Definition of Program:

  1. Broadcast (an item).

  2. A sheet or booklet giving details of items or performers at an event or performance.

  3. Computing: A set of coded instructions that a computer can understand to solve a problem or produce a desired result. Two basic types of computer programs are (1) an operating system, which provides the most fundamental instructions a computer uses in its operations, and (2) an application program, which runs on the operating system and does a specific job such as word processing.

    Programs are written either in one of high-level programming languages (such as BASIC, C, Java) which are easier but execute relatively slowly, or in one of low-level languages (assembly language or machine language) which are very complex but execute very fast.

  4. Provide (a computer or other machine) with coded instructions for the automatic performance of a task.

  5. A presentation or item on television or radio, especially one broadcast regularly between stated times.

  6. Arrange according to a plan or schedule.

  7. A plan of action aimed at accomplishing a clear business objective, with details on what work is to be done, by whom, when, and what means or resources will be used.

  8. A set of related measures or activities with a particular long-term aim.

  9. A series of coded software instructions to control the operation of a computer or other machine.

Synonyms of Program

Broadcast, Production, Show, Presentation, Transmission, Performance, Telecast, Simulcast, Videocast, Podcast, Arrange, Organize, Schedule, Plan, Map out, Lay out, Timetable, Line up, Prearrange, Program, Software, Routine, Use, Guide, List of artistes, List of performers, List of players, Beveridge Plan, Cultural Revolution, Fair Deal, Great Society, Marshall Plan, New Deal, New Frontier, Philharmonic concert, Point Four, Square Deal, Affair, Agenda, Announcement, Annunciation, Approach, Arrange, Arrangement, Attack, Attempt, Austerity program, Automate, Automatize, Band concert, Batting order, Beadroll, Beat into, Bill, Bill of fare, Blueprint, Blueprinting, Book, Brainwash, Budget, Bulletin board, Business, Cadastre, Calculate, Calculation, Calendar, Card, Carte du jour, Cast, Catalog, Catechize, Census, Census report, Chamber concert, Charting, Checklist, Checkroll, Circular, Commitment, Communique, Conception, Concert, Condition, Contract, Contrivance, Contrive, Cut out, Deal, Declaration, Declaration of policy, Design, Device, Devise, Disposition, Docket, Dramatis personae, Edict, Effort, Encyclical, Engagement, Enroll, Enter, Enterprise, Enumerate, Enunciation, Envisagement, Figure, Figuring, File, Five-year plan, Forecast, Foresight, Forethought, Frame, Game, Graphing, Ground plan, Guidelines, Head count, Honor roll, Idea, Imbue, Impanel, Implant, Impregnate, Impress, Inculcate, Index, Indoctrinate, Infix, Infuse, Inoculate, Instill, Intend, Intention, Inventory, Issue, Itemize, Jury list, Jury panel, Keep score, Keynote address, Keynote speech, Lay plans, Layout, Line, Line up, Lineup, List, List of agenda, Long-range plan, Make a projection, Make arrangements, Manifesto, Mapping, Master plan, Menu, Method, Methodize, Methodology, Musical performance, Musical program, Muster, Muster roll, Nose count, Notice, Notification, Obligation, Operation, Operations research, Order of business, Organization, Organize, Party platform, Performance, Philharmonic, Pigeonhole, Plan, Plan ahead, Plank, Planning, Planning function, Platform, Playbill, Policy, Polity, Poll, Pop concert, Pops, Popular concert, Position paper, Post, Prearrange, Prearrangement, Procedure, Proclamation, Program of action, Program of music, Program of operation, Programma, Project, Prom, Promenade concert, Pronouncement, Pronunciamento, Property roll, Proposition, Prospectus, Protocol, Public notice, Questionnaire, Rationalization, Rationalize, Recital, Register, Report, Returns, Robotize, Roll, Roll call, Roster, Rota, Schedule, Schema, Schematism, Schematization, Schematize, Scheme, Scheme of arrangement, Score, Scroll, Service of music, Servo-control, Set up, Setup, Shape, Slate, Statement, Strategic plan, Strategy, Symphony concert, System, Systematization, Systematize, Tabulate, Tactical plan, Tactics, Tally, Task, Tax roll, The big picture, The picture, Timetable, Ukase, Undertaking, Venture, Way, White book, White paper, Work, Work out, Work up, Working plan, Scheme, Plan, Plan of action, Initiative, Series of measures, Project, Strategy, Solution

How to use Program in a sentence?

  1. The station does not program enough contemporary works.
  2. It is a simple matter to program the computer to recognize such symbols.
  3. Simple program s that says hello world of the computer are among the very basic of program ming languages wile there are many different types of program ming languages. They all have general concepts to write a program.
  4. Processing power, therefore, is increasingly determined by software that compiles computer programs into machine code.
  5. A nature program.
  6. An extensive program of reforms.
  7. By sticking to a program I was able to achieve a result that maximized my possible expectations in pursuing the project.
  8. A theater program.
  9. The computer wizard created the program to help new and old employees alike to navigate the system effectively and with ease.

Meaning of Program & Program Definition