Definition of Rounding:

  1. Expressing a quantity as its nearest round number, integer, or a multiple of 10, by slightly increasing or reducing the quantity. For example 449 may be rounded off to 450, or 4.910 to 4.90. Compare with truncating. Also called roundoff.

  2. On every side of (a focal point).

  3. A slice of bread.

  4. (of a number) expressed in convenient units rather than exactly, for example to the nearest whole number or multiple of ten.

  5. So as to rotate or cause rotation; with circular motion.

  6. Give a round shape to.

  7. Each of a sequence of sessions in a process, typically characterized by development between one session and another.

  8. Pass and go round (something) so as to move on in a changed direction.

  9. An act of visiting a number of people or places in turn.

  10. Shaped like a sphere.

  11. So as to cover or take in the whole area of (a place).

  12. Used to suggest idle and purposeless motion or activity.

  13. A regularly recurring sequence of activities.

  14. Shaped like a circle or cylinder.

  15. Following an approximately circular route past (a corner or obstacle).

  16. So as to give support and companionship.

  17. Not omitting or disguising anything; frank.

  18. The amount of ammunition needed to fire one shot.

  19. (of a voice) rich and mellow; not harsh.

  20. So as to reach a new place or position, typically by moving to the other side of something.

  21. A song for three or more unaccompanied voices or parts, each singing the same theme but starting one after another, at the same pitch or in octaves; a simple canon.

  22. Alter (a number) to one less exact but more convenient for calculations.

  23. A circular piece of something.

  24. So as to surround someone or something.

  25. So as to rotate and face in the opposite direction.

  26. So as to encircle (someone or something).

Synonyms of Rounding

Bullet, Cartridge, Shell, Shot, Throughout, All over, Here and there in, Everywhere in, Candid, Frank, Direct, Honest, Truthful, Straightforward, Plain, Plain-spoken, Blunt, Outspoken, Forthright, Downright, Unvarnished, Bald, Straight from the shoulder, Explicit, Unequivocal, Circle, Disc, Circlet, Go round, Move round, Travel round, Sail round, Circumnavigate, Sonorous, Resonant, Rich, Full, Full-toned, Full-bodied, Mellow, Mellifluous, Rounded, Reverberant, Orotund, Succession, Sequence, Series, Cycle, Circular, Disc-shaped, Disc-like, Spell, Period, Time, Stretch, Stint, Turn, Run, Session, Round, Cycle, Around, About, Encircling, Enclosing

How to use Rounding in a sentence?

  1. She did the rounds of her family to say goodbye.
  2. We sang songs in rounds, back and forth with our own echoes.
  3. She was seated at a small, round table.
  4. The ship rounded the cape and sailed north.
  5. Everyone crowded round.
  6. A plane circled round overhead.
  7. Two rounds of toast.
  8. The size of the fleet is given in round numbers.
  9. He swung round to face her.
  10. The two sides held three rounds of talks.
  11. A round glass ball.
  12. His rich, round voice went down well with the listeners.
  13. He wrapped the blanket round him.
  14. The gun can fire 30 rounds a second.
  15. If one girl is distraught the others will rally round.
  16. Their lives were a daily round of housework and laundry.
  17. Cut the pastry into rounds.
  18. She went round the house and saw that all the windows were barred.
  19. The area round the school.
  20. A lathe that rounded chair legs.
  21. He made his way round to the back of the building.
  22. Well round the weight up to the nearest kilo.
  23. He was driving round aimlessly.
  24. A bus appeared round the corner.

Meaning of Rounding & Rounding Definition