Glenn Quagmire, often referred to by only his surname, Quagmire, is a fictional character from the American animated television series Family Guy. He is a neighbor and friend of the Griffin family and is best known for his hyper sexuality and his catchphrase, “Giggity”. The show’s creator and voice actor Seth MacFarlane describes him as “an appalling human being who is still caught in the Rat Pack era” based on anachronistic 1950s party-animal clichés.

Quagmire is roughly 5’8" tall in “Blind Ambition” and 61 years old according to his driver’s license in “FOX-y Lady”, although he recounts a youthful sexual encounter with Tracey Bellings set in 1986 in “A Fistful of Meg”. His father, Ida Davis, claims to have had his sex change at age 61 in “Trans-Fat”, well after “FOX-y Lady”. He explains that he makes himself look younger by consuming carrots. Glenn currently resides at 29 Spooner Street, Quahog, Rhode Island.

Theme Song

Quagmire has his own theme song, as seen in “Breaking Out is Hard to Do” and “Airport '07”, although the theme song is only shown on the uncensored version of the latter episode. It usually starts off with an announcer saying “Who else but Quagmire?”, and then it goes into an opening sequence featuring his face against a background of changing colors, while studio singers sing the theme song, with Quagmire singing the last line;

He’s Quagmire, Quagmire

You never really know what he’s gonna do next

He’s Quagmire, Quagmire

Giggity giggity giggity giggity, let’s have sex!

The sequence then cuts to a setting that is supposed to be entirely serious. So far, a fancy dinner party and a ■■■■■■■ for a young woman who died a virgin have been shown. Quagmire will then perform an outrageous act, much to the surprise of the bystanders. During the dinner party sequence, where he was dressed as a waiter, he stripped down to his underwear and danced upon the table. During the ■■■■■■■, he popped out of the coffin in his underwear and danced offscreen, implying that he had sex with the corpse.

The presumed “closing credits” sequence is almost identical to the opening sequence, except the theme song is performed thusly;

He’s Quagmire, Quagmire

Giggity giggity goo!

Origins and vocal style

The name Quagmire was chosen by a college acquaintance of MacFarlane’s. MacFarlane came up with Quagmire’s voice after listening to fast-talking radio jockeys from the 1950s era, describing the character as a "50s radio guy on coke.” The “giggity” phrase was inspired by Steve Marmel’s Jerry Lewis impression

Role in the show

Quagmire is a bachelor who works as a commercial airline pilot. He lives on Spooner Street where he is a neighbor and friend of Peter Griffin, Cleveland Brown and Joe Swanson. He has had two spouses: Joan, a maid for the Griffins who died; and Charmise, a ■■■■■■■■■■ whom he divorced. The former episode, “I Take Thee Quagmire”, was acknowledged by MacFarlane as the first to have a plot revolving around Quagmire.

During his time in Korea in service in Busan, he had a brief career as a Korean soap opera star by the name of “American Johnny” and was lovers with his co-star, Sujin. They would reconnect ties during his brief travel there with Peter, Joe and Cleveland. Quagmire briefly dated Cheryl Tiegs in the early 1980s, but she dumped him because of his constant jealousy and his sex addiction. Cheryl, who Quagmire considers his long-lost one true love, would again appear twice in Quagmire’s life, both times due to Brian Griffin’s meddling: the first one, when Brian invited him to dinner under the pretense he was going to dinner with her; the second one, when Brian dated her just to torment him (Quagmire retaliates by dating Brian’s ex-girlfriend Jillian). Quagmire despises Brian, and they have a feud that spans several episodes.

In the episode “Quagmire’s Baby”, he discovers that he has a daughter, Anna Lee, but puts her up for adoption; several episodes imply that Quagmire has fathered several other children. His father, Dan, is introduced in the episode “Quagmire’s Dad”; he is a naval veteran of the Vietnam War who has a sex reassignment and becomes a woman named Ida. Quagmire’s sister, Brenda, is first seen in the episode “Jerome is the New Black” and is the subject of “Screams of Silence: The Story of Brenda Q”. In both episodes she is the victim of domestic violence from her partner Jeff, whom Quagmire murders in order to protect her. The episode “Quagmire’s Mom” reveals that he has a strained, dysfunctional relationship with his mother, who was inappropriately sexual with him; other episodes have implied that the two have actually had sex.

He is characterized as indulging in numerous sexual fetishes such as ■■■■, frotteurism, biastophilia, somnophilia, ■■■■■■ asphyxiation, voyeurism, exhibitionism, zoophilia, and necrophilia. He also has a predilection for teenage girls, including Peter’s daughter Meg, whenever they turn 18. Following the episode “Family ■■■”, he develops a ■■■■■■■■■■■ addiction after discovering the existence of internet ■■■■■■■■■■■. When in sexual situations, he often shouts variations of his catchphrase “giggity”, which has been used on Family Guy merchandise such as keyrings.

Scenes involving Quagmire’s sexual behavior have sometimes been censored by Fox, such as a cutaway in the episode “Airport '07” which implied that he engaged in necrophilia with a ■■■■ virgin at her ■■■■■■■. The Parents Television Council, a long-term critic of Family Guy, says that Quagmire provides “some of the tawdriest moments” in the show.


Quagmire is often seen saying “all right” while rocking his head back and forwards.

Although Quagmire gets along very well with most people, it is revealed in “Jerome Is the New Black” that he dislikes Brian for the following reasons:

  • He constantly hits on Lois, even when Peter pays for his food and saved him from certain death.

  • He poops all over the yard as well. According to Quagmire, it adds additional insult to Peter alongside Brian hitting on Lois.

  • Brian is not trustworthy and never pays for anything, including debts and taxes; when asked to pay, he always remarks that he’ll “get you later,” but “later” never comes.

  • Brian pretends to be a deep guy who loves women for their souls when, in reality, he only dates ■■■■■■; Quagmire then admits that he does the same thing, but the difference between him and Brian is that he is at least honest about his goals.

  • He is a terrible writer.

  • Brian has done nothing to help despite his liberal beliefs, except for trying to legalize ■■■■■■■■■.

  • Brian thinks that he is superior owing to the fact that he drives a Prius. To this end, Quagmire remarks to Brian that “driving a Prius doesn’t make you Jesus Christ!”

  • Brian does not believe in religion and looks down on those who do.

  • Brian acts like an intellectual despite the fact that he has failed college twice.

  • Brian is a failure as a father and never sees his son.

  • Finishing his tirade, Glenn tells Brian he could forgive all of that if he weren’t such a bore.

Frequently Asked Questions :paintbrush:

1- Why is quagmire named Quagmire?

The name Quagmire was chosen by a college acquaintance of MacFarlane’s. MacFarlane came up with Quagmire’s voice after listening to fast-talking radio jockeys from the 1950s era, describing the character as a “50s radio guy on coke.” The “giggity” phrase was inspired by Steve Marmel’s Jerry Lewis impression.

2- Who has quagmire slept with?

Sadly, such is not the case, as he has an affair with Cleveland’s wife Loretta in the season four episode, "The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire.

3- Is quagmire white?

In “Tiegs for Two”, it’s revealed that Quagmire is half-Polish and his original name was Glenn Quagglechek. He was also obese as a child.

4- Why is quagmire so old?

His dad is a Vietnam War vet. While this may seem to make Quagmire too old to be his son, if his dad was a new recruit (18 years old) at the start of the war (1955) then he’d be in his 80’s now. Except that means he probably knocked up Quagmire’s mom shortly before being deployed.

5- Is quagmire left handed?

Quagmire Is Left Handed

You see, Quagmire has always been represented as left handed; from holding beers to giving a thumbs up he’s always been sinister.

6- What happened to Quagmire Family Guy?

He was also briefly married to a maniac named Joan. She died after clutching onto Death’s arm. Quagmire is currently a widower, although this is no problem for him, as he can now get it on with more girls, without having to worry about cheating.

7- Who was quagmire based on?

Glenn Quagmire Is Modelled on Bob Hope.

Born in Kent, the American comedian, actor, and singer was a key figure in the entertainment industry for almost 80 years, so it’s no wonder that McFarlane thought it apt to use his likeness

8- Why does quagmire not like Brian?

Finally, Quagmire would give Brian a detailed description of why he hates him. The general gist of it was that he was egotistical, rude to his friends and family, misogynistic, opinionated, and above all things, boring.

9- Why does quagmire have a big chin?

As well as baldness. Quagmire exhibits many of the traits of high testosterone. that image is an excellent addition. Also maybe his muscles developed as a child extremely large through ■■■■■■■■■ puberty/chilhood giving him the large chin he has (Although he was born with this).

10- Is quagmire a real word?

A quagmire is a difficult, complicated, or unpleasant situation which is not easy to avoid or escape from. His people had fallen further and further into a quagmire of confusion. A quagmire is a soft, wet area of land which your feet sink into if you try to walk across it.

11- Why did Family Guy get canceled?

As ratings struggled, Fox bounced the show around its schedule during its sophomore run. By the spring of 2000, it was now stuck airing Tuesdays against the popular game show.


Glenn Quagmire, often referred to by only his surname, Quagmire, is a fictional character from the American animated television series Family Guy.

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