Definition of Remarketing:

  1. To put on the market for a second or subsequent time; to market again, or in a different way.

  2. Action taken on by companies to reintroduce a product or service to the market in response to declining sales. The company remarkets the product as something that has been improved to reignite interest and hopefully improve sales. For example, a technology company may remarket its computer with new features to improve sales after a newer system has been introduced in the market. The success of remarketing depends on what aspects actually led to the shift in demand and how the company addresses it.

How to use Remarketing in a sentence?

  1. We tried a remarketing technique to get the item back into the daily rotation, which was a gamble, but hopefully it paid off.
  2. Remarketing that nasty lemon water as a sports drink isnt going to make it sell any better, unless you target the Millenials.
  3. After the negative news report this January, Company K has been remarketing its signature drink as key to a healthy, active lifestyle.

Meaning of Remarketing & Remarketing Definition