What is The Definition of Dog?

Informal slowdown for inappropriate investment. The term canine slag can also refer to other underperforming elements within a company, such as: B products or services within an industry, such as the Boston Matrix.

Meanings of Dog

  1. Follow (a person or their movements) correctly and consistently

  2. Be lazy don't do your best

  3. Keep (something) with a mechanical device.

  4. A cradle is a carnivorous carnivorous animal that usually has a long bump, a deep sense of smell, non-retractable claws, and the sound of barking, crying, and wailing.

  5. An ugly, contemptible or evil man.

  6. Mechanical clamping device.

  7. Feet.

  8. Summary for fire engines

Sentences of Dog

  1. The photographer follows wherever he goes

  2. He slammed the door

  3. "All dogs have a strong sense of smell and everyone loves to smell," says Smith.

Synonyms of Dog

hound, follow, trail, trotter, shadow, track, tootsie, canine, stalk, pursue

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What Does Dog Mean?

You can define Dog as, The term informal language for investing with a guaranteed return can also refer to other elements of success within the company, such as the department or departments within a company, such as the famous Boston Matrix.

Meanings of Dog

  1. A domestic carnivorous mammal that usually has a long bite, has a deep sense of smell, does not pull claws, and barks, screams or moans.

  2. An unpleasant, contemptible, or evil man.

  3. For example, the name is used in citation. Sand dog, running dog.

  4. Follow (someone) closely and constantly.

  5. Be lazy don't try too hard

  6. Grab (something) with a mechanical device.

Sentences of Dog

  1. Welcome upset by the screams of the "dirty dog"

  2. Photographers seem to follow in her footsteps.

  3. Eric has a reputation for being a little annoying.

  4. He knocked on the door

Synonyms of Dog

cur, Rover, ■■■■■, mongrel, pup, plague, beset, tyke, pooch, mong, bitzer, doggy, blight, Fido, bedevil, doggo, haunt, beleaguer, pupper, whelp, torment, tail, puppy, assail, mutt, man's best friend, trouble


Dog: What is the Meaning of Dog?

  • Dog can be defined as, Informal negotiation for an investment that pays. The term canine slinging can also refer to other elements of success within a company, such as a department or departments within a company, such as the Boston Matrix.

Meanings of Dog

  1. A pet carnivorous mammal that usually has a long snout, a deep sense of smell, non-retractable claws, and the sounds of barking, screaming, or crying.

  2. Used for example in dog names. Sand dog, racing dog.

  3. Follow (someone's) closely and constantly.

  4. Grab (something) from a mechanical device.

Sentences of Dog

  1. "Dirty dog!" Annoyed by the screams of

  2. Photographers follow him wherever he goes.

Synonyms of Dog