How to Find Best AV Equipment Company?

Audiovisual (AV) equipment is arguably the most underrated part of a successful corporate event. There are a lot of people who get excited about the latest technology and spend lots of money on flashy booths, flashy banners, and a plethora of audiovisual products, but when it comes down to it, audiovisual equipment tends to get ignored and left in the dust.

But why? Why do people tend to leave audiovisual equipment on the side of the barn when they have a chance of winning an award at a conference or making a good impression on a client or potential customer at a new business venture?

Find the Right Shop:

Audiovisual (AV) equipment makes a powerful statement, but it just doesn’t get the same billing as its more well-known sister products. For example, there’s no mistaking the value of a professional, hard-wired PA system for a rock concert, but you’d be hard-pressed to find one of those in a rental shop.

AV Supplier services are still seen as an affordable alternative to audio equipment rentals, but with so much choice available and such low prices, many companies are finding it advantageous to rent AV equipment rather than purchase it. Whether you are attending a conference or hosting a workshop on corporate hospitality, the power of audiovisual equipment can make or break your event.

Technical Knowledge is Critical:

Many people fail to realize the importance of audiovisual equipment at conferences and other similar events, simply because they are not trained to deal with it. AV equipment rental shops provide a service, but they also provide a wealth of knowledge and technical expertise at any time.

When it comes to events such as trade shows, exhibitions, and product launches, technical knowledge is critical. It’s important to be able to work with speakers, projectors, and monitors in different ways. Not only that, you need to know what to do if something goes wrong!

Find A Production Company:

If you are running a successful trade show or exhibition or planning a successful tech shop hire, it’s vital to find a production company that can help you set up and break down your audiovisual equipment and set up your sound systems. A good production company will have a wide range of AV equipment for rent, including monitors, projectors, DVD/VCR units, DVD/CD players, and more.

They’ll also have a large number of AV accessories and audiovisual accessories to provide for your event, including AV cables, remote controls, and A/V accessories. They’ll even offer set up and tear down services, so you don’t have to worry about a technical glitch during the main event!

The production company can also provide basic AV setup and tear down services after the event.

However, some venues are more suitable for AV setup and tear-down services, depending on the type of event, the number of attendees, and other factors. For example, AV setup and tear down for a corporate event might be easier than for an intimate club or bar. In addition to this, venues with higher indoor levels may be better equipped to handle larger audio-visual equipment, including projectors and LCD screens.

Equipment for Small and Large Venues:

A corporate venue might not need AV accessories such as monitors for its audiovisual equipment rentals, depending on its size. It will be more appropriate for smaller events. However, larger events will require a combination of AV and LCD screens and other larger and more complicated equipment. In the same way, smaller events might allow us to use simpler, less complicated AV equipment, but larger events will be better suited for larger audiovisual equipment, and larger equipment will be more appropriate for larger venues.

Ask About the Technical Specifications:

Overall, we believe a small, intimate club or bar is a much better place to use AV equipment. Large, more intimate venues might work for larger audiovisual equipment, depending on the size of the audience and the nature of your business.

However, if you are renting AV equipment from a professional AV Supplier, you should make sure you ask about the technical specifications of each piece of equipment, to make sure you rent the correct equipment for your particular event. If possible, choose a venue that already has AV equipment available, as this will ensure that you get the best experience and service possible from the audiovisual rental company.

Wrapping Up

In summary, AV equipment rental provides us with many options for corporate events, including a video wall and projection technology, DJ booths, audiovisual productions and lighting, signage, and even special effects such as smoke machines and fog machines. AV equipment rentals are also used in various types of private productions, such as music videos, fashion shows, special effects, weddings, and proms.

They can also be rented to film festivals and conferences, such as conventions and promotional events. The equipment does not necessarily have to be state of the art - there is no reason to rent something you don’t need. EMS Events makes it possible to create high-quality audio-visual productions, whatever your budget, whatever your needs.