Definition of Excursion:

  1. A short journey or trip, especially one engaged in as a leisure activity.

  2. A deviation from a regular pattern, path, or level of operation.

  3. Short round trip, usually that must be completed within a specified period.

  4. A military sortie.

  5. An instance of the movement of something along a path or through an angle.

Synonyms of Excursion

Aberrancy, Aberration, Airing, Ambages, Aside, Bend, Bias, Branching off, Bypass, Bypath, Byway, Campaign, Circling, Circuit, Circuition, Circuitousness, Circuitry, Circularity, Circulation, Circumambience, Circumambiency, Circumambulation, Circumbendibus, Circumflexion, Circumlocution, Circummigration, Circumnavigation, Corner, Course, Crook, Crosswiseness, Cruise, Curve, Declination, Deflection, Deflexure, Departure, Detour, Deviance, Deviancy, Deviation, Deviousness, Diagonality, Digression, Discursion, Divagation, Divarication, Divergence, Diversion, Dogleg, Double, Drift, Drifting, Drive, Episode, Errantry, Excursus, Exorbitation, Expedition, Grand tour, Gyre, Gyring, Hairpin, Hike, Indirection, Indirectness, Jaunt, Journey, Junket, Lionism, Meandering, Nonconformity, Obliqueness, Obliquity, Orbit, Orbiting, Outing, Package tour, Parenthesis, Peregrination, Pererration, Pilgrimage, Pleasure trip, Progress, Ramble, Rambling, Ride, Round trip, Roundabout, Roundabout way, Roundaboutness, Rounding, Rubberneck tour, Run, Safari, Sail, Sally, Sheer, Shift, Shifting, Shifting course, Shifting path, Shoot, Side path, Side road, Sidetrack, Sight-seeing, Skew, Skewness, Slant, Spiral, Spiraling, Squint, Stalk, Straying, Stroll, Sweep, Swerve, Swerving, Swinging, Tack, Tour, Transverseness, Trek, Trip, Turn, Turning, Twist, Vagary, Variation, Veer, Voyage, Walk, Walkabout, Wandering, Warp, Wheeling, Yaw, Zigzag, Trip, Outing, Jaunt, Expedition, Journey, Tour

How to use Excursion in a sentence?

  1. An excursion to Mount Etna.
  2. The firms disastrous excursion into the US electrical market.
  3. Large excursions of the hip and knee joint.

Meaning of Excursion & Excursion Definition