Definition of Tweet:

  1. A post made on the social media application Twitter.

  2. Make a post on the social media application Twitter.

  3. The term given to the short messages composed by users on the social networking site, Twitter. Tweets are limited to 140 text characters and can be viewed by other users through Twitter compatible feeds and SMS applications.

  4. The chirp of a small or young bird.

  5. Make a chirping noise.

Synonyms of Tweet

Trill, Sing, Chirp, Chirrup, Chirr, Cheep, Twitter, Tweet, Whistle, Chatter, Squeak, Pipe, Peep, Cackle, Call, Carol, Caw, Chatter, Cheep, Chip, Chipper, Chirk, Chirm, Chirp, Chirr, Chirrup, Chitter, Chuck, Clack, Cluck, ■■■■-a-doodle-doo, Coo, Croak, Cronk, Crow, Cuckoo, Drum, Gabble, Gaggle, Gobble, Guggle, ■■■■, Hoo, Hoot, Peep, Pip, Pipe, Quack, Roll, Scold, Sing, Squawk, Trill, Tweedle, Twit, Twitter, Warble, Whistle, Communication, Piece of information, News, Word, Note, Memorandum, Memo, Email, Posting, Tweet, Letter, Line, Missive, Report, Bulletin, Communiqué, Dispatch, Intelligence, Notification, Announcement, Trill, Trilling, Song, Birdsong, Cry, Warbling, Chirp, Chirping, Chirrup, Chirruping, Chirr, Chirring, Cheep, Cheeping, Twitter, Twittering, Tweet, Tweeting, Whistle, Whistling, Chatter, Chattering, Squeak, Squeaking, Pipe, Piping, Peep, Peeping, Call, Calling

How to use Tweet in a sentence?

  1. He started posting tweets via his cell phone to let his parents know he was safe.
  2. She talks about her own life, but shes just as likely to tweet about budget cuts and Keynesian economics.
  3. The gentle tweet of a bird can be heard.
  4. The birds were tweeting in the branches.

Meaning of Tweet & Tweet Definition

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A tweet is the title of a Twitter post and traditionally consists of a short sentence of up to 240 characters. Tweets can also contain images, videos, and polls.

A message sent by Twitter, a microblogging service that allows users to send and read short text messages.

A tweet is a message on Twitter. Tweets are limited to 280 characters and can contain photos, videos, and links. They are public by default.

A tweet is a message on Twitter. They are limited to 140 characters to send short messages. A link placed in a tweet is always 23 characters long and an image attached to a tweet is always 24 characters long. Tweets often include hashtags to categorize them.

Term used to describe a post on Twitter. (For example, if your friend asks if you saw the article I wrote on Twitter last night, ask if you saw the link to the article shared on your Twitter account last night.)

Title given to posts published on Twitter. Tweets are microblog posts that can be up to 280 characters long.

Posted via Twitter. It must not exceed 140 characters and may contain links to other websites, blogs, images and videos.

This message was published on the social network Twitter. Tweets are microblog posts of up to 140 characters.

A tweet is a message on Twitter. Tweets are short messages of up to 280 characters and can contain photos, videos, and links.

A user update posted to Twitter is called a tweet.