Definition of Citizen:

  1. Person who is entitled to enjoy all the legal rights and privileges granted by a state to the people comprising its constituency, and is obligated to obey its laws and to fulfill his or duties as called upon. Also called national. See also domicile and resident.

  2. A legally recognized subject or national of a state or commonwealth, either native or naturalized.

Synonyms of Citizen

Subject, National, Passport holder, Native, Burgess, Burgher, Citizen by adoption, Civilian, Cosmopolitan, Cosmopolite, Deditician, Denizen, Dweller, Franklin, Free citizen, Freedman, Freedwoman, Freeman, Freewoman, Householder, Hyphenate, Hyphenated American, Immigrant, Inhabitant, Metic, National, Native, Naturalized citizen, Nonbelligerent, Noncombatant, Nonnative citizen, Nonresistant, Nonresister, Oppidan, Ratepayer, Resident, Subject, Taxpayer, Towner, Townsman, Townswoman, Villager, Voter

How to use Citizen in a sentence?

  1. Be being involved in the community and always willing to help others, Jamie was well-respected and viewed as an upstanding citizen .
  2. Since he was not a citizen of the country, he had to renew his visa every year to continue to live and work there.
  3. Before Jacob could permanently accept the marketing position and move to New York City, he had to take the test to become a citizen of the United States.
  4. A Polish citizen.

Meaning of Citizen & Citizen Definition