is everything so make sure you guys get your everything ready the night before ironing your clothes properly, so they give a tidy and neat look have a shower. Don’t just concentrate on clothes and forget the shoes because shoes definitely play an important role in interviews or any career choices you make. They represent your style, and most people even focus on your shoes at first and judge you so should polish them the night before, so they look neat just like your clothes and everything else.

Things you should bring to your interview:


In addition to your outfit that will fit you perfectly there are few more things that you should carry with yourself when you are going for a job interview. Make sure you know the address of the office the night before searching it up before going somewhere so you don’t end up just going all over the place looking for the office and waste you time and get late for the interview and just leave a first bad impression because that won’t look good for you. Don’t forget your identity card at home because you are gonna need it to pass the security and for other office purposes. The next thing is a notepad and pen just in case you have to note something down. Keep extra copies of your resume in case the office staff needs some to compete your documents and don’t forget to take your sample with you or the reference of the few places and people that you have worked for with their correct office addresses and contact details. Take your laptop with you to show your previous work it depends on your job if your work requires it then take it with you and use a mouth freshener or some mints so that your mouth smells good when u talk and doesn’t leave a bad impression on other people. The last and the most important thing is don’t forget to make sure that your phone is on mute because you won’t want your phone ringing in the middle of the interview that will just look unprofessional and weird.

Things you shouldn’t bring to your interview:
There are few things that you shouldn’t bring to your interview. They might make you look unprofessional or feeling too uncomfortable when you are supposed to behave on your interview. First things first make sure you mouth is all clean and don’t bring gums in your pockets or even chew them during your interview. Try to avoid bringing soda or coffee because that will look too formal for your first-time interview. Try to cover your tattoos it’s not like they are a bad thing, but your interviewer might not like it so better to cover it. The last things is don’t cover your arms or fingers with so many cheap jewellery items and if you have too many piercings just try to make sure you don’t wear those big chunky earrings keep it all nice and decent. Go for a watch that will give a professional look and that’s all. Keep all these guidelines in your mind.

Some plus points to achieve success
Before going in for the interview make sure you have done all the research you can do about the company or a firm that you are applying in so that if there is any problem later you can deal with it properly and if the interviewer ask you any questions you should be able to answer those confidently without even thinking twice because that’s the type of behaviour or you can say attitude that will impress your boss to let you have the job and that you are a well deserving candidate for it.

However the way you dress up either it’s for a formal interview or business casual or just strict business interview make sure the clothes you wear should fit you perfectly because that’s a game changer even if your clothes aren’t expensive and they are just cheap if you iron them properly and they are exactly your size then no matter how they are they will look good on you and they will make you feel comfortable and confident about yourself. Make sure that your hair looks neat your face looks fresh well shaved and if you are a woman then keep your makeup natural, so you don’t like over so that when you leave the interviewer has a positive image of yours in his mind. Dressing up for your interview is an essential need but don’t dress up too much so that the person

who is gonna do your interview only focuses on your styles or clothes and just forgets what actually brought you there, your hard work through those years and your talent because that’s the main thing. He should remember the skills you have in you and your determination towards your work and the experience you have had before to that interview and the people that you have worked with. He needs to acknowledge these things in his mind because these things are gonna help you get the job surely. Your outfit matter a lot, but it doesn’t matter more than your studies and your hard work, skills. So, make sure he focuses on your resume instead of you and your outfit keep it all professional. Dress up according to their dress code and keep your tone nice but it should show professionalism and the determination for success that you have in you.