Definition of Disadvantage:

  1. Hurt yourself or someone else.

  2. Loss, weakness. The baseball team suffered a loss in today's match as two of their best players were injured and unable to play. Before you decide to do this, you must first understand all the possible disadvantages and then decide whether it is worth pursuing. Vs. profit

  3. Negative situations or circumstances that reduce the chances of success or effectiveness.

Synonyms of Disadvantage

Distress, Can of worms, Put to trouble, Impediment, Bewitch, Destroy, Crucify, Doom, Blocking, Fault, Befoul, Hex, Disability, Put out, Torture, Disaccommodate, Great ado, Evil, Harm, Condemn, Weakness, Embarrassment, Headache, Impair, Flaw, Load, Do a mischief, Harass, Weight, Matter, Scathe, Drawback, Menace, Pitfall, Downside, Loss, Annoyance, Penalty, Besetment, Violate, Defile, Get into trouble, Impairment, Disserve, Deprivation, Do ill, Deadweight, Lumber, Encumbrance, Liability, Bother, Problem, Maltreat, Corrupt, Poison, Shortcoming, Treat harshly, Snag, Difficulty, Ado, Taint, Impedimenta, Put to inconvenience, Inflict a handicap on, Wreak havoc on, Wrong, Prejudice, Savage, Do wrong, Step backward, Jinx, Do evil, Be unfair to, Imposition, Cumbrance, Inconvenience, Hurt, Wound, Disoblige, Cross, Do a disservice to, Injure, Charge, Do wrong by, Molest, Worry, Sea of troubles, Put at a disadvantage, Afflict, Fly in the ointment, Mistreat, Envenom, Loss of ground, Incommode, Torment, Burthen, Discommode, Deprave, Obstruction, Play hob with, Play havoc with, Onus, Handicap, Disservice, Hindrance, Hamper, Wrong, Trouble, Outrage, Pollute, Put in an unfavourable position, Injury, Persecute, Threaten, Freight, Defect, Aggrieve, White elephant, Treat unfairly, Treat unfavourably, Handicap, Catch, Cargo, Burden, Impose upon, Curse, Blight, Abuse, Anxiety, Damage, Despoil, Stumbling block, Bar, Detriment, Pack, Infect, Peck of troubles, Mischief, Obstacle, Drawback

How to use Disadvantage in a sentence?

  1. You should always know when you are having trouble with a deal, but don't try to say it.
  2. We are clearly at a loss because our team does not have our best players and our best seconds are injured.
  3. We are against the next generation.
  4. The main disadvantage is the limited nature of the data.
  5. The economic loss of Africans means that positive thinking alone is not enough to save their lives.

Meaning of Disadvantage & Disadvantage Definition