Best Dog Breed

Since the hunting days of man, dogs have been worthy companions. Even in today’s fast-paced life, they can be highly rewarding. They can help keep your immune system sound, overcome depression, and even lower blood pressure. A lot depends on the type of lifestyle or hobbies you have.

So, before you get a dog, ask yourself - why and for whom it is? Is it for yourself, kids, grandparents, or a friend with special needs? Get a dog that suits your health, lifestyle, and personality.

Dog Breeds that Suits To Your Health and Personality

Fitness Buffs

Do you enjoy daily long walks or vigorous exercises?

Get a medium-large dog breed, a canine companion like Labrador retrievers, Doberman Pinschers, Rottweilers, Irish and English Setters, Weimaraners, Border Collies, German Shepherds, or Dalmatians.

Globe Trotters

Do you travel a lot and need an easily transportable dog?

A Yorkshire Terrier or a Maltese pup can fit in a suitable carry-on, remain calm, and be your companion even while you travel.


Want a dog right beside you while you enjoy the beach?

Get Portuguese Water Dog; it has a waterproof coat and can play with you on a beach. You can also get dogs that love playing in the water - Labrador Retriever, Irish Water Spaniel, Newfoundland, Poodle, or German Shepherd.

Busy life; get an independent dog.

For a busy life, you need a dog that can handle your extended absence. Alaskan Malamutes, Borzoi (Russian wolfhounds), and Chinese Shar-Peis are dog breeds that are more independent than others.

Love socializing and connecting with people?

If you are socially active, busy with volunteer work, or someone that loves connecting with people, then have a canine companion of a similar temperament. Dog breeds like Clumber spaniels, English and Irish Setters, Golden or flat-coated Labrador Retrievers, Beagles, Siberian Huskies, and Bichon Frises can fit-in well.

Attention Hogs and Home Buddies

Do you love dogs and enjoy giving a lot of attention to them?

Then bring home a dog breed that enjoys your company like Pomeranian, Chinese Crested, French Bulldog, or Toy poodle. Attention-loving dogs are also a good watchdog for your home. Dog breeds like Beagle, Bloodhound, or American Cocker Spaniel, can respond to strangers quickly.

Need dogs for kids

All dog breeds are not safe with kids. If you have newborn babies or smaller kids, get a dog that loves to romp and play with them like Beagles and Boxers. For gentle older kids, Dachshunds are best. If you want a dog breed that’s suitable for children of all ages to play with and protect, pick Labrador Retrievers and Saint Bernards.

Apartment-friendly dogs

Compared to an independent house, apartment living comes with space constraints and rules. It can be challenging for bigger dogs to fit-in. Bring home a dog that doesn’t tend to bark without reason and requires moderate exercise like a short walk. Get dog breeds like English toy spaniels, Havanese, Bedlington terriers, or Cavalier King Charles spaniels.

Health Issues and Need the Motivation to Walk?

If you are coping with hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, or heart disease, you need some motivation to walk. Dog breeds like Akitas, Airedales, or American Eskimos take delight in walking. You can even get smaller dog breeds that enjoy walks like Pomeranians and Toy Poodles.

Have Mobility Issues?

If you are looking for a dog breed for people with knee pain, rheumatoid arthritis, or MS limiting mobility, go with very small or large size dogs. A small dog can have plenty of exercises jumping around inside the home like Basset Hounds, Shih Tzu, and Pekingese. Big dogs like Bullmastiffs and Saint Bernards can be good companions for the elderly as they need moderate exercise.

Having Sleeping Issues?

A quiet dog can help you in those sleepless nights and can give you good company like an energetic yet non-barking dog Basenji. You can also get other such dogs like Greyhounds and English Sheepdogs.

Dogs for Allergy Sufferers

There’s no such thing as hypoallergenic dogs if you have allergies. So, get dog breeds like Schnauzers, Poodles, Bichon Frises, and Portuguese Water Dogs that produce less dander.

Want a Dog for those with Special Needs?

You can get dogs specially trained to aid those with Alzheimer’s, blind or deaf people. They can also alert people with epilepsy of a pending seizure. Golden Retriever, Saint Barnard, German Shepherd, etc., can be an excellent choice for their companion or be a therapy dog for them.

Soothing Stress and Depression

The devoted look and smile of a pup can bring joy to people feeling less enthusiastic about life. Labrador or Golden Retrievers, Yorkshire Terrier, Shiba Inu, or Great Pyrenees can soothe stress or depression and make you happy.


When you get a dog that fits your lifestyle, health, and personality, it begins to support your emotional needs. Having the right dog can be more meaningful and rewarding. If you have any questions, send them in the comment section below.