Definition of Band:

  1. A thing that restrains, binds, or unites.

  2. A stripe or elongated area of a different color, texture, or composition than its surroundings.

  3. Surround (an object) with something in the form of a strip or ring, typically for reinforcement or decoration.

  4. Range of values within two predetermined limits.

  5. A flat, thin strip or loop of material put around something, typically to hold it together or to decorate it.

  6. A range of frequencies or wavelengths in a spectrum (especially of radio frequencies).

  7. Mark (something) with a stripe or stripes of a different color.

Synonyms of Band

Belt, Sash, Girdle, Strap, Tape, Ring, Hoop, Loop, Circlet, Circle, Cord, Tie, String, Thong, Ribbon, Fillet, Strip, Ace bandage, Band-Aid, Bund, German band, Mystik tape, Philharmonic, Rochdale cooperative, Scotch tape, Accouple, Accumulate, Act in concert, Act together, Adhesive tape, Affiliate, Age group, Agglutinate, Alliance, Ally, Amalgamate, Amass, Amateur band, Anklet, Application, Armlet, Articulate, Assemblage, Assemble, Assembly, Associate, Association, Axis, Band together, Bandage, Bandaging, Bandeau, Bar, Battalion, Batten, Be in league, Bed, Bedding, Begird, Belt, Belt in, Bend, Bespangle, Bespeckle, Bespot, Bevy, Big band, Bind, Bind up, Binder, Bloc, Blotch, Body, Bond, Border, Brace, Bracelet, Bracket, Brass, Brass band, Brass choir, Brass quintet, Brass section, Brasses, Bridge, Bridge over, Brigade, Bunch, Bundle, Cabal, Callithumpian band, Cast, Cataplasm, Cellophane tape, Cement, Chain, Chamber orchestra, Channel, Check, Checker, Cinch, Cincture, Cingulum, Circle, Citizens band, Clap together, Clique, Cloth tape, Club, Club together, Cluster, Coact, Coalesce, Coalition, Cohort, Collaborate, Collar, Collarband, Collect, College, Collude, Combination, Combine, Combo, Common market, Company, Complement, Compress, Comprise, Concatenate, Concert, Concert band, Concord, Concur, Confederacy, Confederate, Confederation, Conglobulate, Conjoin, Conjugate, Connect, Consociate, Consolidate, Conspire, Consumer cooperative, Contingent, Cooperate, Cooperative, Cooperative society, Copulate, Corps, Coterie, Cotton, Couche, Council, Couple, Course, Court plaster, Cover, Covey, Crack, Cravat, Craze, Credit union, Crew, Cross-hatching, Crowd, Customs union, Dapple, Dash, Deck, Delineation, Desks, Detachment, Detail, Diagonal, Division, Dixieland band, Do business with, Do up, Dot, Dotted line, Dressing, Earring, Ecliptic, Economic community, Edge, Elastic bandage, Embrace, Encincture, Encircle, Encompass, Engird, Ensemble, Ensphere, Epithem, Equator, Faction, Fascia, Federate, Federation, Fillet, Finger ring, Flake, Fleck, Fleet, Floor, Four-tailed bandage, Freckle, Free trade area, Frequency band, Friction tape, Fuse, Gallery, Gamelan orchestra, Gang, Gather, Gauze, Get heads together, Get together, Gird, Girdle, Girt, Girth, Glue, Go partners, Great circle, Group, Grouping, Groupment, Hachure, Hairline, Hang together, Harlequin, Harmonize, Hatching, Hold together, Hook up, Hoop, Horde, In-group, Include, Iris, Jazz band, Join, Join in, Join together, Jug band, Junta, Keep, Keep together, Knot, Lace, Lash, Lath, Lay together, Layer, League, League together, Leash, Ledge, Level, Ligula, Ligule, Line, Lineation, Link, Lint, List, Loop, Lump together, Machine, Maculate, Make common cause, Marble, Marbleize, Marry, Marshal, Masking tape, Mass, Measures, Merge, Military band, Mob, Mobilize, Motley, Mottle, Movement, Neckband, Necklace, Nose ring, Orchestra, Out-group, Outfit, Overlayer, Overstory, Pack, Pair, Partner, Partnership, Party, Peer group, Pepper, Phalanx, Philharmonic, Piece together, Plank, Plaster, Plaster cast, Plastic tape, Platoon, Play ball, Pledget, Police band, Political machine, Polychrome, Polychromize, Posse, Poultice, Pull together, Put heads together, Put together, Quartet, Quintet, Quoit, Radio channel, Ragtime band, Rainbow, Reciprocate, Regiment, Ribband, Ribbon, Ring, Rock-and-roll group, Roll into one, Roller, Roller bandage, Rope, Rubber bandage, Salon, Score, Seam, Set, Sextet, Shelf, Shortwave band, Shred, Skiffle band, Slash, Slat, Sling, Slip, Society, Solder, Span, Spangle, Speck, Speckle, Spill, Splice, Spline, Splint, Splotch, Sponge, Spot, Sprinkle, Squad, Stable, Stage, Stand together, Standard band, Steel band, Step, Stick together, Stigmatize, Stipple, Story, Strake, Strap, Stratum, Streak, Streaking, Street band, Stria, Striate, Striation, Striature, Striga, String, String band, String choir, String orchestra, String quartet, Strings, Striola, Strip, Stripe, Striping, Stroke, Strop, Stud, Stupe, Sublineation, Substratum, Superstratum, Swaddle, Swathe, Swing band, Symphony, Symphony orchestra, Taenia, Take in, Tampon, Tape, Tape measure, Tapeline, Tattoo, Team, Team up, Tent, Tessellate, Thickness, Throw in together, Ticker tape, Tie, Tie in, Tie up, Tier, Topsoil, Tourniquet, Triangular bandage, Tribe, Trio, Troop, Troupe, Truss, Twine around, Underlayer, Underline, Underlining, Underscore, Underscoring, Understory, Understratum, Unify, Union, Unionize, Unite, Unite efforts, Variegate, Vein, Virgule, Waits, Weld, Wing, Wire, Woodwind, Woodwind choir, Woodwind quartet, Woodwinds, Work together, Wrap, Wrap up, Wreathe, Wreathe around, Wristband, Wristlet, Yoke, Zodiac, Zone, Stripe, Strip, Streak, Line, Bar, Belt, Swathe, Vein, Thread, Flash

How to use Band in a sentence?

  1. Doors are banded with iron to make them stronger.
  2. Wads of banknotes fastened with gummed paper bands.
  3. Must I fall, and die in bands?.
  4. A long, narrow band of cloud.
  5. Channels in the UHF band.
  6. The birds bill is banded across the middle with black.

Meaning of Band & Band Definition

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