What Does Dog Water Mean?

What Does Dog Water Mean? Dog water meaning is used in slang to insult someone by saying useless. However, water dogs are a kind of breed of dogs also. Some dogs like American Water Spaniel and Wetterhoun fall in this category.

What Does Dog Water Mean?

What is Dog Water?

A water dog specifically bred to flush and retrieve game from water is called a water dog. It is generally agreed that water dogs were the ancestors of most present retriever dog breeds.

The most distinguishing characteristics of water dogs are their dense, watertight coats and intense desire to swim. Water dogs tend to be of medium size and have a high activity level.

It is customary for many breeds of long-haired water dogs to have their coats clipped so that their midriffs and hindquarters are exposed. This timeless cut is still seen in modern dog shows, with some breeds, like Poodles, maintaining a variant of this cut.


This helps the dogs swim more efficiently by reducing drag, but they keep their long coats around their torsos, which protects them from experiencing thermal shock if they jump into cold water.

How Is Dog Water Used?

When one Fortnite player wishes to talk trash with another, they have the option of referring to that person as “dog water.” Because “dog water” is (supposedly) inferior water, referring to a player as “dog water” indicates the player is also inferior.

You may also use dog water outside of Fortnite to insult individuals and things that aren’t related to the game. For instance, if you play a game of Uno with your nieces and nephews and lose, they can refer to you as dog water.

List of Water Dogs Breeds

The following is a list of canine breeds typically classified as water dogs.

Breed Alternate name(s) Country of origin
Irish Water Spaniel Whiptail, Shannon Spaniel Ireland
Tweed Water Spaniel Tweed Spaniel England
Barbet French Water Dog France
Lagotto Romagnolo Romagna Water Dog Italy
American Water Spaniel American Brown Spaniel United States
Poodle Pudelhund & Caniche France, Germany
Cantabrian Water Dog Perro de lanas & Merlucero Spain
Spanish Water Dog Perro de agua Español Spain
Wetterhoun Otterhoun & Dutch Spaniel Netherlands


Known to the Romans as “lion dogs” because of the characteristic trimming of their coats, water dogs are a centuries-old breed that was formerly popular among ancient seafarers for retrieving lost items and communicating between vessels. Until recently, water dogs could still be spotted on board ships.

They were common in the Spanish Armada and could still be seen on fishing boats in the waters of Spain and Portugal into the 20th century. In Medieval Europe, hunters employed water dogs extensively to collect shot ducks from the water.

They also served as ships’ dogs. TikTok user @zachology used mi1k’s music on a freezeframe during Fortnite play on December 8, 2020, and published the video to their account. Things immediately spiraled out of control after that. Adding the classic “Dog Water” phrase to his freezeframe, @zachology has uploaded another video.


Many European water dog breeds, such as the poodle, became mostly decorative after developing sophisticated weapons, while others evolved into contemporary gundogs, such as the Wetterhoun. Most current retriever breeds have been bred with water dogs and other breeds.

Dog Water Meaning

It’s possible to stumble across the term “dog water” when playing video games or perusing internet forums. That may pique your interest in learning what “dog water” means. By reading on, you can find out what this term means and where it came from.

The current meaning of “dog water” refers to someone terrible in a sport or other activity. Trash is what it’s most commonly used to refer to. A video gamer who is told by someone else that he or she is “dog water” means that the player is terrible at the game.

As a result, in today’s jargon, the phrase “you’re dog water” simply means “you’re garbage” in the context being discussed. As early as the 1960s, “dog water” was used to describe the sperm and other bodily fluids secreted after a sexual encounter.

Note: I believe that’s the original definition of dog water. For decades, the phrase was mostly forgotten. In the past several months, some Fortnite players have been using it. Then it went viral, and it’s in practically every phrase in certain circles.

Acceptable Ways to Phrase Dog Water

  • Using the term “dog water” to describe someone’s online gaming prowess is acceptable.

  • While playing Fortnite, you may state that your opponents’ abilities are dog water, and they should consider practicing before they go on you again.

  • The term can be used both online and offline. In the history of online gaming, Fortnite has been one of the most popular platforms.

  • Most people can tell what you mean if you tell them that you’re a master of dog water.

  • As a result, the game’s vernacular is recognizable to countless numbers of children throughout the world.

  • However, finding persons above 16 familiar with the term’s history and meaning is difficult.


Some dictionaries inform you that this word means “Slang term invented in the 1960s, seldom encountered now, describing the secretion of semen and other fluids during sex.”


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Wet food helps your pet digest food, run an agility course, breathe fresh air, and pump blood. She adds, “Blood’s large water.” "Water is needed for nutrient absorption. TikTok user @zachology published a freezeframe video utilizing mi1k’s soundtrack on December 8, 2020. Then chaos ensued. @zachology made another video with the “Dog Water” freezeframe.

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