Insurance Council Of Australia

Insurance Council Of Australia,

Definition of Insurance Council Of Australia:

The definition of Insurance Council Of Australia is:

Representing the insurance industry in general in Australia. Visit: www.insurescou

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Meanings of Insurance:
  1. An exercise or arrangement under which a company or government agency guarantees compensation for a particular loss, injury, illness or death in return for payment of a premium.

  2. Something to protect against possible emergencies.

Synonyms of Insurance

surety, precaution, safety measure, security, cover, provision, indemnity, financial protection, preventive measure, safeguard, defence, protection, immunity, shelter, indemnification


Meanings of Council:
  1. A consultative, advisory or legislative body that is formally established and meets regularly.

Sentences of Council
  1. Government Human Rights Council

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board, committee, advisory body, delegates, commission, advisory group, trustees, panel, board of directors, assembly, delegation


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  1. Represents the relationship between two entities, usually one of an association.

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Meanings of Australia:
  1. Canberra is the official language of the island nation and continent in the southern hemisphere in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, a member state of the Commonwealth with a population of 28,500,000 (estimated in 2015).