Definition of Train:

  1. Locomotive engine traveling on railroad tracks often used to transport people, raw materials or other goods from one location to another.

  2. To coach, prepare or grow in a direct manner with a clear and achievable outcome. A person can also train or coach another person to acquire more skills or improve existing ones. For example, a person may train him or herself on learning how to use a software application, or a coach may train his team on how to improve their basketball skills.

Synonyms of Train

Amtrak, Indian file, KP, Acclimate, Acclimatize, Accommodate, Accustom, Adapt, Adjust, Afterpart, Afterpiece, Aim, Aim at, Allure, Alternation, Apprentice, Army, Army group, Array, Articulation, Attend classes, Attend school, Attendance, Attendant, Attendants, Baggage train, Bait, Bank, Battalion, Battery, Battle group, Bed, Bed down, Bend, Body of retainers, Break, Break in, Breed, Bridle, Brigade, Bring up, Brush, Buzz, Cable railroad, Cadre, Caravan, Carriage, Case harden, Cast, Catena, Catenation, Cavalcade, Chain, Chain reaction, Chaining, Choo-choo, Coach, Cog railroad, Cog railway, Cohort, Column, Combat command, Combat team, Company, Concatenation, Condition, Confirm, Connection, Consecution, Continuum, Corps, Cortege, Course, Court, Cultivate, Curry, Currycomb, Cycle, Decoy, Descent, Detachment, Detail, Determine, Develop, Direct, Directionize, Discipline, Division, Domesticate, Domesticize, Drag, Draggle, Draw, Drench, Dress parade, Drill, Drone, Edify, Educate, El, Electric, Electric train, Elevated, Endless belt, Endless round, Entice, Entourage, ■■■■■■, Establish, Exercise, Express, Express train, Familiarize, Feed, Fetch up, Field army, Field train, File, Filiation, Fit, Fix, Fix on, Flier, Flying column, Flyover, Fodder, Follower, Followers, Following, Form, Foster, Freight, Freight train, Freighter, ■■■■■■■, Funicular, Gamut, Garrison, Gentle, Go into training, Go to school, Goods train, Gradation, Groom, Guard, Guide, Habituate, Hale, Handle, Harden, Harness, Haul, Head, Heave, Hitch, Hold on, House-train, Housebreak, Household, Hum, Improve, Incline, Indoctrinate, Instruct, Interurban, Inure, Inveigle, Kitchen police, Lay, Lead on, Legion, Level, Level at, Lick into shape, Lightning express, Limited, Line, Lineage, Litter, Local, Lug, Manage, Maniple, March past, Metro, Milk, Milk train, Monorail, Monotone, Motorcade, Mule train, Naturalize, Nexus, Nurse, Nurture, Order, Organization, Orient, Orientate, Outfit, Pack train, Parade, Parasite, Parliamentary, Parliamentary train, Passenger train, Pendulum, Periodicity, Phalanx, Platoon, Plenum, Point, Point at, Point to, Pomp, Posse, Powder train, Practice, Prepare, Present, Procession, Progression, Promenade, Pull, Put in tune, Put to school, Queue, Rack-and-pinion railroad, Railroad train, Raise, Range, Rank, Rattler, Read with, Ready, Rear, Receive instruction, Recurrence, Regiment, Rehearse, Retainers, Reticulation, Retinue, Review, Rolling stock, Rotation, Round, Rout, Routine, Row, Rub down, Run, Saddle, Satellite, Scale, School, Season, Section, Seduce, Send to school, Sequence, Series, Serve an apprenticeship, Set, Shape, Shuttle, Shuttle train, Sight on, Single file, Skimmington, Snake, Special, Spectrum, Squad, Squadron, Staff, Stream, Streamliner, String, Subway, Succession, Suite, Swath, Tab, Tactical unit, Tag, Tail, Tailpiece, Take in hand, Take in tow, Take lessons, Tame, Task force, Teach, Tempt, Tend, Thread, Tier, Toll, Tow, Trail, Trailer, Train upon, Trawl, Troll, Troop, Tube, Tug, Turn, Turn upon, Tutor, Undergo schooling, Underground, Unit, Wake, Water, Way train, Windrow, Wing, Wont, Work out, Yoke

Meaning of Train & Train Definition

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