Definition of Good:

  1. Having the qualities required for a particular role.

  2. Commerce: An inherently useful and relatively scarce tangible item produced from agricultural, construction, manufacturing, or mining activities. According to the UN Convention On Contract For The International Sale Of Goods, the term good does not include (1) items bought for personal use, (2) items bought at an auction or foreclosure sale, (3) aircraft or oceangoing vessels.

  3. Giving pleasure; enjoyable or satisfying.

  4. Any tangible thing that is not money or real estate.

  5. (of a ticket) valid.

  6. Economics: A commodity, or a physical, tangible item that satisfies some human want or need, or something that people find useful or desirable and make an effort to acquire it. Goods that are scarce (are in limited supply in relation to demand) are called economic goods, whereas those whose supply is unlimited and that require neither payment nor effort to acquire, (such as air) are called free goods.

  7. Thorough.

  8. That which is morally right; righteousness.

  9. Benefit or advantage to someone or something.

  10. Used in conjunction with the name of God or a related expression as an exclamation of extreme surprise or anger.

  11. To be desired or approved of.

  12. Possessing or displaying moral virtue.

  13. Well.

Synonyms of Good

Virtuous, Righteous, Moral, Morally correct, Ethical, Upright, Upstanding, High-minded, Right-minded, Right-thinking, Principled, Exemplary, Clean, Law-abiding, Lawful, Irreproachable, Blameless, Guiltless, Unimpeachable, Just, Honest, Honourable, Unbribable, Incorruptible, Anti-corruption, Valid, Genuine, Authentic, Legitimate, Sound, Bona fide, Enjoyable, Pleasant, Agreeable, Pleasing, Pleasurable, Delightful, Great, Nice, Lovely, Amusing, Diverting, Jolly, Merry, Lively, Festive, Cheerful, Convivial, Congenial, Sociable, Fine, Of high quality, Of a high standard, Quality, Superior, Benefit, Advantage, Profit, Gain, Interest, Welfare, Well-being, Enjoyment, Satisfaction, Comfort, Ease, Convenience, Virtue, Righteousness, Virtuousness, Goodness, Morality, Ethicalness, Uprightness, Upstandingness, Integrity, Principle, Dignity, Rectitude, Rightness, Christian, Christlike, Christly, Daedalian, God-fearing, OK, Roger, Sunday, Able to pay, Absolutely, Acceptable, Accomplished, According to Hoyle, Ace, Actual, Adept, Adequate, Admirable, Admissible, Adroit, Advantage, Advantageous, Advisable, Affable, Affectionate, Agreeable, All right, All-knowing, All-powerful, All-seeing, All-wise, Allowable, Almighty, Alright, Alrighty, Amazing, Ambrosial, Amen, Amiable, Amicable, Ample, Angelic, Appropriate, Approving, Apt, Artistic, As you say, Assets, Assuredly, Attractive, Auspicious, Authentic, Authoritative, Avail, Aye, Bad, Balanced, Barely sufficient, Becoming, Befitting, Behalf, Behoof, Believable, Belongings, Benediction, Beneficent, Beneficial, Benefit, Benevolent, Benign, Benignant, Benignantly, Benignly, Benison, Best, Binding, Blameless, Blessing, Blissful, Bon, Bona fide, Bonny, Boon, Boundless, Bracing, Brave, Bravura, Braw, Bright, Brilliant, Brotherly, Bueno, By all means, Candid, Capital, Card-carrying, Careful, Certainly, Champion, Changeless, Charitable, Chaste, Chattels, Cheerful, Choice, Clean, Clever, Cloth, Cogent, Commendable, Commensurate, Commodities, Company, Compassionate, Compatible, Compelling, Competent, Complaisant, Complete, Complimentary, Condign, Congenial, Congruous, Considerable, Considerate, Consistent, Constitutional, Consumable, Convenient, Convincing, Coordinated, Cordial, Correct, Corresponding, Crack, Crackerjack, Cracking, Creating, Creative, Credible, Creditable, Crucial, Cunning, Cute, Da, Daedal, Dainty, Decent, Decorous, Defensible, Deft, Delectable, Delicate, Delicious, Delightful, Dependable, Deserved, Desirable, Dexterous, Dextrous, Dinkum, Diplomatic, Due, Dulcet, Edible, Effects, Elegant, Elevated, En rapport, Encomiastic, Enjoyable, Enough, Enthusiastic, Equal to, Equitable, Erect, Established, Esteemed, Estimable, Eternal, Eternally the same, Ethical, Eulogistic, Even, Evenhanded, Everlasting, Exactly, Excellent, Exemplary, Expedient, Expert, Exquisite, Extensive, Extraordinary, Fab, Fabric, Fabulous, Fair, Fair and pleasant, Fair and square, Famous, Fancy, Fantastic, Favorable, Favorably, Favoring, Feasible, Felicific, Felicitous, Fine, First-class, First-rate, Fit, Fitten, Fitting, Flattering, Following the letter, Fortunate, Fraternal, Freight, Fresh, Friendly, Fructuous, Full, Full of integrity, Full of promise, Gain, Gear, Genial, Gentle, Genuine, Gifted, Glorious, Godlike, Godly, Godly-minded, Godsend, Golden, Good enough, Good for, Good to eat, Good-hearted, Good-tasting, Goodish, Goodly, Goodness, Goods, Graceful, Gracious, Grand, Grateful, Gratifying, Great, Groovy, Gustable, Gusty, Hallowed, Handy, Happy, Harmonious, Health-enhancing, Health-preserving, Healthful, Healthy, Hear, Heart-warming, Heavenly, Helpful, High-minded, High-mindedness, High-principled, Highest, Highly respectable, Holy, Holy-minded, Honest, Honest-to-God, Honesty, Honeyed, Honorable, Honorableness, Human, Humane, Humanely, Humanly, Hygeian, Hygienic, Immaculate, Immortal, Immutable, Inartificial, Indeed, Indeedy, Infinite, Ingenious, Integrity, Interest, Invigorating, Inviolate, Irreproachable, Ja, Juicy, Just, Just so, Justifiable, Justified, Kind, Kindhearted, Kindheartedly, Kindly, Kindly-disposed, Knockout, Kosher, Lares and penates, Large, Laudable, Laudatory, Law-abiding, Law-loving, Law-revering, Lawful, Legal, Legitimate, Level, Lifelike, Likable, Likely, Limitless, Line, Literal, Lofty, Logical, Loving, Lucky, Luminous, Luscious, Lush, Magisterial, Mais oui, Majestic, Making, Manly, Masterful, Masterly, Material, Meet, Meet and right, Mellifluous, Mellow, Merchandise, Merciful, Merit, Merited, Minimal, Minimum, Moral, Morality, Most assuredly, Movables, Natural, Naturalistic, Naturally, Naturellement, Neat, Nectareous, Nectarous, Needed, Nice, Nicely, No mean, Nobility, Noble, Normal, Normative, Numinous, Obedient, Of course, Of good omen, Of gourmet quality, Of happy portent, Of promise, Okay, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient, One, Opportune, Orderly, Original, Otherworldly, Oui, Outstanding, Palatable, Paraphernalia, Passable, Penetrating, Permanent, Permissible, Perpetual, Personal property, Pleasant, Pleasing, Pleasurable, Pleasureful, Plenty, Plenty good enough, Politic, Positive, Positively, Possessions, Precisely, Principled, Probity, Produce, Professional, Proficient, Profit, Profitable, Promising, Proper, Propitious, Proportionate, Prosperity, Prosperous, Pure, Pure in heart, Purehearted, Quick, Quite, Quite some, Radiant, Rather, Ready, Real, Realistic, Really, Recommendable, Rectitude, Refreshing, Regal, Reliable, Reputable, Resourceful, Respectable, Respected, Rewarding, Right, Right and proper, Right-minded, Righteous, Righteousness, Rightful, Righto, Royal, Sacred, Safe, Saintlike, Saintly, Salubrious, Salutary, Sanitary, Sapid, Satisfactory, Satisfying, Savorous, Savory, Scrumptious, Seasonable, Secure, See you later, Seemly, Self-consistent, Sensible, Seraphic, Serious, Shapely, Shaping, Simon-pure, Simple, Sincere, Sizable, Sizeable, Skilled, Skillful, Slick, Smart, Smashing, Softhearted, Softheartedly, Solicitous, Solid, Solvent, Some, Sortable, Sound, Sovereign, Spiritual, Spiritual-minded, Splendid, Spotless, Square, Stainless, Statesmanlike, Sterling, Stock, Straight, Stuff, Stylish, Substantial, Succulent, Sufficient, Sufficient for, Sufficing, Suitable, Superb, Superior, Supreme, Sure, Sure thing, Sure-enough, Surely, Sweet, Sympathetic, Sympathizing, Tactful, Talented, Tangibles, Tasty, Tender, Tenderhearted, Tenderheartedly, Terrific, Textile, The compleat, The complete, Things, Thorough, Timeless, Timely, To be desired, To be sure, Tolerable, Tonic, Toothsome, Toward, True to life, True to nature, True to reality, True-dealing, True-devoted, True-disposing, True-souled, True-spirited, Truehearted, Truly, Trustworthy, Ubiquitous, Unadulterated, Unaffected, Unassumed, Unassuming, Unbelievable, Unblemished, Unbounded, Unchanging, Uncolored, Unconcocted, Uncopied, Uncorrupt, Uncorrupted, Uncounterfeited, Undefiled, Undefined, Undisguised, Undisguising, Undistorted, Unearthly, Unexaggerated, Unfabricated, Unfanciful, Unfeigned, Unfeigning, Unfictitious, Unflattering, Unimagined, Unimitated, Unimpeachable, Unindebted, Uninvented, Unlimited, Unpretended, Unpretending, Unqualified, Unromantic, Unsimulated, Unspecious, Unspotted, Unstained, Unsullied, Unsynthetic, Untarnished, Unvarnished, Unworldly, Up to, Upright, Uprighteous, Upstanding, Use, Useful, Usefulness, Valid, Vendibles, Verbal, Verbatim, Veridical, Verisimilar, Very good, Very well, Virtue, Virtuoso, Virtuous, Virtuousness, Wares, Warm, Warmhearted, Warmheartedly, Warmly, Warrantable, Warranted, Weighty, Welcome, Welfare, Well, Well and good, Well-behaved, Well-being, Well-disposed, Well-done, Well-founded, Well-grounded, Well-mannered, Well-proportioned, Well-thought-of, Well-timed, Wholesome, Why yes, Wicked, Wise, Wonderful, Word-for-word, Workmanlike, World of good, Worth, Worthwhile, Worthy, Yard goods, Yea, Yeah, Yeomanly, Yep, Yes, Yes indeed, Yes indeedy, Yes sir, Yes sirree, Yummy

How to use Good in a sentence?

  1. Have a good look around.
  2. The large company dealt in many different areas of merchandising, but their new agricultural good s were the biggest seller now.
  3. Good heavens!.
  4. A good quality of life.
  5. The streets fill up with people looking for a good time.
  6. The schools here are good.
  7. He convinces his father to use his genius for the good of mankind.
  8. A mysterious balance of good and evil.
  9. A lot of products I buy come from overseas. It is hard explaining to my clients how the price of or the lead time on a good can often fluctuate. When good s are shipped from China it can take up to 5 weeks where a local good can be picked up that same day.
  10. The ticket is good for travel from May to September.
  11. Ive met many good people who made me feel ashamed of my own shortcomings.
  12. A lot of products I buy come from overseas. It is hard explaining to my clients how the price of or the lead time on a good can often fluctuate. When good s are shipped from China it can take up to 5 weeks where a local good can be picked up that same day.

Meaning of Good & Good Definition