Definition of Tool:

  1. Drive or ride in a casual or leisurely manner.

  2. A mans penis.

  3. A distinct design in the tooling of a book.

  4. A device or implement, especially one held in the hand, used to carry out a particular function.

  5. Dress (stone) with a chisel.

  6. Equip or be equipped with tools for industrial production.

  7. An item or implement used for a specific purpose. A tool can be a physical object such as mechanical tools including saws and hammers or a technical object such as a web authoring tool or software program. Furthermore, a concept can also be considered a tool. Creativity is the tool which allows a childs mind to grow..

  8. Impress a design on (leather, especially a leather book cover).

Synonyms of Tool

Drive, Bowl, Ride, Motor, Travel, Implement, Instrument, Utensil, Device, Apparatus, Gadget, Appliance, Machine, Contrivance, Contraption, Mechanism, Aid, Ornament, Embellish, Decorate, Work, Shape, Cut, Chase, Dress, Fashion, Charlie McCarthy, Federal, T square, Adz, Agency, Agent, Aid, Amanuensis, Ancilla, Apparatus, Apple-polisher, Appliance, Ass-licker, Auto, Autolithograph, Avenue, Awl, Ax, Backscratcher, Backslapper, Baggage agent, Bale breaker, Bar, Battering ram, Be a printmaker, Bevel, Bevel square, Bodkin, Bootlick, Bootlicker, Bradawl, Bread knife, Brown-nose, Brownie, Buffer, Bushwhacker, Business agent, Butcher knife, Calipers, Cant hook, Carve, Carving knife, Caulking iron, Center punch, Character, Charioteer, Chaser, Chisel, Chuck, Chump, Claim agent, Clamp, Clasp, Clawback, Cleaver, Clerk, Clinch, Clip, Clipper, Clippers, Commercial agent, Commission agent, Consignee, Contraption, Contrivance, Courtier, Cramp, Crease, Creature, Cribble, Cringer, Crosshatch, Crowbar, Customer agent, Cut, Dagger, Decorate, Device, Dibble, Dividers, Dog, Dress, Dummy, Dupe, Edger, Electric sander, Electric soldering iron, Embellish, Enchase, Engrave, Factor, Fawner, Fed, Federal agent, File, Flail, Flatterer, Flunky, Footlicker, Forceps, Fork, Freight agent, Functionary, Furrow, Gadget, General agent, Gimmick, Gizmo, Go-between, Gouge, Grab, Grapnel, Grapple, Grappler, Grappling iron, Grave, Grease gun, Grindstone, Grip, Groove, Groveler, Hack, Handmaid, Handmaiden, Handshaker, Hatch, Hatchet, Hawk, Helot, Hireling, Hoe, Holdfast, Hook, Hunting knife, Implement, Incise, Inscribe, Instrument, Instrumentality, Insurance agent, Interagent, Intermediary, Intermediate, Intermedium, Jack, Jackal, Jackknife, Jackscrew, Jaws, Jointer, Knife, Kowtower, Lackey, Lance, Lancet, Land agent, Lathe, Law agent, Led captain, Letter-opener, Level, Lever, Lickspit, Lickspittle, Line, Literary agent, Lithograph, Loan agent, Machete, Machine, Make prints, Mark, Mattock, Mealymouth, Means, Mechanism, Mechanize, Mediator, Medium, Midwife, Mill, Minion, Miter box, Motor, Motorize, Nail file, Nail puller, News agent, Nippers, Official, Organ, Ornament, Palette knife, Paper clip, Paper cutter, Paper knife, Paring knife, Parliamentary agent, Passenger agent, Pawn, Peavey, Penknife, Peon, Pick, Pickax, Pilot, Pincers, Pinch bar, Pitchfork, Planer, Plaything, Pliers, Plowshare, Press agent, Print, Puller, Punch, Punch pliers, Puncheon, Puppet, Purchasing agent, Putty knife, Ram, Rammer, Ramrod, Razor, Razor blade, Real estate agent, Retool, Ripping bar, Road, Sales agent, Saw knife, Sax, Scalpel, Scissors, Scoop, Score, Scrape, Scraper, Scratch, Screwdriver, Scuffle hoe, Sculpture, Scythe, Secretary, Serf, Servant, Shape, Shaper, Share, Sharpen, Shears, Sheath knife, Sickle, Sidecutters, Slave, Snips, Soldering iron, Spaniel, Spatula, Spear, Special agent, Spokeshave, Square, Stapler, Station agent, Steward, Stipple, Stooge, Suck, Sucker, Surgical knife, Sword, Sycophant, Table knife, Tackle, Tamp, Tamper, Tamping pick, Tap, Theatrical agent, Ticket agent, Timeserver, Tire iron, Tire tool, Toad, Toady, Tongs, Toy, Travel agent, Truckler, Tufthunter, Tweezers, Utensil, Vehicle, Vise, Walking delegate, Way, Weapon, Wedge, Wheel, Work, Wrecking bar, Wrench, Yes-man

How to use Tool in a sentence?

  1. A tool can really help you get your project done faster, whether it be a hammer to bang in nails in your home improvement project or application on your phone that delivers breaking business news.
  2. The dentist had a lot of sharp and metal tool s to work around his patients teeth, anything else other then metal and the tool s would not be tough enough to handle the pressure.
  3. Volumes bound in green leather and tooled in gold.
  4. Gardening tools.
  5. The factory must be tooled to produce the models.
  6. His favorite tool to have is a hammer, because it is light weight, easy to carry, and it has multiple uses.

Meaning of Tool & Tool Definition