Definition of Fire:

  1. To remove an employee from their job, typically for reasons such as poor work quality or disagreeable behavior. The manager had to fire his secretary after she failed to show up for work for an entire week. When someone is removed from their job for reasons unrelated to the employee (the company must cut positions in order to save money, for example), it is typically called a layoff.

  2. A combustion reaction that results in heat and flames; sometimes purposefully and beneficially (for cooking purposes, or for heating purposes), but sometimes unintentionally (a spark which starts a wildfire, or burns down a house).

Synonyms of Fire

Abandon, Afflatus, Afire, Aflame, Aggressiveness, Agitate, Aim at, Air, Air-dry, Alight, Anhydrate, Animate, Animating spirit, Animation, Animus, Annoy, Antiaircraft fire, Ardency, Ardent, Ardor, Arouse, Aroused, Atom, Atomic particles, Awake, Awaken, Ax, Axe, Backfire, Bake, Balefire, Bang, Bank, Barbecue, Barrage, Baste, Beacon, Beacon fire, Begin, Blanch, Blast, Blast away, Blast off, Blaze, Blaze up, Blazing, Blitz, Blot, Blow out, Blow the coals, Blow up, Boil, Bombard, Bombardment, Bonfire, Boot, Boot out, Bounce, Bowl, Braise, Break, Brew, Broadside, Broil, Brown, Brush, Brute matter, Building block, Bump, Burn, Burning, Burning ghat, Burning pain, Burst, Bust, Calenture, Call forth, Call up, Campfire, Can, Candle, Cannon, Cannonade, Cashier, Cast, Cast at, Catapult, Chafe, Charge, Charring, Cheerful fire, Chemical element, Childbed fever, Chuck, Chuck at, Chunk, Cock, Coddle, Combustion, Commence, Commence firing, Commitment, Committedness, Component, Conflagrate, Conflagration, Constituent, Continued fever, Cook, Corposant, Cozy fire, Crackling fire, Crematory, Cross fire, Cure, Curry, Curtain fire, Dart, Dash, Death fire, Dedication, Defrock, Degrade, Dehumidify, Dehydrate, Delay, Delirium, Demote, Deplume, Depose, Deprive, Desiccate, Detonate, Devil, Devotedness, Devotion, Devoutness, Direct fire, Disbar, Discharge, Disemploy, Dismiss, Displace, Displume, Dive in, Divine afflatus, Do, Do to perfection, Drain, Drive, Drop, Drum out, Dry, Dry fire, Dynamize, Eager, Eagerness, Earnestness, Earth, Eclat, Ecstasy, Eject, Elan, Electric light bulb, Electric-heat, Electrify, Element, Elementary particle, Elementary unit, Embue, Energize, Energy, Enfilade, Enkindle, Enliven, Enlivenment, Enrage, Enterprise, Enthuse, Enthusiasm, Enthusiastic, Eruptive fever, Evaporate, Exalt, Excite, Excited, Excitement, Exhilarate, Exhilaration, Expel, Explode, Exsiccate, Faith, Faithfulness, Fall to, Fan, Fan the fire, Fan the flame, Febricity, Febrility, Feed, Feed the fire, Feeling, Fell, Fen fire, Ferment, Fervency, Fervent, Fervid, Fervidness, Fervor, Fever, Fever heat, Fever of excitement, Feverishness, Fidelity, Fieriness, File fire, Fire a volley, Fire at, Fire of demolition, Fire off, Fire up, Fire upon, Firepower, Fireworks, Firing, Flack, Flak, Flame, Flame up, Flaming, Flare, Flare up, Flashing point, Flicker, Flickering flame, Fling, Fling at, Flip, Flush, Foment, Forest fire, Fork, Fox fire, Frenzy, Fricassee, Frizz, Frizzle, Fry, Fulminate, Fundamental particle, Funeral pyre, Furlough, Furor, Fury, Fusillade, Galvanize, Gas-heat, Genius, Get to, Get-up-and-go, Ginger, Give the ax, Give the gate, Glare, Glaze, Glim, Glow, Go ahead, Go off, Griddle, Grill, Ground fire, Gun, Gun for, Gunfight, Gunfire, Gunplay, Gusto, Hang fire, Head into, Heart, Hearten, Heartiness, Heat, Heat up, Heatedness, Heave, Heave at, Hectic, Hectic fever, Hectic flush, Heighten, High-angle fire, Hit, Holocaust, Horizontal fire, Hot, Hot up, Hot-air-heat, Hot-blooded, Hot-water-heat, Hurl, Hurl against, Hurl at, Hurrah, Hurtle, Hyle, Hyperpyrexia, Hyperthermia, Hypostasis, Ignis fatuus, Ignite, Ignition, Illuminant, Illuminator, Imbue, Impassion, Impassionedness, Incandescent body, Incense, Incite, Infect, Infection, Inferno, Inflame, Inform, Infuriate, Infuse, Infusion, Ingle, Initiative, Inject, Inoculate, Insolate, Inspiration, Inspire, Inspired, Inspirit, Instigate, Intense, Intensify, Intensity, Intentness, Interdiction fire, Intermittent fever, Invigorate, Jazz up, Jerk, Jump off, Key up, Kick, Kick off, Kick out, Kick upstairs, Kiln, Kindle, Lambent flame, Lamp, Lance, Lantern, Lather up, Launch, Lay off, Let fly, Let fly at, Let go, Let off, Let out, Light, Light bulb, Light source, Light the fuse, Light up, Liveliness, Liven, Load, Lob, Loyalty, Luminant, Luminary, Machine-gun fire, Madden, Make redundant, Marshfire, Match, Material, Material world, Materiality, Matter, Mold, Molecule, Monad, Moon, Mortar, Mortar fire, Motivate, Move, Moving spirit, Mull, Mummify, Musketry, Natural world, Nature, Nettle, On fire, Open fire, Open up on, Oust, Oven-bake, Overexcite, Overheat, Pan, Pan-broil, Parboil, Parch, Pass, Passion, Passionate, Passionateness, Peg, Pelt, Pension off, Pep, Pep up, Pepper, Percussion fire, Perk up, Physical world, Pick off, Pique, Piss and vinegar, Pistol, Pistol fire, Pitch, Pitch in, Pitchfork, Pizzazz, Play with fire, Plenum, Plug, Plunge into, Poach, Poop, Pop at, Pot, Potshoot, Potshot, Prairie fire, Preheat, Prepare, Prepare food, Prime, Project, Propel, Protein fever, Provoke, Puerperal fever, Punch, Push, Put, Put the shot, Put up to, Pyre, Pyrexia, Quicken, Raging fire, Rake, Raking fire, Rally, Rapid fire, Read out of, Recook, Reheat, Rekindle, Relapsing fever, Release, Relight, Relish, Relume, Remittent, Remittent fever, Replace, Resolution, Retire, Ricochet fire, Riddle, Rifle fire, Roast, Rouse, Rub, Rut, Sack, Salvo, Saute, Savor, Scallop, Scorch, Scorching, Sea of flames, Sear, Searing, Send off, Separate forcibly, Seriousness, Serve, Set about, Set astir, Set fire to, Set in, Set off, Set on, Set on fire, Set out, Set sail, Set to, Sexual excitement, Shape, Sheet of fire, Shell, Shellfire, Shirr, Shoot, Shoot at, Shoot down, Shoot-out, Shooting, Shrivel, Shy, Shy at, Sic on, Signal beacon, Simmer, Sincerity, Sling, Sling at, Smart, Smarting, Smoke, Smudge fire, Snap, Snap up, Snipe, Snipe at, Soak up, Soul, Source of light, Spark, Sparkle, Spirit, Spirit up, Sponge, Spunk, Spunk up, Starch, Stars, Start, Start in, Start off, Start out, Steam, Steam up, Stew, Stimulate, Stimulated, Sting, Stinging, Stir, Stir the blood, Stir the embers, Stir the feelings, Stir the fire, Stir up, Stir-fry, Stirred, Stoke, Stoke the fire, Stoke up, Strafe, Strike, Strike a light, Strip, Stuff, Substance, Substratum, Summon up, Sun, Sun-dry, Superannuate, Superheat, Surplus, Suspend, Swab, Take a potshot, Take aim at, Take fire, Take off, Taper, Tepefy, Terminate, The four elements, Three-alarm fire, Thrill, Throw, Throw at, Thrust, Tickle, Tilt, Time fire, Tingle, Tingling, Toast, Torch, Torpedo, Torrefy, Toss, Toss at, Touch off, Towel, Trigger, Turn a pot, Turn off, Turn on, Turn out, Turn to, Two-alarm fire, Unfrock, Unit of being, Urethral fever, Urtication, Vaccinal fever, Vehemence, Vertical fire, Verve, Vigor, Vim, Vitality, Vitalize, Vivacity, Vivify, Volley, Wake, Wake up, Waken, Warm, Warm over, Warm the blood, Warm up, Warmth, Warmth of feeling, Watch fire, Water, Water fever, Weazen, Whet, Whip up, Wildfire, Wipe, Witch fire, Wither, Wizen, Work into, Work up, Wound fever, Zeal, Zero in on, Zest, Zing, Zip, Zip up, Zone fire

Meaning of Fire & Fire Definition

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FIRE Meanings:

  1. From an insurance standpoint, fires must: 1.) be the result of ignition of the enclosed property, as evidenced by flames, glare or any kind of light (smoke alone is not sufficient) and be insured ۔ Destiny fire: A fire that is in one place and closed in the right place, ie in a B-burner, stove, fireplace or oven Fire Enemy - A fire that arises from its original container or from another location and damages property.

  2. Damage occurs with flames or fluorescent combustion beyond normal limits.

  3. Coverage that protects insured from damage to personnel or property due to fire or electrical hazards, including disruption of business, reduction of rent, etc.

  4. Combustion that occurs simultaneously with open flames and exceeds normal can cause damage.

Meanings of FIRE

  1. Combustion, or combustion, where chemicals combine with oxygen in the air and usually emit bright light, heat, and smoke.

  2. Burns the body.

  3. Estimates of firing, especially firearms.

  4. Disassembly of firearms or other weapons for explosive proportions (bullets or estimates)

  5. Termination of employment (employee)

  6. Fuel supply (oven, engine, boiler or power plant)

  7. Exciting or exciting (imagination or emotion)

  8. Bake or dry in the oven (ceramic, brick, etc.).

Sentences of FIRE

  1. The fire destroyed his house

  2. The whiskey caught fire in his throat

  3. Repulsion of prisoners

  4. The liquid gas heater can start.

  5. India burned my imagination

  6. Methane is used to burn bricks at a nearby factory.

Synonyms of FIRE

send flying, loose off, supply with fuel, bring out, evoke, put life into, sniping, breathe life into, get rid of, throw out, draw forth, let fly with, give someone their notice, engender


FIRE Definition:

FIRE means: It burns enough to create a spark, flame or light, and it's the opposite (unlike being friendly, not where it should be like an oven).


FIRE means,

A simple definition of FIRE is: From the insurance point of view, it should be: 1.) the actual ignition of the insured item, such as flame, fluorescent or other type of light (smoke alone is not enough), and 2.) to the extent that the insurer inadvertently Is affected. Easy to use: Built-in and limited where it should be, such as the bathroom. B. Incinerators, stoves, incubators or incubators. Styles: The one that leaks into the oral container or goes elsewhere and damages property.

FIRE can be defined as, Burns from flames or heatstrokes that exceed normal levels and cause damage.

Coverage that protects the patient from personal or property damage caused by hazard or lightning, including business disruption, rent loss, etc.

Meanings of FIRE

  1. The process by which a chemical combines with oxygen in the air and usually emits bright light, heat and burning or smoke.

  2. Burning sensation

  3. Weapon projectiles, especially firearms.

  4. Firearms or other weapons (bullets or projectiles)

  5. Dismiss (employees).

  6. Fuel supply (oven, engine, etc.).

  7. Encouragement or excitement (imagination or emotion).

Sentences of FIRE

  1. His house caught fire.

  2. Shooting of retreating prisoners

  3. I have to get rid of people who have been with me for years.

  4. India awakens my imagination.

  5. Methane is used to make bricks at a nearby factory.

Synonyms of FIRE

give someone the bullet, give someone the push, give someone their cards, draw/call forth, give someone the boot, spur on, impel, show someone the door, put/breathe life into, give the sack to, give someone the elbow


Definition of FIRE:

  • From an insurance standpoint, it is important to: 1.) be the result of the actual ignition of the insured item, visible from flames, glare or some kind of light (smoke alone is not enough), and 2.) accidental, if Otherwise with the insured. Easy to use: Installed and safe where it should be, such as burner, stove, crib or hatchery. Styles: The ones that leak or go elsewhere in the desired oral cavity and damage the property.

  • Burning with flames or embers that are higher than normal can cause damage.

  • FIRE means: Burning is enough to create a spark, flame or glow, and that's the style (unlike the type, which means it's not where it should be, like in the face).

Meanings of FIRE

  1. The process by which a chemical combines with oxygen in the air and usually emits intense light, heat and irritation or smoke.

  2. Feeling of irritation.

  3. Fires projectiles of weapons, especially firearms.

  4. Firearms or other weapons of propulsion (bullets or projectiles).

  5. Dismissed (employees).

  6. Encourage or create (imagination or emotion).

Sentences of FIRE

  1. His house was destroyed in the fire.

  2. Whiskey burns in the back of your throat.

  3. Machine gun ■■■■■■■■■

  4. The retreating prisoner was shot.

  5. I have to get rid of the man who has been with me for years.