Ally Bank Routing Number

What is an Ally Bank Routing Number? The Routing number of an Ally Bank is 124003116. A routing number is a combination of nine digits which is different for every bank and it is also known as an RTN or an ABA routing number. Routing numbers depend upon the location of the bank or in which region the Bank lies.Ally Bank is different from others as it has only one routing number of its own.

What is an Ally Bank Routing Number?

Routing numbers are helpful for people who want to transfer their cash into their Ally bank account or want to make a transaction from their Ally Bank account.

All they need is to have an accurate routing number.

A person should concentrate on finding the exact routing number which is given to him by the Ally Bank as it corresponds to the account operated by the person.

Routing numbers aren’t something strange they are actually just a union of nine digits which are given by the Banks in order to make a pure identification of their customers.

Routing numbers could in fact be considered as a banking address, which assists other banks in knowing where you have made your cash deposits.

A person should have his own routing number as it is the need of the time. Routing numbers are used by people because they help in a number of things such as:

  • For making ACH payments

  • For setting up a system of direct payments

  • Obtaining benefits from federal government such as receiving refunds of tax

  • To transfer cash between different bank accounts or where you want to make your own investment

  • Electronic method of paying bills

  • Domestic way of transferring wires

Today, banks aren’t limited to just one routing number.

Rather banks are using many routing numbers especially in the case if a Bank is operating in more than one Branch.

Each branch of a single Bank makes it possible to operate different routing numbers.

This case is different when it comes to the Ally Bank.


The routing number also known as an ABA routing number, is 124003116 for the Ally Bank. Each Bank has its own routing number which is different from others and depends upon the location of the Bank.

Savings of an Ally Bank Routing Number:

There would a more than one routing number for Ally Bank.

Refer to the following list to avoid missing out on any number and having your funds land somewhere else.

If a person is operating in the Ally Bank account, the Bank provides more than one routing numbers.

So, it is advised to carefully consider all the numbers before making payments so that the right payment could be delivered as well as received by you.

  1. Routing number (124003116) Ally Bank, 1100 Virginia Drive, Location (Fort Washington PA 19034)

  2. Routing number(031176136) Ally Bank, 1100 Virginia Drive, Location (Fort Washington PA 19034)

  3. Routing number(124085011) Ally Bank, 440 South Church St, Location (Charlotte NC 28202)

  4. Routing number(072014477) Ally Bank, Location (Charlotte NC)

What is meant by a Routing Number?

A routing number is also referred to as an ABA number.

A routing number is basically a joining of nine digits and its function is to make identification of the customer as well as to allow the online transfer of money by using electric methods.

Basically, a routing number is an identity of a customer which enables him to make payments for other people. These payments when receive don the other side tell the person that who has paid them.

All this is done through the routing number through which the payment has been delivered and received on the other side.

Also, if a person wants to make transaction, he would have to enter his own routing number as payment to a person asks for the routing number in order to make sure that the right person is making the transaction.

As soon as you enter your routing number, you get the payment which is meant for you.

Every Bank provides its customers with a unique routing number which may vary depending upon the state or region in which it is operated by the Bank.

Banks which are larger than the other usually operate more than one routing numbers which also depends upon their region. You will need to use your own routing number provided by the Ally Bank when you will make any transaction,

For instance, in making wire transfers and direct money deposits.

What is the use of Routing Numbers?

Routing numbers have a wide range of uses in the financial sector of a country.

The routing numbers are especially used by the financial departments such as Banks and other finance sectors in order to maintain a check and balance on all kinds of financial transactions which are carried out by the general public.

If a person wants to carry out any of the following procedures, he would have to make use of the routing numbers:

  • To make a setup of depositing the payments directly by using electric methods, or to pay the amount of bills without using manual ways from Ally Bank account.

  • To make a transaction of amounts like to get your salary or pension after retirement which has been deposited in your Bank account

  • To make a payment for any person in the form of check.

  • To carry out a transfer of wire, payment of the transfer, or payment of ACH to any person within the boundary of United States.

The use of Ally Bank routing numbers for wire transfers

If a citizen of the sends a payment for his wiring, he’ll need the wire routing/identification number.

In case of international transfer of wire, the person would have to use Swift code rather than the actual routing number.

Type of the wire being transferred Its Ally Bank routing number
Domestic transfer of wire 124003116
International transfer of wire to the account in Ally Bank located in United States 124003116

The use of Ally Bank routing number for ACH transfers:

If a person wants to send his/her ACH transfer to any of the Bank accounts, he or she would have to include his/her ACH routing or identification number as it is not an optional rather a necessary measure to be taken.

If a person wants to send an ACH transfer in the domestic category, he would have to use the routing ACH number which is 124003116.

If a person is sending an ACH transfer to any of the Bank accounts, he would have to take the necessary step of including the ACH routing number.

Ally Bank Background:

Ally Bank has no physical operations as it is operate in a pure online domain.

A person could open his payment account in an Ally Bank and could be entertained by other exciting offers provided by the financial institute.

People who get annoyed with their maintain balance of the cash and want to increase their payments should use Ally Bank as it is most suitable for them.

The Ally Bank provides the customers with a saving account along with a cost-free checking account as well as a debit card which could be used for online payments.

The other benefits which are provided by the Ally Bank include an equal return of the customer’s savings while it also provides the customers to earn more by using Deposit Certificates known as (CD).

The Ally Bank has a large excess to a number of ATMs which are approximately 55,000 in the whole United States.

A person couldn’t directly deposit all his cash in his account which has been opened in the Ally Bank as the Bank doesn’t operate its physical departments, rather it works online.

Besides this, if you want to make a transaction, the Ally Bank requires almost 2 to 3 days of its working time period to get out all of your money which you have asked for the withdrawal.

Pros & Cons of an Ally Bank Online Savings Account:

Pros of the Savings Account Cons of the Savings Account
You can earn a high interest on your money which remains constant Lacks any of the branch
Provides the users with good tools for saving their money as well as gives excellent Banking features to them Has no access to the ATMs
Doesn’t charge any monthly fees or payment

Which of the Ally Bank routing numbers are suitable to use?

To know which routing number a person needs to use depends upon the type of transaction which he or she is or would carry out.

A person would have might needed a single number to get his ACH transfer while he would have needed another number to make a setup of paying bills by using electronic methods.

It is possible that a single bank might have different routing numbers but it is not possible or allowed for the bank to share its own record of routing numbers with other banks.

This record of storing the routing numbers in the boundaries of a Bank helps to make a safe record of payments.

This is done in a way that it makes sure each person’s payment have ended up within the Bank where they were actually meant to have been done.

Ally Bank Routing Numbers provided by Account Number:

In case of an Ally Bank, it is not a physical finance department rather Ally Bank is an online operating finance institution.

Ally Bank has none of its physical branch.

All the customers who have opened their bank accounts in the Ally Bank use the similar routing number known as ABA routing number.

The routing number provided by the Ally Bank for the purpose of checking all customer accounts as well as for saving of their accounts is 124003116

The origin of the ABA numbers:

Routing numbers are actually a group of numbers used by Banks as well as other finance departments in the United States for the purpose of identifying their own departments.

Routing numbers are actually a combination of 9 digits and are also known as routing transit numbers, RTNs, or sometimes ABA routing or identification numbers.

In order to get information about the fund transfer of citizens and other people routing numbers are used by the Federal Banks of United States.

To get information about the funds transferred through electronic means, routing numbers are also used by the ACH network.

The ACH network uses routing numbers to process the information such as direct payment deposits or funds transfer and payment of bills etc.

How to find out the accurate Ally Bank Account Number?

If a person wants to check whether he had done the ACH transfer or not or he wants to see the wire transfer, all he needs to do is to use his account number provided by the Ally Bank.

Given below are some ways to find the correct account number provided by the Ally Bank:

1. Use the Check provided by the Ally Bank:

A person could find his account number with more ease by looking at the checks provided by the Ally Bank.

The checks provided by the Ally Bank actually tell you your account number with more accuracy.

All you have to do is to go down at the bottom of your check where account number is written. This account number actually relates to your account which you have operated in the domain of Ally Bank.

The account number written at the bottom side of your checks is actually a serious of continuous digits with its location, just right side where your routing number is written in the check.

2. Use Online Ally Bank platform:

A person could get his account number by logging on the official page of Ally Bank. All you have to do is to click on the ‘Show’ button which is present on the next of ‘Account Number’.

This would give you the exact account number of yours. When you have fully seen your account number and understood it well, then click on the ‘Hide’ button.

By clicking on the hide button, your account number would hide so that none of the other use could see it and hence it can’t be used by them.

3. Seek help from Ally Bank customer service:

If a person is unable to use his checks nor finds the online platform of Ally Bank useful to him, he could use another option which is known as ‘Ally Bank customer service’.

This platform is built for the ease of customers if they couldn’t get help from any other source.

For seeking the advantage of customer service, a person should use the helpline provided by the Ally Bank by making a call on the helpline which (877) 247-2559.

As soon as you make a call on this helpline, they initially ask you some details about yourself.

After asking for your credentials, the Ally Bank’s service provider on the other side of the call helps you by finding your account information and ten tells that to you.

Often, a person needs to follow some more rules rather than just using his routing numbers for making certain types of transactions.

Routing Numbers used for Domestic and International Wire Transfers:

Instead of an ACH transfer, it is easier and a faster way of transferring money from one account to another by using the wire transfer method but it has an only major disadvantage that it costs more than an ACH transfer.

You can receive your wire funds in your Ally Bank account from any of your friends, relative or family members.

There is an online form which is known as ‘online wire transfer form’, it has to be filled completely prior making wire funds by using your Bank account in the Ally Bank domain.

Also, a person could fax his request of using the domestic wire transfer method to Ally Bank by using their helpline (866) 608-2635.

Today, all the customers who are using the service of Ally Banks can easily receive the domestic as well as international wires.

When it comes to sending wires through Ally Bank account the customers can only send wires in the domestic range.

International wires can’t be send by customers who have their Bank account in the Ally Bank.

How to make a domestic wire transfer? (within the range of United States)

In order to transfer money within the boundaries of United States or if a person wants to use the domestic wire transfer method within the range of United States, he is given the following routing number of the Ally Bank to use:


How to get a domestic wire transfer to your own Ally Bank account?

If a person wants to receive the domestic wire fund transferred in his bank account which is operated in the Ally Bank, he should go through the following guidelines:

  • The Bank which has received payment: Ally Bank

  • Routing Number/ABA: 124003116

  • Address provided: 6985 Union Park Center in Mid vale, UT 84047

  • Recipient’s Account Number: A person’s Ally Bank Account Number

  • Recipient’s Name: A person’s name which is written in his Ally Bank Account

This information has further been elaborated in the table below:

Receiving Bank Ally Bank
Routing Number or ABA Number 124003116
The Address provided 6985 Union Park Center in Mid vale, UT 84047
Account Number of the recipient A person’s Ally Bank Account Number
Name of the Recipient A person’s name which is written in his Ally Bank Account

How to get an international wire transfer to your own Ally Bank account?

There is a specific designation of the Ally Bank which is responsible to control and make a check and balance of all the international wires which are received through the Ally Bank accounts.

This designation is known as JP Morgan Chase Bank, a specific sector of the Ally Bank, N.A.

The following information is provided as a sample for the customers to seek help in case of any confusion:

  • Recipient Bank: JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A.

  • Routing Number /ABA: 021000021

  • Address provided: 1 Chase Manhattan PLZ, New York, United States, NY 10005

  • Bank Recognition Code/SWIFT Code: CHASUS33

  • Recipient’s Account Number: 802904391

  • Recipient’s Name: Write ‘Ally Bank’ since JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. is processing the wire

  • Further Credentials: A person’s account number of his Ally Bank and his name as it is mentioned in his Ally Bank Account.

This information has further been elaborated in the table below:

Recipient Bank Name JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A.
ABA number or Routing number 021000021
The Address provided 1 Chase Manhattan PLZ, New York, United States, NY 10005
Bank Recognition code or The SWIFT code CHASUS33
Account number of the recipient 802904391
Name of the recipient Write ‘Ally Bank’ since JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. is processing the wire
Further Credentials needed A person’s account number of his Ally Bank and his name as it is mentioned in his Ally Bank Account.

Is routing number important to remember?

In order to make a management of the payments which you have received through your account in the Ally Bank as well as the future payments which you will send, there is a need of your routing number provided by the Ally Bank.

It should be in your hand as it is needed at the time of electronic transfer of money, direct payments as well as transfer of wires.

Remembering your own routing number is extremely important just like you remember your bank account number or even more important the social security number you have.

If you don’t remember your routing number provided by the Ally Bank, it is impossible for you to make your transactions, do online payments or even transferring money from one account to another.

Ally Bank provides its customers with a unique routing number, so if you are registered as a customer of the Ally Bank, the Bank is going to provide you with a unique routing number.

This routing number is only for you and no one else, so it’s important for you to remember it, otherwise there would be a problem for you in making transactions and doing payments.

Given below are some routing numbers of the Ally Bank and the process of finding the routing numbers as well:

1. Ally Bank Routing Number /ABA Number:

For all of the domestic transactions, Ally Bank only provides one routing number of its own which is given below:

Ally Bank’s Routing Number :arrow_right: 4003116

2. Ally Bank Wire Transfers (Domestic and International)

If a person wants to know how he could make a wire transfer by using his account of the Ally Bank, all he needs to do is to open the official page of Ally Bank.

Then, he should log into his account and then select the option of “Transfers” from the user interface or web page.

:heart: Domestic Wire Transfers (Routing Number):

In order to make a wire transfer in the domain of domestic purpose you must have to use your Ally Bank routing number along with the account number provided by the Ally Bank, the name of recipient as well as the recipient’s Bank name.

The routing number provided by the Ally Bank for the domestic transfer of wires is given below:

Routing Number for domestic wires by Ally Bank :arrow_right: 124003116

:heart: International Wire Transfers (Routing Number):

A person needs to use a unique routing number which is different from the others as well as a code known as ‘SWIFT code’, if he wants to make wire transfers for international domain.

The SWIFT code which is used for the wire transfer for international accounts recognizes Ally in a distinctive way when transfer of wire is being processed.

What information does a routing number conveys?

It is often asked why a routing number is so essential in making transactions through bank accounts.

The answer is that the routing number basically tells your identity in a way like it acts as the address of your bank or bank account.

A nine digit routing number tells the following information:

  • The first four digits of your routing number tell about the exact location of you bank in which you have operated your account.

  • The next three numeric digits tell about the Federal Reserve Bank through which you are going to send the transaction of the person as well as the processing center of the Federal Reserve where processing of the transaction occurs.

  • The ending two digits tell about the district of Federal Reserve as well as the total checksum which is made.

How to find out your own Ally Bank routing number through online method? (More detailed method)

If a person wants to get his or her routing number from Ally Bank, all he or she needs to do is to follow the given methods.

These methods would help the person to get his or her routing number online without physical presence.

The methods are given below:

  • First of all go to the option of ‘On this page’.

    Here the Bank (Ally Bank) has made a list of all the routing numbers which are operated within the Ally Bank.

    The Ally Bank has enlisted all the routing numbers for the purpose of checking every individual’s account and transfer of wires.

  • A person could get his routing number by logging in the website of Ally Bank. This is known as ‘Ally Bank online banking’.

    This website has been made for the ease of people to use online ways of logging and getting their registered routing numbers rather than making their physical appearance to the banks.

  • A person needs to check the Ally Bank statement. The Bank has already issued a statement named as ‘Check or Bank statement’.

  • A person can look for his routing number on the official website provided by the Ally Bank which is known as ‘website of the Federal Reserve’ (Fed wire)

:large_blue_diamond: Routing numbers have an extensive and extremely important use in the financial procedures.

:pencil2: Routing numbers help to make sure that a person’s payment or amount reaches its destination and comes in the hand of recipient safely.

:pencil2: Routing numbers make sure that the process of transferring the payment until it reaches the Bank account of the receipt is done safely and that there are no risks of the payment going under a wrong account.

The page which is explained in the points above is a safe method for a person who wants to have his own routing number and is in the start phase of getting that number.

A person should make sure that he is using the right account as well as the right routing number which is linked to his own Bank account.

A person should make sure that he is using the correct routing number for making the payment to reach the receipt.

Using a wrong routing number could have serious consequences as the payment may go towards the wrong person whose account is different from the one in which you want to deposit the amount.

Therefore, it is advised to take all the necessary and conscious steps before operating your own routing number or transferring the payment to someone else’s account.

A little mistake could make you lose a high precious amount.

More Services provided by the Ally Bank

The online savings account offered by the Ally Bank doesn’t charge any fees for the monthly maintenance nor does it charge any amount to be paid for opening this savings account.

The Ally Bank earns a total annual yield known as the ‘Annual Percentage Yield’ (APY) of approximately 0.50 %.

The APY might be same across all the charges you make or could change as well depending upon the daily balance used by your account.

The APY is actually based upon the portion where your everyday balance is estimated.

Balance of the Savings Account (Online):

  • Could be lower than $5,000

  • In between $5,000 and $24,999.99

  • More than $25,000

A person could deposit the cash into existing account by transferring it from any previous account or any other account which he has operated in another branch.

Instead, he could mail the checks for depositing the money in his account as well as could wire the funds.

He could even use his mobile for depositing the money in his account.

Money deposit doesn’t charge you with any fees and even you could do like transferring your money through online platform to which ever account you want to in any of the bank where you have your other branch.

You can even transfer you money to other branches operated by the Ally Bank.

If you need your ATM card and you can have a good access to your cash, it is the best option for you to open your Money Market

Account or you could also go for the Interest Checking Account.

These accounts are the best offers for you because the savings account which you have previously opened doesn’t offer these kinds of offers.

1. Money Market (Account of the Ally Bank)

The Money Market Account makes it easy for you to use your money regularly. It is a combination of a checking account and a savings account.

You can use your money instantly, and you also earn interest. You get a free debit card with this account; this is how you can spend your money.

There is, however, a monthly maintenance fee. Nevertheless, you can withdraw funds at All point ATMs for free.

Ally Bank may even reimburse up to $10 per statement cycle for charges at other ATMs nationwide.

Do take note that withdrawals could be limited to six per month under federal regulations.

Using your ATM to withdraw has no limit, but the limit would include payments and transfers from your account.

If you have opened your Money Market Account, it makes it suitable and easier for you to make the best use of your cash on regular basis.

A Money Market Account is basically a union of savings account and a checking account. You can regularly use your money and could also earns good interest on it.

This account offers you a free debit card as well which provides you the platform of efficiently utilizing the cash. When it comes to maintenance, you have to pay the monthly fees for this account.

This account offers you to withdraw all your funds by using the ATMs throughout your region which is free of cost.

An Ally Bank could charge you around $10 for other expenses which are associated with the ATMs you use for withdrawal of your funds.

Under the rules set by the Federal government, the withdrawal of money by using the ATMs is limited to the time period of six months, after which you can’t make more withdraw of your funds.

Using your own ATM source for the purpose of withdrawing cash has no limits at all, but limits are made when payment or transfer of cash is done through your account opened in the Ally Bank.

2. Interest Checking Account (Ally Bank)

Although the interest checking account is a cost-free checking account but still a person gets some returned amount on his cash.

This account doesn’t charge any monthly fee for the maintenance of account and a person could easily withdraw his money by using any of the ATMs at All point.

By using other ATMs the user would receive almost 10 dollars on each of his statement cycle.

By using the mobile app for this account, the user also gets a chance to send P2P payments by using Zelle and could easily send the check deposits.

Furthermore, a person could also pay his bills and could manage the payments as well.

By using the Ally eCheck deposit, the use can deposit his checks by using his smartphone.

3. Certificates of Deposit from the Ally Bank

Ally Bank provides its users with the Certificate of Deposits as well.

They provide the users with standard along with the liquid cash payment as well.

It depends upon you which option suits you the best, you can choose as per your own convenience.

4. High-Yield CDs from the Ally Bank:

Ally Bank has its own standard CDs which are known as ‘High-Yield CDs’.

These CDs allow the customers to leave their funds and payments in their accounts operated in the Ally Bank.

Therefore, when a user issues his account in the Ally Bank he probably receives much higher rates than the usual and it remains so until a significant time has been passed after you have opened your account in the Ally Bank.

In case, if a person wants to make a transaction by using this type of CD provided by the Ally Bank, just before the time until his account has been matured, he would have to pay the withdrawal fee.

5. Raised CD Rates from the Ally Bank:

In order to make you come out of the risk of having too low return amounts, Ally Bank often increases its CD rates so that maximum amount could be returned back to you.

You are advised to log into the official page of Ally Bank through your account and ask the Bank to increase the rate of your interests if in case, the Ally Bank announces that it is going to increase the rate of interests on all the products.

You have to check which products from the source of Ally Bank you are using, should make an immediate contact with the Ally Bank department and ask for the increase in you level of interests upon the products too.

If you are using the Ally Bank CD and it has been two years of the use, you can put forward your request to the Ally Bank and demand for a single time increase in the value of CD.

In case, if it has been four years that you are using the Ally Bank CD, then you have the chance of two times, means you could ask the Bank to increase the value of your CD two times in between the duration of four years.

In both the increases whether it’s a two years increase or a four years increase, the customer will get 2.50 % APY for both of them.

6. No Penalty CDs offered by the Ally Bank:

Ally Bank offers its customers with the liquid CDs as well as ‘No Penalty CDs’ which helps its customers to avoid any kind of commitment of their money with the Banking sector for an estimated time period.

This feature provided by the Ally Bank allows the customers to make a timely transaction of their cash especially at the time when interest rates have gone much higher than their rates.

This type of CD provided by the Ally Bank has an approximate usage time of about 11 months.

Also, the user could transact his full amount after a time period of about six days.

Given below are the interests which could be earned by a person:

  • Deposits which are lower than $5,000; 1.80 percent

  • Deposits which are in between $5,000 and $25,000; 2.15

  • Deposits which are more than $25,000; 2.30 percent

**Given below are some of the additional services that customers could get from the domain of Ally Bank. **

A person could visit any of the official website provided by the Ally Bank or their departments in order to know about these services.

  • Loan Options provided by the Ally Bank

  • IRA and Trust accounts which are provided by the Ally Bank

  • Investment Options provided by the Ally Bank

The low-cost method of sending international payments:

If a person wants to send payment to anyone within the range of his own country, Banks are the easiest and safest way to transfer the amount.

The problem comes when money has to be deposited to someone else’s account who is not present within the range of your country and is actually living abroad.

Here comes the process of paying money which is known as International transfer of money.

This problem has been solved with some tools which are globally used for international payments.

Swift as well as cross-border fees offer people to do their international payments as well as transactions but they have the drawback that they actually cost you a high amount and also require a lot of time to operate through them.

If a person wants to avail the best deals offered by these tools, it actually pays a person for looking for the most special offers.

Many of these offers take a new dimension as they skip the traditional ways of charging extra for the transfer of money throughout the world.

If a person wants to make an international payment, he should try Wise for much safer and low-cost payments throughout the world.


The customers of an Ally Bank are advised to remember their routing numbers, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to do any transaction or do the payment. Ally Bank provides a set of routing numbers for domestic as well as international wire transfers and for other payments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

People ask a number of questions related to the routing numbers of the Ally Bank.

Some of these questions and their answers are given below:

1. What is the routing number of an Ally Bank?

Ally Bank has the following given routing number:


2. What can be done with our Ally Bank account opened in the Ally Bank?

A person could do the following things from his/her Ally Bank account:

  • He could check the current balance present in his account.

  • He could transfer his money not only among different branches operated by the Ally Bank but to other also which are operated by other Banking sectors.

  • Could see his activity of almost 18 months which is done through his account of the Ally Bank.

  • In case of any query related to payment or transaction of money, a person could use the official email, provided by the Ally Bank, to connect with the customer service provided by the Bank so that the Bank could help in resolving the issue.

  • A person could set up his credentials such as he could change his personal information, his residential address, and Email address, phone number along with the password, telephone number or any personal question.

3. Can a person direct the deposits to the Ally Bank?

Yes, a person could setup his direct deposit in the Ally Bank for different purposes such as for receiving pension, salary, monthly income, Social Security amount as well as other payments received from the Federal government.

There is a form known as ‘The Ally Bank direct deposit form’, this form has to be filled by the person who wants to setup a direct deposit system in the Ally Bank and should forward the filled form to the agency or organization which has issued this form.

4. Is Ally Bank reliable?

Yes, Ally Bank is a reliable online Banking system which offers services such as low rates, nu minimums as well as 24/7 service to the customers.

Ally Bank’s headquarters are located in Sandy, Utah. The Bank was founded in the year, 2009.

5. Do all banks have the same routing numbers?

No, two different banks could never have the same routing numbers.

A single bank could have a number of routing numbers which depends upon the place where the bank is located as well as the tasks which the bank performs on regular basis.

Routing numbers have a wide range of everyday uses such as to make direct deposits, payments through electronic methods, etc.

6. How could a person get to know which his Ally Bank account number is?

Use the Ally Bank’s mobile app to find your correct account number as described below:

  • Log into the official page of Ally Bank. (into your own account)

  • Click on the ‘account’ option which comes on the web page.

  • From the account web page, select the option ‘view account details’.

  • The account details screen provides you the ending four digits of your accurate account number.

7. Is it true that ABA number and routing number are the same numbers?

Yes, an ABA number is the second name of a routing number.

It is basically a combination of nine digits which is used by the Banks in the United States to identify their customer’s account.

8. Which of the transit numbers is the same as a routing number?

Transit number, ABA number or routing number, whatever the term is used, all these are similar and could be used for one another.

9. What is the routing number of Wells Fargo Bank?

The international as well as national or domestic routing numbers for transferring wire funds from the Wells Fargo Bank is 121000248.

10. Is SWIFT another name for the routing number?

The system of routing numbers which is used by the financial sectors in the United States is much similar to SWIFT system which is used internationally.

The only major difference is that people use routing number for their domestic wire transfers instead of using the internationally approved SWIFT code.

11. Is Chime better than Ally for making a Savings account?

No, Ally is much better than Chime when it comes to making a Savings account.

Ally is more reliable because of its trustworthiness and is a high-yield savings account.

Ally Bank also provides CDs to its customers as well as a Money Market account.

This feature of providing CDs and a Money Market account to the customers is absent in case of Chime.

Chime has its own benefits.

Chime provides the users with an active and fast checking account in a way that the customers can deposit and receive their cash at a much faster speed than Ally Bank.

12. Can a person have two Chime accounts at the same time?

Currently, Chime doesn’t offer its customers to open two accounts at the same time.

These accounts are known as ‘Joint accounts’.

Chime understands the need of sharing bank accounts because there are people who have to share their bank accounts either with their spouse or some other dependent person of their family, so it is working on this project to let people open their joint accounts

13. How fast is the credit building process of Chime?

Chime tells its customers that if they use their credit card, it can improve the rating of their credit by an estimated average of total thirty points in a time period of about four months.

People who don’t have any credit or have a credit of extreme low value, this method is the best possible way for them to increase their credit value.

A good score of your credit tells that your payments and finance is all in order.


A customer’s routing number is decided which is based on numerous factors such as the location of the customer’s account where it was opened at the first time.

A routing number is used when a customer wants to make his money deposits, wants to transfer domestic wires, wants to order some new checks, or if he wants to make a payment to someone.

In case, if a person has changed or has moved to some other place, his routing number wouldn’t be changed, rather it would remain the same.

The routing number which is given to you at the time when you have initially opened your bank account would remain the same even if you have moved to somewhere else, later on.

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