Definition of Farmer:

  1. An individual whose primary job function involves livestock and/or agriculture. A farmer takes all the necessary steps to ensure proper nourishment of the items that he/she raises and then sells the items to purchasers. Some farmers have been able to capitalize on the need for high-demand products that they produce, such as organic vegetables and livestock.

  2. A person who owns or manages a farm.

  3. A person to whom the collection of taxes was contracted for a fee.

Synonyms of Farmer

Bauer, Internal Revenue Service, Accumulator, Agriculturalist, Agriculturist, Agrologist, Agronomist, Assessor, Bill collector, Boor, Bucolic, Bumpkin, Clod, Clodhopper, Clown, Coffee-planter, Collection agent, Collective farm worker, Collector, Connoisseur, Country bumpkin, Crofter, Cropper, Cultivator, Customhouse, Customs, Dirt farmer, Douanier, Dry farmer, Dunner, Exciseman, Farm laborer, Farmhand, Gatherer, Gentleman farmer, Granger, Grower, Harvester, Harvestman, Haymaker, Hayseed, Hick, Hillbilly, Husbandman, Kibbutznik, Kolkhoznik, Kulak, Looby, Lout, Magpie, Miser, Muzhik, Pack rat, Peasant, Peasant holder, Picker, Planter, Plowboy, Plowman, Publican, Raiser, Rancher, Ranchman, Reaper, Revenuer, Rube, Rustic, Sharecropper, Sower, Tax assessor, Tax collector, Tax farmer, Taxer, Taxman, Tea-planter, Tenant farmer, Tiller, Tree farmer, Truck farmer, Yeoman, Yokel, Agriculturalist, Agronomist, Smallholder, Grazier, Farmhand, Countryman, Daughter of the soil, Son of the soil

How to use Farmer in a sentence?

  1. Life can be hard at times for a farmer if there is a natural disaster or a drought that makes it harder for his crops to grow.
  2. I was the only kid in the class that had a dad who was a farmer and it actually made me proud because I loved farming.
  3. Every morning my father, a local farmer , wakes up at four AM to make sure all of the animals are in check, before he goes out and works the land for crops.
  4. It helped farmers and farm owners to stay in their property with government help.

Meaning of Farmer & Farmer Definition