Definition of Program:

  1. Game (article)

  2. A sheet or booklet with details about the item or artist at the event or show.

  3. Computer Science: A coded set of instructions that a computer can understand to solve a problem or achieve the desired result. There are two main types of computer programs: (1) the operating system, which contains the most basic instructions for a computer to work, and (2) application programs that run on the system. Perform the operating system and some tasks, such as word processing. .

    Programs are written in a high-level programming language (such as BASIC, C, Java) that is simple, but runs relatively slowly, or in a low-level language (assembly language or machine language). Which is very complex, but works very fast.

  4. Provides coded instructions (on a computer or other machine) to perform tasks automatically.

  5. Regular broadcasts of television or radio presentations or articles, especially at specific times.

  6. Set yourself on a plan or schedule.

  7. An action plan for achieving clear business goals that includes details of the work to be done, who, when and what funds or resources will be used.

  8. A series of actions or activities related to a specific long-term goal.

  9. A set of coded software instructions for controlling the operation of a computer or other machine.

Synonyms of Program

Envisagement, Docket, Performance, Jury panel, Brainwash, Show, Bulletin board, Podcast, Bill, Instill, Band concert, Rationalization, Tactical plan, List of agenda, Muster, Obligation, Pronunciamento, Manifesto, Indoctrinate, Strategy, Position paper, Guidelines, Marshall Plan, Contrive, Work, Program of music, Imbue, Tactics, Design, Book, Enunciation, Five-year plan, Simulcast, Poll, Master plan, Cultural Revolution, Impregnate, Cast, Task, Census, Solution, Methodize, Contract, Calculate, Venture, Muster roll, Presentation, Service of music, Notice, Line up, Post, Plan of action, Deal, Charting, Blueprint, Plank, Schedule, Intention, Beat into, Rationalize, Line up, Property roll, Device, Blueprinting, Census report, Timetable, Frame, Program of operation, Organization, Head count, Routine, Effort, System, Index, Servo-control, Concert, Agenda, Square Deal, Enterprise, Beadroll, Dramatis personae, Enter, Pops, Prom, New Frontier, White paper, Great Society, Rota, The picture, Scheme, Systematize, Honor roll, Work up, Infuse, Menu, Checklist, Map out, Statement, Catechize, Ground plan, Prearrangement, Strategy, Figuring, Schematism, Roll call, Cut out, Questionnaire, Make arrangements, Idea, Operation, Layout, Arrange, Public notice, Recital, Policy, Business, Pronouncement, Attempt, Schema, Tally, Initiative, White book, Arrangement, Plan, Plan, Inoculate, Method, Conception, Telecast, Robotize, Program, Attack, Affair, Way, Engagement, Austerity program, Batting order, List of artistes, Communique, Pigeonhole, Declaration of policy, Calculation, Score, Videocast, Organize, Work out, Ukase, Schematize, Operations research, Forecast, Prospectus, Scheme of arrangement, Fair Deal, Strategic plan, Report, Lay plans, Annunciation, Impress, Undertaking, Edict, Contrivance, Scroll, Lay out, Schematization, Commitment, Tax roll, Nose count, Long-range plan, Series of measures, Automate, Transmission, Plan ahead, Order of business, Shape, Methodology, Philharmonic concert, Returns, Philharmonic, Encyclical, Platform, Programma, Calendar, Keep score, Procedure, Plan, Carte du jour, Approach, Working plan, Polity, Jury list, Program of action, Proposition, Project, Timetable, Point Four, Condition, Slate, Party platform, Tabulate, Declaration, Impanel, Circular, Musical performance, Schedule, Planning function, Keynote speech, Proclamation, Roster, Register, Software, Pop concert, Performance, Systematization, Popular concert, Announcement, Itemize, New Deal, Enroll, Automatize, Promenade concert, Infix, Lineup, Roll, Notification, Broadcast, Inculcate, Keynote address, Make a projection, Issue, Musical program, Set up, Production, List of players, Beveridge Plan, Forethought, The big picture, Devise, Mapping, Line, Prearrange, Implant, Arrange, Playbill, List, Budget, Organize, Enumerate, Card, Disposition, File, Cadastre, Planning, Catalog, Game, Project, Foresight, Figure, Inventory, Scheme, Graphing, Symphony concert, Protocol, Use, Setup, Bill of fare, List of performers, Prearrange, Intend, Chamber concert, Checkroll, Guide

How to use Program in a sentence?

  1. The broadcaster did not plan for modern work.
  2. It's easy to program a computer to recognize these symbols.
  3. Simple programs that make up the world of computing are some basic programming languages, although there are many types of programming languages. They all have a general idea for program writing.
  4. As a result, processing power is more quickly determined by software that compiles computer programs into machine code.
  5. Nature's program.
  6. Comprehensive reform program.
  7. By following a program, I can achieve a result that maximizes my potential expectations for project completion.
  8. Theater program.
  9. IT assistants develop programs so that new and existing employees can access the system easily and efficiently.

Meaning of Program & Program Definition

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What is The Definition of PROGRAM?

  1. The definition of PROGRAM is: A detailed set of instructions provided to the computer explaining what kind of input data to accept, what operations to perform and what type of output to prepare.

  2. The term program refers to any loan under the University of California's residential loan program.

Meanings of PROGRAM

  1. A series of actions or activities related to a specific long-term goal.

  2. A set of coded software instructions for controlling the operation of a computer or other machine.

  3. Regular broadcasts of television or radio presentations or articles, especially at specific times.

  4. A sheet or booklet with details about the item or artist at the event or show.

  5. Provides coded instructions (on a computer or other machine) to perform tasks automatically.

  6. Set a plan or schedule.

  7. Game (article)

Sentences of PROGRAM

  1. Comprehensive reform program

  2. As a result, processing power is more quickly determined by software that compiles computer programs into machine code.

  3. Just a computer program to recognize these symbols

  4. The station does not display modern works


PROGRAM Meanings:

  • A detailed set of instructions for the computer that tells the computer what type of input data to accept, what to operate on it, and what type of output to receive.

  • Definition of PROGRAM: Term program refers to any loan under the Callime University Loan Program.

Meanings of PROGRAM

  1. A series of actions or activities related to some long-term goals.

  2. Presentations or contributions on television or radio, especially regular broadcasts between scheduled times.

  3. A sheet or brochure with details about an item or artist at an event or show.

  4. Provide coded instructions to perform a task automatically (computer or other machine).

  5. Arrange according to a plan or schedule.

  6. Game (elements)

Sentences of PROGRAM

  1. We learn to program our lives.

  2. The station program does very little contemporary work.

Synonyms of PROGRAM

application, (piece of) software, film, chat show, documentary, instance, episode, phone-in, newscast, comedy, instalment, docudrama, magazine (programme)


What Does PROGRAM Mean?

  • A detailed set of instructions for the computer that tells you what kind of input data to accept, what to do with it, and what form of output to take.

Meanings of PROGRAM

  1. A sheet or brochure detailing an item or artist at an event or show.

Sentences of PROGRAM

  1. Nature programs

  2. We learn to plan our lives.

  3. Station program very little modern work