Performance-related Pay

Performance-related Pay,

Performance-related Pay:

You can define Performance-related Pay as, A system that is implemented in the workplace, where employees are paid according to their performance at work.

Literal Meanings of Performance-related Pay


Meanings of Performance:
  1. Directing or staging plays, concerts or other forms of entertainment.

  2. The act or process of performing or performing an action, task or function.

Sentences of Performance
  1. First presented by Don Giovanni in 1787.

  2. Performing a single task continuously lowers a person's level in the machine.

Synonyms of Performance

completion, ■■■■■■■■■, implementation, dispatch, carrying out, act, discharge, effecting, entertainment, conduct, fulfilment, production, staging, conducting, showing, achievement, presentation, accomplishment, show


Meanings of Related:
  1. They belong to the same family, group or related category.

Sentences of Related
  1. Sleep disorders and related illnesses.

Synonyms of Related

concomitant, incidental, allied, connected, parallel, corresponding, interconnected, kindred, linked, homologous, accompanying, coupled, analogous, comparable, associated, affiliated, correlated, equivalent


Meanings of Pay:
  1. Give (someone) the work you have done, received goods, or borrowed.

  2. Damage or other misfortune as a result of an action.

  3. Pay attention, respect or admire (someone).

  4. Paid someone for a permanent job.

  5. Seal with pitch or tar (wooden deck or vibrating liner) to prevent leakage.

Sentences of Pay
  1. Payment to residents for collecting coffee beans.

  2. They pay the price for your impatience.

  3. No one pays attention to them

  4. People who work under contract can earn higher wages.

Synonyms of Pay

proffer, present, pay a penalty, make atonement, remunerate, atone, recompense, salary, offer, suffer the consequences, wage, afford, net pay, tip, give, reimburse, indemnify, take-home pay, wages, be punished