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Chinese Wall: What is the Meaning of Chinese Wall?

The term "China Wall" is used to describe a virtual barrier in the business world designed to prevent the exchange of information between departments, if it could lead to ethical or legally controversial business activities. In the United States, companies, brokers, investment banks, and retail banks have used the Great Wall of China to clarify situations where confidentiality is needed to avoid a conflict of interest.

  • The Great Wall of China is a commercial term that describes a virtual barrier built to prevent the exchange of information between departments within a company.
  • The wall is moral, not physical, to prevent the exchange of information that leads to moral or legal violations.
  • In the financial sector, the need for such barriers has increased with the introduction of the Gram Leach Billy Act (GLBA) of 1999, which repealed federal laws that required companies to provide banking, investment and insurance. Prohibit any combination of services.

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Meanings of Chinese:
  1. Related to China or its language, culture or people.

  2. Chinese Tibetan language in China.

  3. Native or resident of China or people of Chinese descent.

Sentences of Chinese
  1. With an investment of 10 billion, the government also supports a global network of schools that promote Chinese culture and language.

  2. These languages ​​include Chinese, Hindi / Urdu, Japanese, Zhuang, Korean, Icelandic, Lithuanian and Russian.

  3. It was described by Chinese and national minorities in southern and southwestern China.


Meanings of Wall:
  1. A vertical structure of brick or stone that encircles and divides a portion of the earth.

  2. Cover an area with a wall, especially to protect it or provide privacy.

Sentences of Wall
  1. Garden wall

  2. Isolated settlement of local people

Synonyms of Wall

shut, bound, separator, circumscribe, fence, close, enclosure, screen, partition, encircle, panel, enclose, hem, room divider, barrier, confine