Definition of Citizen:

  1. A person who is entitled by the state to enjoy all the legal rights and privileges residing in his constituency and who is bound to abide by its law and fulfill his obligations or duties. Also called national. See also Residence and Residence.

  2. Legally recognized subject or citizen, native or natural person of a country or community.

Synonyms of Citizen

Taxpayer, Immigrant, Resident, Nonresistant, Hyphenate, Metic, Nonnative citizen, Ratepayer, Townsman, Nonresister, Franklin, Noncombatant, Subject, Dweller, Villager, Denizen, Towner, National, Hyphenated American, Subject, Oppidan, Native, Freewoman, Freeman, Freedwoman, Civilian, Voter, Nonbelligerent, Inhabitant, Householder, Cosmopolitan, Townswoman, Freedman, Burgess, Citizen by adoption, Deditician, Cosmopolite, Naturalized citizen, Passport holder, Free citizen, National, Native, Burgher

How to use Citizen in a sentence?

  1. Jamie is involved with the community and is always ready to help others. He is considered a highly respected and honest citizen.
  2. Because he is not a citizen, he has to renew his visa every year to continue living and working.
  3. Before Jacob can finally get a job in marketing and move to New York City, he must pass an exam to become an American citizen.
  4. Polish citizen

Meaning of Citizen & Citizen Definition

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