V2X (Vehicle-to-Vehicle Or Vehicle-to-Infrastructure)

V2X (Vehicle-to-Vehicle Or Vehicle-to-Infrastructure),

What is The Definition of V2X (Vehicle-to-Vehicle Or Vehicle-to-Infrastructure)?

  • Vehiclewriting (V2X) is a technology that allows vehicles to interact with the moving parts of the surrounding traffic system. Also known as a communication vehicle that is connected to everything, it consists of many components.

    • The V2X is an automotive technology system that allows vehicles to communicate with traffic and the surrounding environment.
    • V2X consists of several subgroups, including vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-vehicle (V2I) communications.
    • While used primarily for added security, the V2X also offers other benefits, such as automatic tool payments.

Literal Meanings of V2X (Vehicle-to-Vehicle Or Vehicle-to-Infrastructure)


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