Definition of Plate:

  1. Each of the several rigid pieces of the earths lithosphere which together make up the earths surface.

  2. A thin, flat sheet or strip of metal or other material, typically one used to join or strengthen things or forming part of a machine.

  3. Dishes, bowls, cups, and other utensils made of gold, silver, or other metal.

  4. A sheet of metal, plastic, or some other material bearing an image of type or illustrations from which multiple copies are printed.

  5. A thin piece of plastic molded to the shape of a persons mouth and gums, to which artificial teeth or another orthodontic appliance are attached.

  6. Flat rolled, finished metal product with a width generally up to 48 inch and thickness from 1/4 inch to more than 12 inch.

  7. Serve or arrange (food) on a plate or plates before a meal.

  8. Cover (a metal object) with a thin coating or film of a different metal.

  9. A flat dish, typically circular and made of china, from which food is eaten or served.

  10. A thin piece of metal that acts as an electrode in a capacitor, battery, or cell.

  11. A thin, flat organic structure or formation.

  12. Inoculate (cells or infective material) on to a culture plate, especially with the object of isolating a particular strain of microorganisms or estimating viable cell numbers.

  13. Score (a run or runs); cause (someone) to score.

Synonyms of Plate

Plate, Dish out, Dish up, Give out, Distribute, Set out, Plate up, Spoon out, Ladle out, Panel, Sheet, Layer, Lamina, Leaf, Pane, Slab, Cover, Coat, Overlay, Laminate, Veneer, Dish, Platter, Bowl, Salver, Chateaubriand, Alveolar ridge, Anodized aluminum, Antepast, Armor, Backing, Bibliofilm, Billhead, Bipack, Black-and-white film, Blade roast, Book stamp, Bookplate, Brand, Breast, Bridgework, Brisket, Broad arrow, Cachet, Cartridge, Charger, Check, Chitin, Chromium plate, Chromium-plate, Chuck, Chuck roast, Clod, Coat, Coating, Cold cuts, Collop, Colophon, Color film, Color negative film, Copperplate, Cortex, Counterfoil, Countermark, Course, Cover, Covering, Cut, Deal, Dental bridge, Dentition, Denture, Dessert, Dish, Disk, Docket, Dope, Dry plate, Duplicate plate, Electrocoating, Electroplate, Electroplating, Electrotype, Elytron, Emulsion, Entree, Entremets, Episperm, Face, False teeth, Feuille, Filet mignon, Film, Flank, Flap, Foil, Fold, Frame, Galvanize, Gold plate, Government mark, Government stamp, Gums, Hallmark, Help, Helping, Illustration, Imprint, Ivories, Knuckle, Label, Lamella, Lamina, Laminate, Laminated glass, Laminated wood, Lamination, Lap, Layer, Leaf, Letterhead, Locked-up page, Logo, Logotype, Loin, Lorica, Lorication, Mail, Masthead, Membrane, Microfilm, Monochromatic film, Motion-picture film, Negative, Nickel plate, Orthochromatic film, Overlay, Pack, Panchromatic film, Pane, Panel, Patina, Peel, Pellicle, Pericarp, Periodontal tissue, Photographic paper, Picture, Place, Plait, Plank, Plastic plate, Plate piece, Plating, Platter, Ply, Plywood, Portion, Pot roast, Price tag, Print, Printing paper, Printing plate, Printing surface, Protective covering, Rack, Rasher, Registered trademark, Rib roast, Ribs, Roast, Roll, Rolled roast, Round, Rubber plate, Rump, Rump roast, Running head, Running title, Saddle, Safety glass, Scum, Scute, Scutum, Seal, Second helping, Service, Serving, Set of teeth, Shank, Sheet, Shell, Shield, Short ribs, Shoulder, Shoulder clod, Sigil, Signet, Silver plate, Sirloin, Skin, Slab, Slat, Slice, Sound film, Sound track, Sound-on-film, Soundstripe, Stamp, Steel plate, Stereotype, Sticker, Stone, Stub, Table, Tablet, Tag, Tally, Teeth, Tenderloin, Test, Testa, Thick skin, Ticket, Title page, Token, Trade name, Trademark, Trademark name, Trencher, Tripack, Typeform, Uppers and lowers, Vehicle, Veneer, Wafer, Zincograph, Zincotype

How to use Plate in a sentence?

  1. Matt Wignot plated two of Clarksons runs.
  2. The fused bony plates protect the tortoises soft parts.
  3. He underwent surgery to have a steel plate put into his leg.
  4. The Pacific Ocean plate.
  5. She had already taken the coin to a jeweler to be plated.
  6. Like anyone of my generation, I guess, I have an absolute horror of false teeth, dental plates, dentures (there I said it).
  7. Samples of 2.5x10 cells were also plated from exponentially growing cultures as control samples.
  8. An exhibition of the plate belonging to the college.
  9. Overcooked vegetables wont look appetizing, no matter how they are plated.
  10. He pushed his empty plate to one side and sipped his wine.
  11. The tank circuit is a tightly wrapped coil of wire that is connected at each end to a capacitor - two metal plates separated by an insulator.
  12. The correct alignment of the plates in four-color printing.

Meaning of Plate & Plate Definition