Definition of Energy:

  1. A measure of a organism or system's ability to function or cause change, usually in joules or kilowatt hours (kW). Without energy, no activity is possible and the total amount in the universe is constant. In other words, it cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one type to another. There are two main types of energy (1) Capacity: Power related to nature, position or state (such as chemical energy, electric energy, nuclear energy). (2) Dynamics: The energy associated with movement (such as a moving car or a rotating wheel).

  2. Permanent physical or mental activity requires strength and power.

  3. Use of physical or chemical resources to provide energy, especially light and heat, or to operate machinery.

  4. The properties of matter and radiation depend on their ability to work (for example, cause motility or molecular interactions).

Synonyms of Energy

Mightiness, Brute force, Power struggle, Animation, Moxie, Muscle, Vibrancy, Industriousness, Elan, Black power, Application, Effervescence, Cogence, Animation, Puissance, Stoutness, Vitality, Potentiality, Spirit, Sprightliness, Ruggedness, Force, Zeal, Ardor, Sedulity, Mana, Lustihood, Nerve and sinew, Determination, Zest, Exuberance, Activity, Efficacy, Zing, Strength, Briskness, Energeticalness, Sedulousness, Pizzazz, Charisma, Bubbliness, Effectiveness, Authority, Industry, Steam, Full force, Unsparingness, Liveliness, Effect, Heartiness, Dash, Vigor, Toughness, Indefatigability, Get-up-and-go, Push, Zip, Zealousness, Power, Tuck, ■■■■ and vinegar, Life, Concentration, Staying power, Power, Superpower, Pull, Clout, Punch, Life, Birr, Duress, Laboriousness, Dint, Passion, Validity, Breeziness, Guts, Spiritedness, Vivacity, Fortitude, Full blast, Vivaciousness, Sturdiness, Charge, Buoyancy, Flower power, Vivacity, Spirit, Exertion, Effectuality, Endurance, Virtue, Vigour, Weight, Sprightliness, Gutsiness, Intensity, Perkiness, Diligence, Sinew, Might, Armipotence, Relentlessness, Long pull, Go, Potency, Hard pull, Obstinacy, Sparkle, Endeavor, Intestinal fortitude, Trouble, Superiority, Decisiveness, Spiritedness, Assiduity, Drive, Enthusiasm, Spark, Amperage, ■■■■, Lustiness, Power structure, Compulsion, Productivity, Potence, Influence, Might and main, Ardour, Fervor, Hardihood, Robustness, Effervescence, Prepotency, Verve, Vitality, Tirelessness, Muscle power, Vigorousness, Verve, Virulence, Productiveness, Liveliness, Pep, Effort, Dynamism, Vehemence, Pains, Fire, Strong arm, Strenuousness, Strength of will, Powerfulness, Stalwartness, Peppiness, Sticking power, Assiduousness, Vim, Ebullience, Cogency, Force majeure, Forcefulness, Virility, Stamina, Wattage, Main force, Power pack, Elbow grease, Hardiness, Main strength, Beef

How to use Energy in a sentence?

  1. Changes in vitamin levels can affect energy levels and well-being.
  2. A collision where energy is not exchanged.
  3. Nuclear energy.
  4. Research has shown that employees who are bored or underpaid work more slowly and without energy.
  5. I told him I didn't have the energy to have fun with him today, but I wanted to run away tomorrow morning after a good night's sleep.
  6. Energy cannot be produced, nor can it be suppressed. It can be moved from one thing to another through basic communication.

Meaning of Energy & Energy Definition

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