Not guilty

Not guilty,

Definition of Not guilty:

  1. Defendants denial of the charge.

  2. Innocent, especially of a formal charge.

  3. Jurys verdict on the evidence presented, resulting in acquittal of the defendant.

Synonyms of Not guilty

Angelic, Blameless, Childlike, Clear, Dovelike, Faultless, Guiltless, In the clear, Incorrupt, Innocent, Lamblike, Offenseless, Prelapsarian, Pristine, Reproachless, Sans reproche, Sinless, Uncorrupted, Undefiled, Unfallen, Unlapsed, Untouched by evil, With clean hands, Without reproach, Guiltless, Guilt-free, Not guilty, Blameless, Not to blame, In the clear, Unimpeachable, Irreproachable, Above suspicion, Beyond criticism, Without fault, Faultless

How to use Not guilty in a sentence?

  1. He pled not guilty to murder.

Meaning of Not guilty & Not guilty Definition