Definition of Farmer:

  1. People whose main occupation is livestock and / or agriculture. A farmer takes all the necessary steps to ensure that the product he grows is properly fed and then sells his product to buyers. Some farmers have taken advantage of the need for high-yield products, such as organic vegetables and livestock.

  2. People who own or operate farms.

  3. Individuals were hired to collect taxes.

Synonyms of Farmer

Dirt farmer, Yeoman, Gentleman farmer, Clodhopper, Agriculturist, Bucolic, Tax farmer, Kibbutznik, Cultivator, Rustic, Agronomist, Pack rat, Farmhand, Sharecropper, Muzhik, Tax collector, Husbandman, Customs, Clown, Peasant, Assessor, Sower, Agrologist, Miser, Magpie, Coffee-planter, Agriculturalist, Looby, Countryman, Son of the soil, Boor, Accumulator, Collector, Harvester, Connoisseur, Agriculturalist, Taxer, Kulak, Tiller, Collective farm worker, Rube, Plowman, Reaper, Tree farmer, Farmhand, Internal Revenue Service, Truck farmer, Publican, Rancher, Clod, Douanier, Grazier, Bumpkin, Dunner, Hick, Bauer, Tea-planter, Raiser, Crofter, Ranchman, Lout, Exciseman, Customhouse, Kolkhoznik, Farm laborer, Country bumpkin, Yokel, Taxman, Peasant holder, Picker, Bill collector, Haymaker, Planter, Harvestman, Gatherer, Collection agent, Agronomist, Hillbilly, Dry farmer, Smallholder, Plowboy, Revenuer, Grower, Tenant farmer, Granger, Daughter of the soil, Hayseed, Tax assessor, Cropper

How to use Farmer in a sentence?

  1. Life can be difficult for farmers who find it difficult to grow during natural or dry disasters.
  2. I was the only child in the class with a farmer father and I was proud that he loved farming.
  3. Every morning, my father, a local farmer, wakes up at four in the morning to make sure all the animals are in control before going out and working the land for harvesting.
  4. He provided government assistance to farmers and farm owners to live on their land.

Meaning of Farmer & Farmer Definition