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Growth rate is the percentage change in a given variable over a period of time. For investors, growth generally represents an annual growth rate that includes sales, revenue, profit or macro concepts such as gross domestic product (GDP) and retail sales. There are two common types of growth rates used for follower growth or forecasting analysis.

  • Growth rate is used to represent annual change in percentage variables, such as income or investment.
  • Growth rates can be useful for evaluating a company's performance and predicting future performance.
  • The average annual growth rate (CAGR) is the rate commonly used to evaluate the performance of an investment or business.

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Meanings of Growth:
  1. The process of increasing body size.

  2. Anything that grew or developed.

  3. A vineyard or a special quality class or related grape crop.

Sentences of Growth
  1. Top plant growth

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  3. All legally designated champagne areas are classified as wines

Synonyms of Growth

heightening, extension, ballooning, thickening, growing, magnification, widening, broadening, swelling


Meanings of Rates:
  1. Set a standard or value for a particular scale (object).

  2. Think of it as a special quality or standard.

  3. A measure, quantity or frequency that is usually measured in relation to another quantity or unit of measure.

  4. Payment of a fixed price or calculation for something.

  5. Scolding (someone) in anger

Sentences of Rates
  1. They were asked to assess their abilities in various driving exercises.

  2. Atkinson considers him the best defender in Europe

  3. The island has one of the lowest crime rates in the world

  4. Minimum hourly rate £ 3.40

Synonyms of Rates

tariff, appraise, cost, gauge, put a value on, outlay, consider to be, find to be, think to be, amount, calculate, deem to be, price, hold to be, estimate, charge, evaluate, judge, fare, assess, judge to be, hire, weigh up, value, compute, reckon to be, adjudge, measure, figure