How much does Prostate Cancer Treatment cost?

Human life has changed because of this awful and dangerous Prostate Cancer. You know Prostate Cancer in men and Breast Cancer in women has today become extensively diagnosed cancer in numerous nations.

Prostate Cancer is an adenocarcinoma of the male prostate and well-known cancer on the planet and the main source of cancer-related passings among men all around the world

There has been a significant rise in the number of people who are looking for prostate cancer treatment in India. This cancer normally influences men in their 60s or 70s yet is presently logically found in men of a lower age bunch also. The normal issues emerging in this gland incorporate benign (non-cancerous) augmentation or cancer of the prostate. The danger factors incorporate a more mature age group, family ancestry, and obesity.

Prostate cancer develops gradually and at first remaining parts are kept to the organ. Nonetheless, in specific cases, the development is fast and can spread rapidly to different organs.

Early discovery permits patients to browse a scope of treatment alternatives, with superb results. Treating prostate cancer requires a group of specialists from Medical, Radiation, Uro-Oncology who are adjusted to adhere to conventions of worldwide guidelines.

Symptoms of Prostate Cancer

  • Facing problems while urinating
  • Less force used in the urine stream
  • Blood coming with semen
  • Distress and Ache in the pelvic area
  • Feeling continuous Bone ache
  • Facing issues like -Erectile dysfunction

Causes of Prostate Cancer

  1. Age group - It is very uncommon in men under 50, and the greater part of the cases are analyzed in men more than 70
  2. Any family history - Having a background marked by Prostate cancer in the family raises your danger 2 to multiple times more, contrasted with the normal man.
  3. Sexual elements - Some contextual investigations show that having different lifetime sexual accomplices or beginning sexual action early in life expands the danger of prostate cancer.
  4. It can be normally found in the Caribbean and African men as compared with white or Asian men.
  5. Those men who have been through vasectomy are at a somewhat expanded danger of prostate cancer.

Cost of Prostate Cancer Surgery in India

India is the most advised and considered the best destination for patients who are looking for minimal effort and less expensive Prostate Cancer surgery.

The expense of Prostate Cancer Surgery in India is ordinarily a small amount of the expense for similar methods and care in the US and other first-world nations. The expense can change depending on the sort of surgery and other ailments of a patient.

The Prostate Cancer Treatment Cost in India depending on the type of surgery required is (in $ dollars) -

  • Laparoscopic Surgery - $6000
  • HIFU - $7500
  • Open Surgery - $5000
  • Cyberknife Radiosurgery - $6600
  • Robotic Surgery - $7500

Please note that the cost mentioned above is the average collection of medical reports of Top 10 Prostate Cancer Surgery Experts and top 15 corporate hospitals of India. The final expenses can vary depending on the medical requirements of the patient, type of surgery, the brand image of the hospital, type of room, and the surgeon’s knowledge.

Options Available for Prostate Cancer Treatment

There are various options available for prostate cancer in some of the best cancer hospitals in India. Few of the options are mentioned below -

Laser Surgery - This method has arisen as the top decision for most patients. Laser Surgery is managed without an incision on the mid-region as it is less intrusive as most work to penetrate the prostate channel made through the penis. This surgery helps the person with peeing better and with a decent stream. After the surgery, the patient can clear their bladder fully with ease.

HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) - Surgeons use high-frequency force to heat and kill cancer cells present in the prostate gland. Meanwhile, these sound waves are directed at the tissues in the body, the tissues burn up and die.

Robotic Surgery - It is an exceptional surgery where the robotic arms operate the surgery tools.

Cyberknife treatment - In this technique, the patient lays still and inhales ordinarily while the CyberKnife focuses on the prostate and lights it without harming surrounding regions.

Radical Prostatectomy - In this surgery, experts remove the whole prostate and other tissues that are nearby such as seminal vesicles and nearby lymph nodes. This surgery can be executed as open and laparoscopic surgery both.